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Reunion - October 16, 2003:
Five childhood friends from Kew Gardens reunite after 35 years. From left to right: Larry Gross, Howard Meltzer, Michael Nucero, Josh Levine and Marshall Krimsky. Click on the image to enlarge and find out more about it.

[Photograph courtesy of Larry Gross]


 1. When you identify or describe the person you are looking for, be discreet and do not disclose anything too personal or private.

 2. You must give your full name.

 3. Inquiries are limited to those who have had some contact with Kew Gardens.

 4. To avoid any possible invasion of privacy, do not provide contact information for people mentioned here unless you first get their OK.

 5. Contact details about the people you are looking for will not be published here.

 6. Inquiries will not appear immediately because I review each one before posting to eliminate spam, adult content, or pranks.

Where are They? (2003)

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[Editor's Note:  If you are uncomfortable posting anything here. Send me an email telling me who you are looking for and I will let you know if I have contact information for them. You must make it clear in the email that yours is a private inquiry that is not to be published.]

December 11, 2003
Looking for Jeanette Kupferman, Fran Schorr, Neil Fried, Johnny Hakimi. Now that I am more awake than I was when I posted my last inquiry, I am able to remember my childhood friends.  I'm looking for classmates (PS 99 class of 1963) Jeanette Kupferman, Neil Fried, Frannie Schorr. Johnny Hakimi was my first friend and next door neighbor on 83rd Road.  He was a year ahead of me.  Last I heard about Jeanette was that she lived in Maryland.  After Sage, I moved out of Kew Gardens, went to FHHS and lost contact with all my elementary school friends.
Joyce Ein Dilman
[To contact Joyce Ein Dilman, click here.]

December 9, 2003
Looking for DIANA ROBINSON AND DOREEN BERMAN. I lost track of my old pals after our'65 R.H.H.S 30th reunion. If anyone has latest info, please e-mail me.
[To contact Edi Beckler Goldberg, click here.]

December 9, 2003
       I am Ronny Ein's sister.  I am interested to know where the picture of our house (on Beverly Road) is.  I can get Marianne Lods in touch with Ronny.
       Wow, am I happy to have a site about Kew Gardens.  (I know this isn't the venue to say it, but - hey - I'm lost on this site and don't know where else to go!)
       Kew Gardens gives me warm fuzzies.  Though I went to Forest Hills, my memories are more connected to Kew Gardens.
       I'm interested in finding people who graduated in 1963, who had Ms. Voulangas in 4th and 6th grade.  We were in the experimental language (French) class.
Joyce Ein Dilman
[To contact Joyce Ein Dilman, click here.]

December 7, 2003
Looking for anyone from the graduating class of 1962.
Linda Gottlieb

December 5, 2003
Looking for the graduating class of 1966=1967 from PS 99 get your name on the board,lets go!
David Silfen

December 4, 2003
Looking for any fellow students from P.S. 99 who graduated in June 1969 (maybe even Class 6-2, who knows...?) and might remember me. Would love to get in touch with ya'!
Greetings, P.J.
Peter John Muller

December 3, 2003
Looking for Marcia Cox, Debbie Rowand, Gail Johnson and Frank Garafolo. We went to PS 90 and Holy Child. 1953- 1958
Barbara Broun Ulus

December 2, 2003
Looking for Michael Feigen. He went to PS 99 from about Mid 1940"s thru the mid 5's.  Went to FHHS.  He and Lynn Lopin, Marilyn Dubin and Robery Libby all lived across Queens Blvd (officialy Forest HIlls) but attended PS 99 in Kew.  He had an older broher, if I remember correctly.  Love to find him again.
(Eth)lynn Trevas Berman
[To contact Lynn Trevas Berman, click here.]

November 30, 2003
Looking for Suzanne Ruzow. I saw your photo in the reunion pics & would like to get in touch after all these years.
Stephanie(Steffi Weinstock)Beck

November 30, 2003
I was born in 1943 and lived in KG until 1968. I'm still hoping to find Maxie Strauss, Joyce Flataur, Ronnie Ein (whose house was shown), Eva Spett?  Any help?
Marianne Lods
[To contact Marianee Lods, click here.]

November 26, 2003
Looking for Doris Westheimer
Bea Newman
[To contact Bea Newman, click here.]

November 26, 2003
Looking for Charles Lowe, Irwin Fiedler, Jim Callen. We all lived at 83-26 Lefferts Blvd and were around the same age (born in 53-56)...
Wayne Plump

November 26, 2003
Looking for Michelle Trachtenberg - Actress, attended PS 99 in early 90's.
Alyssa Rogers

November 23, 2003
Sure to read about the passing of Danie, he was a great man and a big part of my childhood. My father owned Bauer's Meat Market, just up the block forom the pizza place. I was born in KG in 1955 and attended PS99, Sage, and Jamaica High. Looking for old friend from the school yard or Forest Park.
Peter Hess

November 16, 2003
Looking for Gloria Lambert. I was at the KG reunion and a lot of people wonder where you are.
Barbara Levine Ehrentreu
[To contact Barbara Levine Ehrentreu, click here.]

November 15, 2003
Looking for Lore Shoenbeck
Erwin Frank

November 15, 2003
[Editor's Note:  To the attention of poster, Erwin Frank - since you've given no email address or other contact information, there is no way that Lore Schoenbeck could contact you.]

November 5, 2003
Looking for Jack Brockman
jan Joroff

October 31, 2003
Looking for Eugene Marino and Lonnie Wilkofsky.
Lenny Bloch

October 30, 2003
Looking for a few friends I had back in PS 99 in the early-mid 50's - Helen Bainbridge, Marjorie Gibson, Bradley & Burgundy Beam, Charles Newman, Judy Hempstead, Neilie Lawrence.
Judi Anderson

October 30, 2003
Looking for Kenny Adler. His father was Phillip Adler,DDS and he had a sister, Judith. I hope he is alive and well and willing to make contact.
Alan Weinberg

October 29, 2003
Would love to find Donna Gould who lived next door to me. She lived on Cuthbert Road which was the back of my house. My house fronted on Abingdon Road. Would also like to find Mike Locascio to say hi.
Linda Widder Wiesner

October 28, 2003
Looking for Nancy Carlin, Ellen Schmidler, Paula Fink, Ruth Brandt and any other 1962 grads from Richmond Hill HS
Kitty Pick deChiara

October 28, 2003
Looking for Roberta Marcus. I can't remember your married name, but would love to see you again. Email me if you see this.
Barbara Levine Ehrentreu
[To contact Barbara Levine Ehrentreu, click here.]

October 27, 2003
Looking for any PS 90 'graduates' from 1966, JHS 210 grads from 1968, and RHHS grads from 1972 that might remember me!  Drop me a line!
Rob Freundlich
[To contact Rob Freundlich, click here.]

October 26, 2003
Looking for Diana Robinson, Doreen berman, and Sally Cohn...where are you?  Graduated RHHS in '65
Edi Beckler Goldberg
[To contact Edi Beckler Goldberg, click here.]

October 26, 2003
Looking for Ann Cohn Entis
Phyllis Saxon Goldberg

October 26, 2003
I am just looking for these three people: Linda Kagen, Leon Fried,Susan Gueiss
shelley reiss

October 26, 2003
Judy Harper lived in Glendale and was a counsler in Happy Woods Day Camp. I would love to find her Maybe you can help me
Thank You
shelley reiss

October 26, 2003
[Since this page is still in the experimental stage, I've posted the foregoing inquiry even though Judy Harper lived in Glendale.  However, for obvious reasons I will have to limit future inquiries to those about past or present residents of Kew Gardens only.]

Ed.'s Note: The reason your posting does not appear here immediately is that I review each message individually before posting to eliminate spam or unwanted adult content. Email me if you want to make a correction to a message you have already posted or if you would like a message removed.

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~The Editor.

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