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Reunion - April 2, 2004:
At the Pasta Del Giorno Restaurant in Forest Hills, 5 Kew Gardens friends reunited as a group for the first time in about 40 years. Seated left to right: Amy (Fenner) Prochaska--Kathy (Sander) Strochlic--Linda Gottlieb. Standing left to right: Marion (Hess) Pomeranc--Barbara Eidler. Click on image to enlarge.

[Photograph courtesy of Linda Gottlieb]


 1. When you identify or describe the person you are looking for, be discreet and do not disclose anything too personal or private.

 2. You must give your full name.

 3. Inquiries are limited to those who have had some contact with Kew Gardens.

 4. To avoid any possible invasion of privacy, do not provide contact information for people mentioned here unless you first get their OK.

 5. Contact details about the people you are looking for will not be published here.

 6. Inquiries will not appear immediately because I review each one before posting to eliminate spam, adult content, or pranks.

Where are They? (2006)

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[Editor's Note:  If you are uncomfortable posting anything here. Send me an email telling me who you are looking for and I will let you know if I have contact information for them. You must make it clear in the email that yours is a private inquiry that is not to be published.]

December 4, 2006
Looking for Dave Vickers. Dave lived with his parents on Talbot Street in the Talbot Street Apartments and attended Richmond Hill High School 1961-1965, or thereabouts. I lived in KG until 1967 and lost track of Dave at that time. I was good friends with Dave and was wondering what happened to him.
Kevin Gordon

December 4, 2006
    Looking for any FHHS Alums who graduated within the years of 1960-1969. I have a message board devoted to us. Please email me at:
for the link or go to:
    Hope to see you there.
Bonni Watson
FHHS Class of 1965

December 2, 2006
Looking for any of the crew that hung out at Overlook park circa 1975-96 like the Vigils, Alters, Maloneys, Paulstitches etal all you guys need no description plus this is a family web site lol this is Craig Cairone and those who wish to contact Kelly Strongreen can do so here me and Kelly were born and bred KGers until 96 you can publish my email address it's bearsuncle2000@yahoo.com hope to hear from people
Craig Cairone

November 26, 2006
    The Muroffs lived in Kew and I was going to marry Joan at one point around 1970. We went on to marry others but I think about her with fond memories now and then. I recently ran into old friends from NYC and I thought it would be nice to pass along good tidings to Joan and see what happened with this remarkable woman. If there is way to forward my sentiments to her or her brothers that would be great.
    My web site is buckswoodside.com. I am known and the Zsa Zsa Gabor of Silicon Valley. Famous for no apparent reason.
Jamis MacNiven
[To contact Jamis MacNiven click here.]

November 16, 2006
Hi, Everyone
Listen, I'm 63, so this one is digging pretty deep. Did anyone know my Aunt Sophie Appel and her husband Murray? Murray was in the millenary business. I believe....circa 1940's. Thanks, you can go back to your Geritol, now.
Alan Waxman
[To contact Alan Waxman click here.]

September 29, 2006
Just looking for Carol Horowitz not sure of married name. She was a teacher and lived off of Queens Boulevard with her family. Her dad was a dentist and had a sister named Judy who was known for her published book on Frisbee. I worked with her as an intern and was just wondering whatever happened. My name is Tom Hoeg never lived there.

August 13, 2006
Amy Fenner
Hayden Morris
[To contact Hayden Morris click here.]

August 5, 2006
Hi there, Lydia....ran into you at the market on Lefferts with my wife and son. It was a shocker as I was sailing with Maggie and Liz Heskin and you came up in our conversation just days ago. I should have asked for your e-mail, but I was in a "fatherly haze." Drop me an email at Bobsprit@aol.com
Robert Brody
(thanks to the moderator running these boards ... amazing site)

July 22, 2006
Hello. I am looking for Sheila Ewald or her mother if she is still living. I knew Sheila approx. 1952-54 and she lived in garden apartments in Kew Gardens, can't remember exactly where--just that it was walking distance from my building. I lived on 83rd Avenue just off Metropolitan. We were 9-11 years old then. Sheila had a speech disability and perhaps a physical disability as well. My name used to be Sheila Baker. I would be very grateful if anyone has any information. Thanks a lot.
Ruby Dacia f.k.a. Sheila Baker
[To contact Ruby Dacia f.k.a. Sheila Baker click here.]

July 7, 2006
    My name is Richard Adams, while I was brought up a Long Island boy (worked for the Long Island railroad) I now live in Ocala, Florida.
    I am trying to locate Johanna Kent. I believed she lived in the manor apartments right off the train platform. During the mid sixties she hired me to photograph some of her fine paintings. Such a lovely person, it would great fun to get in touch with her once again. My guess is she is about in her mid sixties today.
    Any help you can give me would be greatly appreciated.
[To contact Richard Adams click here.]

June 26, 2006
Does anyone remember the Bussell family? They lived on 118th Street and attended the Holy Child Jesus church. There was Arthur, Elizabeth "Betty", John.........John married Dorothy Thompson and had 3 children Barbara Bussell, Carol Bussell, and Bruce John Bussell.
Michelle McGregor
[To contact Michelle McGregor click here.]

June 22, 2006
Looking for Emma Cuneo, Selma Levine, Mimi Parker
We lived in Kent Manor on Park Lane So.
My daughter attended PS 99 fr 1965-67 referred me to site.
Sara Berlan
[To contact Sara Berlan click here.]

Name - Michael Jovishoff
June 5, 2006
I knew Michael in the late 60's, as I was dating one of his friends (D.A. Gould) and we eventually married. Michael was dating a gal named, Lynn, who later went off to explore new adventures. I remember that Michaels' dad, Hans, had a house in Woodstock, NY and we were frequent guests. Gould and I divorced but I remained friends with Michael. I had an MG-Midget and named it after one of Michael's cats, "Millie". Unfortunately, Michael and I lost touch. I moved to California in 1985, met my soul mate and we married. Glad to read that Michael fulfilled his dream of being a city planner. Hope life, love and health have been very good to him!

June 3, 2006
    Hi –I was BORN AT KEW GARDENS HOSPITAL (which I know is no longer there. I didn’t live in Kew Gardens as a kid…I lived in Laurelton, Queens…but my mom would take me to the Building Department, on Queens Blvd, every week to file papers or do research—since her family were home builders and plumbers. And my uncle was a lawyer at the Courthouse next to the Building Department, so we would sometimes go in and watch trials, just for fun.
    My family was close with a family when I was young, and their name was Wolfe. (or Wolf). I am almost positive they lived in Kew Gardens. This would have been in the early to mid 60’s. The mom’s name was Pearl, and there was a son named Joshua that was a little older than me—which would make him somewhere around 57 (I am 55). He had a sister—I think her name might have been Debbie, but I’m not sure. I remember clearly when the dad died—he was young.
    I would love to catch up with Josh and his sister—if I could find them…but this is all I know about them.
Thanks for any help!
[To contact Barbara click here.]

April 5, 2006
Looking for Mrs. Diane Roher, my 4th and 6th grade teacher at PS 99. I graduated in 1972. Hope you are well. Are you still teaching? I caught a glimpse of you on August 6, 1989 at JFK as you were running with your family to catch a plane to Orlando. I wanted to say hello, but, by the time I realized it was you, you had already boarded the plane!
Carey A.
[To contact Carey A. click here.]

April 2, 2006
    I am trying to locate the following person or people that knew of the Meyer family -
    Moral E Meyer who around July 29,1938 would have been single and 23 and lived at 118-40 Metropolitan Ave., Kew Gardens, Long Island NY.
    Her father was John P. Meyer (at one time in his life sold Life Insurance) and she had a brothers named William and John A. Meyer.
    contact me at cando2u2@hotmail.com.
Pat Korte

March 28, 2006
I am looking for Patricia Calvo, her brother Paul Calvo or their mom Isabelle Calvo that lived in Kew Gardens on Metropolitan Ave. from 1972 through at least 2000. That is when I moved to Florida. Also Jamal Anderson. He left for the military after H.S in 1989. Last spoke to him in 1993 in college. Also, Steven Sola who may now live in Tampa, FL. If you are out there please send me a message.
Annie R. Cohen, K.G resident from 1972-1999

March 27, 2006
I am looking for Paul Marko III and Ruth Doman. Graduated either in 42 or 43 from PS 99. Also would like to hear from anyone that would remember me. I am Carol Binswanger Bowen and I lived in Kew Gardens until 1943 when my parents and I moved to Wichita, Kansas. I lived at 118-80 Metropolitan Ave. E-mail me at gercar6@cox.net.
Carol Binswanger Bowen

March 18, 2006
Click on thumbnail to enlarge.
CLICK TO ENLARGE.Hi: Thank you for your wonderful web site on Kew Gardens. How did I get to your web site you might be thinking. I was on my computer here in Los Angeles this morning listening to Yahoo Music when a familiar but very old song came on. The song instantly reminded me of the Summer of 1972 and driving along Queens Boulevard in Kew Gardens with my first girlfriend, Claire Wernick. Claire lived in an apartment on I believe Austin Boulevard with her parents at the time. If I remember from the last time, which is many years ago, when I spoke to her, she was divorced and lived in Manhattan.
    After hearing that song, I typed her name into Yahoo and your site came up. I was wondering if you had any information on how I could contact her just to say hello to her. If that is possible, please let me know. You can release any of my information to Claire if she so desires.
    Thank you for you help and I really enjoyed spending time in Kew Gardens that Summer of 72. In case her memory has faded as mine has sine I have reached the Big 50, here are some pictures that might help.
Dennis Handler

March 10, 2006
I was in the class of 60 at FHHS and am looking For Nancy Brooks who I think was class of '58. I believe she became a dancer. if anyone knows where I can e mail her simply either send her my e mail address and name(Philip Daughtry, I was sports editor of the BEacon and Captain of the x country team but I became a cowboy then a writer(Four books of poetry) and later an English professor. I hung out with the Beat poets in North Beach, San Francisco after quitting New York . Married with two grown up kids.
Philip Daughtry
Topanga CA.

March 10,2006
Hi, I’m trying to locate Kevin Gordon and ‘Hersh’ Herskovitz from KG in the late 1960’s to early 1970’s. We were in a band together and were good friends. I believe both lived on Metropolitan Avenue near Lefferts Boulevard.
Thanks very much,
Ernie Tubb
[To contact Ernie Tubb click here.]

January 1, 2006
    Looking for Melinda Grisham PS 99 3rd grade 1958 Lives 80-32 Grenfell St My Grandfather lived in Richmond Hill my Gradnmother died in 1946.
    I have 3 of Melinda's books.
Chris Merkel
Pasadena Ca

January 1, 2006
C. H. Dilley ... won the Richmond Hill Golf Club Qualification Cup in 1905. I have a trophy cup as noted. Any information would be appreciated.
Jim Larkin
Harbor Yacht Brokers
[To contact Jim Larkin click here.]

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