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An October 27, 2005 article about the making of the Last Stop Kew Gardens documentary.
Kew Gardens in the News
"Historical Association Researches Hayestown"
(The Queens Chronicle, Feb. 6, 1992)

"Inside Kew Gardens"
(Metropolis, Oct. 1982)

"Parents Work With Staff at Queens School"
(The Community News, date unknown)

"Kew Gardens of Today - A Far Cry from 50 years Ago"
(The Community News, January 1966)

"Kew Gardens Civics Had Varied History"
(The Forest Hills - Kew Gardens Post, Oct. 10, 1941)

"Kew Gardens Village Developed On Beautiful Rolling Woodland"
(Kew Forest Life, p. 13 (Dec. 21, 1929)

"Kew Gardens Highest Point in Queens"
(Queensborough Magazine, Mar. 1921)

"Kew Gardens Inn"
(Queensborough Magazine, June 1920)

"Kew Gardens New Country Club House"
(Richmond Hill Record, Feb. 9, 1917)

"Kew! Kew!"
(Richmond Hill Record, July 23, 1910)

"Clad as Nymphs - Brooklyn Girls Go Swimming in Crystal Lake"
(Richmond Hill Record, August 22, 1908)

"The Development of North Richmond Hill"
(Richmond Hill Record, April 20, 1907)

"The Richmond Hill Club and Course Described"
(The Brooklyn Daily Eagle, April 25, 1897)

"WNBC TV News 4 NY Focus on Kew Gardens"
(February 9, 1984)

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