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Reunion (October 28, 2007): Click on image to enlarge.

[Photograph courtesy of Tom Rotavera]


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Where are They? (2008)

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November 24, 2008
    Still looking for anyone who may have known Peter and Ethel Steiner Son and daughter of Paul Steiner
    They lived for a while on Austin st. South of Lefferts
    I lived on Austin st from 1952-59
Lenny Kotke

September 11, 2008
Greetings Joe,
    I've been trying to locate information about my great aunt Gertrude Anthony (husband Arthur, d 1966) who lived in Kew Gardens probably from 1966 through 4/1976 when she died. Previously they lived in So. Ozone park. She also had a daughter Gertrude, b 1929 who may still be living. If daughter Gertrude married I don't know her married name and I seem to have hit a brick wall. I came across your site and thought I'd give it a try. Unfortunately, I don't have any further address information.
    Thank you in advance for any help you're able to provide.
Roger J. Szendy
[To contact Roger J. Szendy, click here]

July 31, 2008
Does anyone have any information about Neil Ralph (who had a younger brother named Stephen and mother Florence), my closest friend during the 50s when we both attended PS90? His father was Lester Ralph, who maintained a medical practice in KG for many years. They had a magnificent house at, I believe, the corner of Curzon Rd and 116th. Neil and I used to go to Lipschitz on Jamaica Avenue for arts and crafts and to Freres for hamburgers and ice cream cake during our mid-day break at school. He was relatively disciplined (compared with me), taking piano, horse-riding, and tennis lessons. I recall his purchasing a book "Aztec; Man and Tribe" when we were around 7 years old. Neil and I were in the same class and were such hell-raisers that the school had a policy to program us for separate classes following first grade. Individually, however, we were quite productive and compliant. Recently, on a morbid whim, I found on a reliable website a date of death for a "Neil Ralph", who was born in August,'48. That date corresponds with what I remember was his DOB shortly before mine. The date of death listed is April 14, 2008. Strangely, the date of death of Lester Ralph ( last address in Fresh Meadows) is identical:April 14, 2008. I was out of touch with Neil since'59, but his father continued to treat my late grandmother and the Ralph family figured significantly in my childhood. Any insights?
Ron Isaac
[To contact Ron Isaac, click here]

July 12, 2008
    Larry Abend, Frank Musat, Sunil Karnik, Lucille Wallenberg, Betsy Byron, Nicole Menage
    I lived in Kew Gardens from 1955 - 1985 and went to PS 99, Russell Sage and Jamaica HS with all of them - except Sunil who moved back to India before high school. Good times.
    I was Karen Kroslak, now Karen Toombs My email is kktoombs@verizon.net
    Thanks - hope to hear from someone!
Karen Toombs

June 22, 2008
Hi Joe:
Hope things are well. Looking for Carol Cooper. I lived in KG from 1943 to 1970. OK to post my email.
Harry Klein

May 26, 2008
Jan Miller
Lived in Kew gardens 1950 to 1964

May 6, 2008
Happy Birthday Barbara Blue (May 7th)
Bob Moseman
[To contact Bob Moseman, click here]

April 28, 2008
I'm wondering where Jane Stein is... who used to live on Grenfell st. in the 60's and 70's. We went to PS 99 together. I'm Janice Sloane.
[To contact Janice Sloane, click here]

March 9th 2008 Reunion
April 22, 2008
Click on thumbnail to view enlargement.
Attached I am sending a photograph from a recent reunion. On March 9th 2008 Vivian Anshel-Weiss, Amy Rabinowitz Eiten and Liz Naar Sedaghatfar (me) got together in New Jersey to visit and reminisce about the grand old days of growing up in KG. We graduated from PS 99 in 1965. Vivian Anschel-Weiss is on the far left, Amy Rabinowitz Eiten is in the middle and Liz Naar Sedaghatfar in on the far right.
Liz Naar Sedaghatfar
[To contact Liz Naar Sedaghatfar, click here]

March 23, 2008
In the late '40s and early '50s I was best friends with Priscilla Clynch . She and her mother lived at 83-26 Lefferts Blvd. Her mother dated a guy by the name of San. "Penny", as she preferred to be called, had a passion for horses and could draw them flawlessly. I was in love with her and her long, naturally blond hair. But, then again, what could I have known at 6 years of age. I vividly remember riding broom stick ponies throughout the house, endlessly. As a test of my friendship, she made me occasionally eat some of the Milkbone dog food she fed her collie (can't remember collie's name). One day, she moved. Does anyone out there have a clue as to what happened to her?
Alan Weinberg (1944-64)

March 23, 2008
   [Ed.'s Note:  The following message is in reply
   to Roger Sabo's message below of March 15th.
The guy on the right is Tommy Rotavera
David Sommers
Kew Gardens - 1958-1970
[To contact David Sommers, click here]

March 15, 2008
Click on thumbnail to view enlargement.
They reunited after about 50 years and found out that they have been living 10 minutes from each other on Long Island for almost 20 years.
Roger Sabo
[To contact Roger Sabo, click here]

March 8, 2008
    Came upon the Old Kew Gardens site. Amazing!
    I am in the class 6-3 of 1954.
    I wonder, in the "Where are they?", where Penny Stone is now. She is in that same picture. We lived in the same building in Kew Gardens, but I have not seen her or known about her since then.
    I graduated from Forest Hills HS, then went to Columbia and the City University for degrees in Mathematics. I have been teaching at St John's University for nearly 30 years.
    That will explain my e-address: russakoa@stjohns.edu
Andy Russakoff

March 6, 2008
I did not live in Queens. I lived in Sheepshead Bay in Brooklyn, New York, I met all three (3) of the Magid Triplets at a hotel named The Esther Manor in Monticello, New York in 1961. They performed at The Esther Manor for the summer. I liked Eddie Magid and he was very nice to me. My family and I stayed for the summer at a neaby Bungalow colony and my friend Fay and I would go the The Esther Manor and hang out there. I ikew Eddie and his brothers lived in Kew Gardens. I was wondering if anyone heard anything about them like where are they now and what have they been doing. Thank you, Priscilla Lowenthal.
Priscilla Ann Lowenthal
[To contact Priscilla Ann Lowenthal, click here]

February 27, 2008
Looking to contact Winston Coleman, he lived at 80-15 Grenfell Street from 1943 until recently, I am Bob Baker, I lived at 80-15 Grenfell St from 1943 to 1960.
Bob Baker

Arthur and Ruth Harrison
February 7, 2008
Click on thumbnail to view enlargement.
    My name is John Spiers, and I live in Florida.
    I'm trying to find information about the late Mr Arthur Harrison & wife Ruth M Harrison, who were residents of Kew Gardens up until at least 1971. Their address for their single-family home may have been 8387 or 83-87 117th Street, Kew Gardens, NY 11418, which is now the site of either an assisted living facility or an apartment building.
    Why I'm writing is because I own a car he once owned, a white 1958 Chrysler 300-D two-door hardtop, and I am trying to both establish some history for the car, and to contact decendants in order to possibly obtain copies of photographs and write down memories from them that include the car. I am very keen on getting info about this, and I hope that you may be able to help or redirect me to someone who may be able to fill me in on some details.
    I know the car was well-liked by Mr Harrison, as he drove it to one of the very first Chrysler 300 Club meets in Hershey, Pennsylania in 1971. I spoke to Gloria Moon, fellow club member and membership secretary of the Chrysler 300 Club (www.chrysler300club.com) who attended that rainy meet. She said Mr. Harrison arrived in his Chrysler, but his wife, Ruth and their children rode in a new or nearly-new Eldorado. So possibly, they did not share his enthusiasm for the old Chrysler 300.
    The uncle of the fellow I purchased my car from, a Mr Ferrell, purchased the car from Ruth, Mr Harrison's widow, in 1978 and brought it back home with him to South Carolina. It then sat untouched unitl I bought it in December 2006. That's as far back as I can trace ownership.
    I have attached a picture taken of Mr Harrison, with his (now my) car, taken at the only Chrysler 300 Club meet that he attended, in 1971. Perhaps you will recognize it - there were only 618 of the particular model sold that year.
    I'm having great fun restoring the Chrysler 300-D that Mr Harrison once owned, and having some further history of it would really enhance my enthusiasm.
    I found this link online, the only place other than my posting here, that link the Arthur S. Harrison and Ruth M. [Moffat?] Harrison's names:
    Click Here
    This site shows that both the Harrisons were buried in the Maple Grove Cemetery in Kew Gardens, in the same plot (?) as the Moffat family.
    The Moffat family address given is certainly the same address given as my Chrysler 300 Club archive list for the Harrisons: 83-87 Richmond Hill Drive is the same as 8387 117th Street. That the Harrison and Moffat names are connected both by their living address and their internment place, I would expect they are related. One guess would be that Ruth's maiden name was Moffat.
    Otherwise, I have only been able to find only that Mr Harrison was born August 1910 and passed on August 1977 - from Social Security records.
John Spiers
[To contact John Spiers, click here]

February 4, 2008
My name is William "Bill" M?ller. My parents, my brother Peter and I lived in Kew Gardens until February 1970. We then moved to Switzerland where we are all still living. I went to P.S. 99 from 1960 to 1966. I went to school with Mike Bianco, Howard Dinner, Therea Gusmarino, Heidi Marcus, Stuart Sifakis, Susan Mayer, Cathy SchliefmanBetty Langer , Danny Kopec, Josh Levine, Carol Proffman, Cindy Strum, Judy Picker, Joeseph Gottlieb, Audrey Newmwn, Catherine Loeb, Bonnie Optekman, Dennis Garguilo and many others whose names I can?t remember now. I later went to Russell Sage JHS until 1969. Many of the above-mentioned friends also went to Sage. I still have the yearbook from 1969. I was in class 9-5 with Joe Gottlieb, Carla Foster, Stuart Levine, Karen Drucker, Charlene Kastner, Thomas Sinibaldi, Marilyn Landek, Tony Hopenhajm and many others. Our class teacher was Miss Portnow. Other friends from that time are Robert Margolies, Irene Lipton, Barry Kastner (the trompet player), Jeanne Lence, Karen Bloom and again many more. The names of some of our teachers at Sage were Mr. Prilik (math), Mr. Levine (science), Miss Kanney (French), Miss Stein (English), Miss Lippman, Mr. Benado, Mrs. Gruen, Mrs. Bell, etc. I still have all the class photos from P.S. 99 and the Sage yearbook 1968-1969. I would be great to hear from any of my old school friends.
William "Bill" Muller

January 23, 2008
1.   Looking for all RHHS 1968 graduates (it's our 40th Reunion), please visit our Web site: www.rhhs40reunion.com
2.   Our Reunion is being held on August 9th at the Douglaston Manor
3.   I'm Edna Neuburger (now Calastro) EJCNewScreen@aol.com

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