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Reunion - March 2004:
"Last week Shaari Neretin, Lisa Gussack, Betty Ellenberg now Rachel Schulson, and myself Louise Langer (Cecchini) had the most fantastic reunion. Its been about 30-35 years since we all got together in one room and it was a moment we will all remember for another 35 years."

[Photograph and comments courtesy of Louise Langer (Cecchini)]


 1. When you identify or describe the person you are looking for, be discreet and do not disclose anything too personal or private.

 2. You must give your full name.

 3. Inquiries are limited to those who have had some contact with Kew Gardens.

 4. To avoid any possible invasion of privacy, do not provide contact information for people mentioned here unless you first get their OK.

 5. Contact details about the people you are looking for will not be published here.

 6. Inquiries will not appear immediately because I review each one before posting to eliminate spam, adult content, or pranks.

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[Editor's Note:  If you are uncomfortable posting anything here. Send me an email telling me who you are looking for and I will let you know if I have contact information for them. You must make it clear in the email that yours is a private inquiry that is not to be published.]

December 26, 2004
Looking for Henry Vaupel & Robert Lehrman
Hello folks! Am still on the lookout for Henry Vaupel (Park Lane South?) and Bobby Lehrman (from Grenfell St.) whom I shared a few wonderful classes with. Also, I'm still on the lookout for anyone that shared Kindergarten and third grade with me to submit their class photos: 1963, K-1 with Mrs. Bierman and 1966, 3-2, with Miss Reilly. Rachel, Lisa, Louise, Shaari, maybe one of you can help out?
Merci beaucoup and greetings from Switzerland,
Pete xoxo
Peter John Müller

December 19, 2004
Looking for some old friends from the neighborhood.
Some of the names that come to mind are Michael Kaufman, David Berger, Sara Berger, Jack Chin, Jackie Lowey, Gary Steel. Anyone remember? Would love to hear from some of the "ole gang." Graduated P.S. 99 in 1972 and Russell Sage in 1976. Residing in Buffalo, NY since 1991. How lucky we were to grow up in this wonderful neighborhood! Lots of great memories!
Happy Holidays to all!
Phyllis (Lowenberger) Miller
[To contact Phyllis (Lowenberger) Miller click here.]

December 14, 2004
Looking for Helene Shlomowitz.
Dated Helene for a short time, she resided in a apartment building her father owned, located on the north side of Metropolitan Avenue between 118th Street & Lefferts Blvd.
Edward "Nick" Garrett

December 13, 2004
Click image to enlarge.
CLICK TO ENLARGE. My name is Friedrich Hummel and I live in Austria. I own a bakery witrh my wife and son Fritz an 9 workers in a little Village named Edelsbach south east of Graz , Mr. Schwarzeneggers home town! I found in Internet a 90 year old man in your town(Kew Gardens) with the same name ! If it possible for you can you find out his adress for me, I would send him a christmas card and a picture from my family ! If not, sorry that I disturb you ! A merry Christmas and a Happy New Year 2005 ! Sorry for my awfully english language , we speak german !
Fritz Hummel
[To contact Fritz Hummel click here.]

December 12, 2004
Looking for Joyce Mankarsh. Lived in Arden Terrace.Went to PS 90, Russell Sage & Richmond Hill HS.
Barbara A. Martin (Rosen)
[To contact Barbara A. Martin (Rosen) click here.]

December 1, 2004
Looking for Ralph Fodor.
Marion Schild
[To contact Marion Schild, click here.]

Editor's Note: I tried forwarding Marion's email to Ralph, but his email service has me on block so I could not get through.

November 7, 2004
Hello, I am looking for anyone who was in IGC @ PS99 from, 1965-1971. The folks I most clearly remeber are Dante Rossati, Leigh Novak, Demitri Yospi, James and Jack Berger, Clair? Emily?, Ruth?, Matthew Bernstein. I live in Tucson Arizona, and would love to hear from ANYONE from our class. Please e-mail me.
Debra Tobin-AKA Debbie Levine

: October 29, 2004
Looking for austin st./1955-1962
Just looking for any contacts from Austin St. circa-1955-62. Jay Greenblatt is my cousin.We moved up to Boston in 1962 and Jay and my aunt and uncle moved into our old apt. Alex Strouzer, Rickey Harrington, Josh Levine.-all kew gardens friends from yrs. ago. Also Mike Nucero, who I think I carried into his mother after cracking his head outside the Texas on a pole or mailbox. Does anybody remember Gusy's-candy store, and Danny's Pizza on Lefferts-This site is great-would like to hear from any and all. Kew Gardens was a terrific Neighborhood. Probably still is.
David W. Sanders

October 28, 2004
Looking for Laurel Kreston and members of the Pikul Family who lived on 84th Ave.
Kathryn Zabrocki Strode

October 6, 2004
Looking for Inge B Raha
Hi, I'm looking for Inge (Bernie) Raha. We attended St. Barbara HS in Chicago, IL together. Our families became close, and we had alot of fun together. I think of them often, and would love to get in touch with her and her family. Any help would be much appreciated.
Mary Kaye Flynn-Jenrich
[To contact Mary Kaye Flynn-Jenrich, click here.]

October 4, 2004
Looking for Bekim Taqi. Looking for a student who attended PS 99 in the early 90's. He was the biggest mischief/trouble maker but yet the most adorable thing. I worked as a lunchroom aid and he ran the show at lunch time. Consistantly up to no good on a daily basis. I wonder where he is now. Wish him the best.
Elaine Krowski

September 29, 2004
Looking for austin stree 1965
just saw some old names ed christain frank sweeny what about alex strouzer and rick harrington.. some good times were had on austin st.
jay greenblatt
[To contact Jay Greenblatt, click here.]

September 26, 2004
Looking for David Tamaki. David--have you changed the e-mail address you gave me-I've written but it bounces back. Please let me know-got to keep these renewed connections alive! Hope to hear from you soon.
Linda Gottlieb
[To contact Linda Gottlieb, click here.]

September 17, 2004
Looking for noel kurd
maria pfirman (cernera)

September 16, 2004
       Looking for Kenny Nalven, Randi Kopet, Howie Glasser, Steve Weinbaum
       I'd love to hear from anybody from KG or who played basketball at the Park who knew me. I graduated RHHS in 1968.
       Although I live in San Francisco now (as does my sister Diane) I have had the good fortune to visit KG two weeks ago when I took my son to college in NJ. First thing I did was visit my old building 83-26 Lefferts, went to Dani's for a slice (Andre was still there and we reminisced about 1959 when he and Dani sold 2 slices and a coke for 25 cents. Then went up to the Park.
       So much looks so different, so much the same. what we remember collectively was not the way it was but the way it was when we were there, a snapshot in time when we formed our earliest impressions, our basic values, our first friendships. But life moved on but the memories lie in our minds really for instant replay to give us some soothing pleasure and this wonderful web site give us people who were there for those same "moments".
       thanks so much for keeping this site going.
       I am in touch with Conrad Kupferman, Neil Fried, Gayle Weinberg, Bob Sommers and others.
       To those who know what it means L'Shana Tova. For everyone else, happy new year.
Howard Scheiman

September 8, 2004
Looking for Jan Joroff. Jan and I were babyhood friends in Kew Gardens. Lost touch since 1974. Now a photographer, it seems, as am I. Write me!
Deborah Slavitt

August 24, 2004
Looking for Classmates from PS 99 1957 through 1964. Members of Boy Scout Troop 104. Stanley Whittaker from PS 99. Stanley and I always had a crush on Roberta LaRosa.
Gus Bubaris

August 21, 2004
Looking for Cindy Strum of Austin St.
Robert F. Sheridan
[To contact Robert F. Sheridan, click here.]

August 20, 2004
Looking for Vivian Anschel,Lizzy Naar,Renee Broekman,Rebecca Kantor,Kenneth Rubinand Gary? class 5-1 1963. I've alreay been in touch with Michelle Lewengood and I would really like to know how the people of class 5-1 1963 are doing. Please contact me if you remember me.
Hans Huysman
The Netherlands

August 18, 2004
Looking for Denise Sheridan, Jerry Larsen
Don Farrell
[To contact Don Farrell, click here.]

August 3, 2004
Looking for murray berger carol berger
irwin gillenson

July 25, 2004
Hoping to find Debbie Rubin-she moved to Great Neck after 6th grade in 1962. We were in touch until about 1966 or 67. I'd love hearing from her again.
Linda Gottlieb
[To contact Linda Gottlieb, click here.]

July 25, 2004
Does anyone know what Josh Brand is up to since Northern Exposure went off the air? And what about Lance Luria; does anyone have any news about him?
Morgan Naar Sutton/Yolanda Naar
Morgan Naar Sutton(aka:Yolanda Naar)

July 23, 2004
Looking for Lizzie Narr Amy rabinowitz Susan Smith the cutest girls ever to go to PS 99 !!!!!!!!!!!
kevin klauber

July 22, 2004
Looking for Lydia Hollander, Rebecca Kantor, Paul Rosenberg, Curtis Fenner, Ann Fuller, Peter Glassover, Kevin Klauber, Maxine Roseman, Fern Finkelstein, Edna Gruenberg, Larry Wald, Robin Saltzman, Jonny London
Vivian Anschel-Weiss and Amy Rabinowitz
[To contact Vivian Anschel-Weiss and Amy Rabinowitz, click here.]

July 22, 2004
Looking for Old Forest Park Crew
Graduated PS99 in '76, Sage in '79 and Hillcrest in '82. David Vigil and myself want to organize a BBQ for old friends before the end of the summer. Please contact.
Edwin Miller

July 22, 2004
Where are we now?
Is anyone looking for Vivian Anschel, Amy Rabinowitz, Lizzy Naar, or Renee Broekman for we try to get together once a year. Would love to hear from anyone from our year.
Vivian Anschel-Weiss
[To contact Vivian Anschel-Weiss, click here.]

July 20, 2004
Looking for Shelley Rosenfeld & Marion Hess.
Yolanda Naar

July 4, 2004
Looking for P.S.99 classmates.
Hi i'm Rafael and i went to P.S.99 from 1982-1984 I'm looking for my old friends i don't remember all names but Freddy Noya , Zoe , Jackie , Yamid. Im in Uruguay , south america.
Rafael Delbene

June 26, 2004
Looking for aybody from PS99 circa 10 years ago
I can't imagine anybody here is as young as me... graduated P.S.99 in 1995.
John Price

June 10, 2004
Looking for Kew Gardens Hospital. Does anyone know the exact street address of where the Kew Gardens Hospital was located?  (I was born there, and as it no longer exists I am wondering where it was.)  Thank you!
Todd Cherches

[Editor's Note:  The current address of that location is 80-02 Kew Gardens Road, Kew Gardens, NY 11415.]

June 9, 2004
Looking for Marshall Krimsky. Where the hell is Marshall. Please have him e-mail me.
jack edelman

May 22, 2004
Looking for ALBERTA GRAY - does anyone know what ever became of grays bike store and is miss gray still around ???
tony gahrman

May 17, 2004
Looking for a member of the Lewis family. There were four members of the Lewis family who lived near the Hillside Roller Rink. Mrs. Lewis was my fathers cousin. I am looking for her daughter or her son Buster. Any information would be appreciated. I am doing a family history.
Linda Smith

May 16, 2004
Looking for PS 99 1983 Graduating Class. My name in 1983 was Elizabeth Walsh. I am looking for anyone who attended PS 99 from roughly 1976-1983. My sixth grade teacher was Ms.Gitta Diner, class 6-305. Some familiar names were Landres, Dugan, Heskin, Franke, Spaulding, Levyk, Farke, Stasiuk, Zolnay, Barell, Jakobsen, Pinkus, Rhem, Sahli, Delgado, Mercado, McConnell, Pollack, Maloney, Shapiro, Brenner, to name a few. Please contact me. I'd love to hear from anyone. It's been a long time.
Elizabeth Glodzik(Walsh)

May 15, 2004
Looking for PS99Classmates/Born1951
Joan Politzer Frohlich

May 4, 2004
       Looking for Kathy Sanders. Oh my gosh. Kathy Sanders. Is that you?  Are you the Kathy who lived in Kent Manor, in the same building as the Liebermans?  Do you remember me?  I wrote about you on one of my postings, how I remember you as very kind and caring to me. In fact, my brother just sent me some old pictures. One of them is of a birthday party (maybe mine). You are sitting next to me. Barbara Eidler is there too, although I don't remember her. I just recognize her from the class photos on the site.
       Just want you to know that I'm glad you are out there and I still remember how you befriended me right after I lost my father and was staying in Kent Manor.
Joyce Ein Dilman
[To contact Joyce Ein Dilman, click here.]

May 1, 2004
       Looking for Lesley Roth. Lesley and her 'older' sister Stephanie grew up in Kew Gardens. I lost contact with Lesley in 1957.
       She was at PS 99 in 1956.
       I would appreciate any help in getting back in touch with either Lesley or Stephanie.
Coleman Sachs

April 25, 2004
Looking for Anne Kramer. She lived at 118-66 Metropolitan Avenue, Apartment 4A in 1961. I would love to hear from someone who knew her.
Joanne Riel Trombly

April 24, 2004
Looking for Ethel Steiner. Ethel is my cousin. I think she is born in 1946, had a younger brother Peter. Mother Vlasta, father Paul (Pavel) immigrants from Czechoslovakia.
Kristian Steiner

April 18, 2004
Looking for Joyce Ein
Hi Joyce,
I was thrilled to find you looking for me. Feel free to contact me.  Looking forward to hearing from you.
neil fried

April 18, 2004
[Editor's Note:  I'm looking for Andree Picq (used to live in the Mowbray), Sophie Farrar, and Karl Ross (both used to live in the 2 story Tudor building across the street from the Mowbray). Email me at oldkewgardens@gmail.com]

April 15, 2004
Looking for O'Zella M. Quellhorst. I was told that O'Zella M. Quellhorst resides at Kew Inn, Kew Gardens, Long Island, NY and I would very much like to contact O'Zella
Suzanne Masters

April 14, 2004
Mr. Bluestone, I hope you enjoy this trip down memory lane. It was great speaking with you.
All my best,
Louise Langer (Cecchini)

April 11, 2004
Looking for Al Annanberg And Eddie Enners PS 99 1939
James Paul Evans

April 8, 2004
Looking for ALL FHHS ALUMS.
Hi all:  I am looking for any alums from FHHS. I have a website devoted to all classes, but primarily the 60's. I am organizing a Reunion for 1963,4 and 5 this coming Fall. Please e-mail me at ForestHillsHS@aol.com or check out my site at: http://pub27.ezboard.com/bforesthillsclassof19631965
Love to all,
Bonni Watson
FHHS Class of 1965

April 2, 2004
[To contact Marion Schild, click here.]

April 1, 2004
Looking for Stephen Ralph who lived on Curzon Road - it's been about 30 years since
Peggy Cella (Flefleh)

March 31, 2004
Looking for Roger (the Dane) who attended same 3rd grade class at PS99 in 1966. He was born in Denmark and lived on Austin Street across from me at 83-40 Austin Street. Get in touch with old schoolmate Elise Krentzel who now lives in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.
Elise Krentzel

March 26, 2004
       It had to be more than 25 years ago. I was a young guy and couldn't seem to find a girlfriend. One Saturday night, rather than sit home and do nothing, I got on the E train at Union Turnpike to go into the City. A very slender, brown haired girl came up to me as I was boarding and asked if I knew where a certain New York City hotel was located.  She was supposed to meet up with some out of town friends there. I knew exactly where it was and told her I would even escort her there. The 30 minute subway ride to Manhattan was wonderful. She was really nice and so easy to talk to. I was very taken with her, and as I look back, she seemed interested in me, even to the point of asking whether I minded that she was Jewish. She was a bit on the shy side and I think now she was having the same bad luck socially that I was. I should have asked her out, but I didn't. As much as I wanted to, I had such an inferiority complex that I couldn't believe any nice girl like her would want me. So, I let the opportunity slip through my fingers. I said goodbye to her at the hotel and never saw her again. (If she ever reads this, maybe she would remember which hotel. I certainly do.)
       For months after that, I kicked myself for being so backward. I had only her first name to go by. Although she told me that she lived in one of the apartments behind the Kew Gardens Hospital (which was then still standing), I could not remember which one.  I tried walking that stretch of Union Turnpike hoping to run into her, but I never did. That little failure in my life is one that I should have long since forgotten. Yet, even now, almost 30 years later, not a week goes by that I don't think of it and her and wonder what might have been. It is now far too late to recapture a lost opportunity, but if my mystery girl from that night should ever read this, I just want her to know that I really liked her, and that I wish I had let her know it.

March 26, 2004
Looking for joyce allahand - lived in silver towers
marshall krimsky

March 25, 2004
Looking for George Weiner. Don't think I've heard a thing about him since RHHS / 1970. Was a good school friend "back in the day".
Robert Sander

March 23, 2004
Looking for friends from Union Tpke. and Grenfell St. I remember those summer evenings when the neighborhood kids would play punchball or hide and seek.  I've often wondered what happened to everyone.
Rochelle Brier

March 21, 2004
Looking for Mr. Bluestone. Wondering the where abouts of the always remembered Mr. Bluestone from Russell Sage Jr.High
Louise Langer (Cecchini)

March 16, 2004
Looking for friends from PS 99 and Kew Forest School. Looking for Tommy Simons and John Gluck, both of of 82nd Ave--Tommy was my best friend-late 1950's; also, any Kew Forest students 1960-1964 who may remember me before I moved to Manhattan...I now live in Ohio
Michael Oberlander

March 10, 2004
Looking for Joan Feldman who lived on talbot street, also does anyone know when the next kew reunion will be. I was sorry i missed the last one. I heard it was great.
Sandy Grotte Araujo

March 8, 2004
Looking for old friends, please get in touch. Helen, Ruth, Minna, etc. i would love to get in touch with you and see how you are doing.
carol stern

March 7, 2004
On March 1, someone wrote they were looking for me. Please contact site master if still looking.
Peter Simpson
[To contact Peter Simpson, click here.]

March 2, 2004
Looking for FERN KASS

March 1, 2004
Looking for Peter Simpson.

[Editor's Note:  Whoever is looking for Peter Simpson did not give me his or her name or any contact information whatsoever.]

February 29, 2004
Looking for anyone from the park
Just looking to hear from other Kew Garden Alumni's who had their live's molded by ForrestPark.  Went to PS 99,Russell Sage, Graduated RHHS in 1969.
Steve Feigelis
[To contact Steve Feigelis, click here.]

February 22, 2004
Lived in kew gardens from the mid 50-80 would love to hear from anyone from back then Graduated P.S.99 in 66?, sage 69. and forest hills high school72
melanie Rothstein Lorentz

February 20, 2004
Looking for John Conde (dated my mother - Debbie Donaghy), and/or, his relatives/friends.. I grew up in Kew Gardens; went to PS 99 (78'-81'), then to Sage, and finally to Hillcrest HS.  If anyone can help me, please, don't hesitate to write me. I greatly look forward to hearing from you!  [Editor's Note:  The rest of this post is published in the Guestbook.]
Belinda M. Donaghy
BMDonaghy@aol.com or

February 19, 2004
Looking for John Conde (dated my mother - Debbie Donaghy), and/or, his relatives/friends..  I grew up in Kew Gardens; went to PS 99 (78'-81'), then to Sage, and finally to Hillcrest HS.  If anyone can help me, please, don't hesitate to write me.  I greatly look forward to hearing from you!
Belinda M. Donaghy

February 18, 2004
Looking for whoever posted on Feb. 16th looking for me. Also anyone who went to Richmond Hill H.S in the late 70's/early 80's.
Scott Rubinoff

February 16, 2004
Looking for Scott Rubinoff.

[Editor's Note:  The foregoing poster gave no name, email address or other means for Scott Rubinoff contact him. See, Para. 2 of Terms of Use.]

February 14, 2004
Looking for any old friends who use to lift a glass as Duffy's on Lefferts across from the Homestead Deli, and at the Lefferts Cafe on Metropolitan, between 1956 & 1972
EDward "Nick" Garrett

February 8, 2004
Looking for Everyone

February 8, 2004
Looking for Chuck Fluker(Clarence
Hey Everybody, Looking for Chuck Fluker, Peter Karlin. Also... Class of 1972-73 from PS99. Hope everybody is doing well...
Josh Neretin

February 7, 2004
Looking for terry urdang
julie martinez

February 7, 2004
Friends of P.S. 99 from 1962-1969!  I'm looking for the whereabouts of a certain girl, Rukmini (last name unknown), who attended 4th grade with Mrs. Tillman (and me) in 1967, class 4-3. I'm also on the lookout for Mrs. Tillman herself.  Any infos will be gladly appreciated. Keep up the good work and greetings from Switzerland,
Peter J. Muller

February 6, 2004
Looking for anyone from 1966 graduating class PS 99, orRussell Sage 1967-1968.
amy ellenberg thurman

February 5, 2004
Looking for the group of kids that all hung out together. Shari Neretin, Betty Ellenberg, Leslie Lenoff (?), Susan Bianco, Bruce Wasser, Jordan Brown, Kari, Elise, Lisa Gussack (?). Love to hear from any of you. Hope everyone is doing well (Shari you're out there send me an email)
Louise Langer (Cecchini)

February 4, 2004
Looking for joan vallen. Joan gave her email address but when I emailed her it was returned with address unknown.  Love to hear from you Joan.
gloria djemshidoff strong

February 1, 2004
Looking for anyone from ps 99,sage or richmaond hill from 1958-1969
steve silfe

January 29, 2004
Looking for Reunion Goers from 2003. There are many of us who were not able to attend the last reunion in Kew and now want to have one in 2004. Please keep in touch with this site or the guestbook to find out info on the next reunion.
Linda Widder Wiesner

January 22, 2004
Looking for Wing Mac.
Andre Nadzieja

January 14, 2004
Looking for anyone from P.S.99 class of 1987!
Shaun Maloney

January 2, 2004
       Looking for MRS. RAUNER. When I was 9 yrs old, I moved to New York from Detroit back in 1979. I attended P.S. 99 from 1979-1980. Mrs. Rauner was my fifth-grade teacher. I just wanted to thank her for being so kind and patient with me. You see, my parents were going through a bad divorce, and it was really hard on me and my family. If it wasn't for Mrs. Rauner's help, I wouldn't have made it through the year.
       A lot of my "classmates" were really cruel and made school horrible for me. Constant teasing and being ostracized left a lasting impression of how cruel people could be.
       I moved back to Detroit in the summer of 1980. Happily, my parents reunited :-). Hopefully, you can find Mrs. Rauner for me so that I can thank her for believing in me.
Thank you,
Mrs. Erica (Williams) Sebree

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