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A horse drawn carriage at a house on 118th Street near Curzon Road in the early part of the 20th Century. Click on image to enlarge.
Links to Other Web Sites

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Kew Gardens Links

[Open]   Adath Yeshurun Web Site

[Open]   History of Dani's Pizzeria

[Open]   Kew Forest History

[Open]   "Kew Gardens", L.I.History.com

[Open]   "Kew Gardens" by Rep. Anthony Weiner [D]

[Open]   Kew Gardens - Wikipedia Article

[Open]   Kew Gardens Civic Association

[Open]   Kew Gardens Neighbors Meetup

[Open]   Kew Gardens Hiking Group

[Open]   Kew Gardens Movie Web site

[Open]   Kew Gardens Pictures by AM New York

[Open]   Kew Gardens Pictures by the Bridge &
             Tunnel Club

[Open]   Kew Gardens Pictures by Subway Nut

[Open]   Kitty Genovese - Wikipedia Article

[Open]   Maple Grove Cemetery Web Site

[Open]   Maple Grove Cemetery - Early History

[Open]   "Wildman" Steve Brill (Kew Gardens native)

Definitely Worth a Look

[Open]   Forgotten New York

[Open]   Queens Crap - Focuses on the problem of
             overdevelopment in the Borough of Queens

Richmond Hill Links

[Open]   Austin Book Shop

[Open]   Richmond Hill Community Guide

[Open]   Richmond Hill Community Message Board

[Open]   Richmond Hill Historical Society

Forest Hills Links

[Open]   Forest Hills Club Website

[Open]   Forest Hills High School Alumni Board

[Open]   Forest Hills High School Class of ' 56 and
             Friends from ' 55 - ' 59

[Open]   Forest Hills High School Classes of the
             1960's Reunion

[Open]   Queens Central Blog
             [Forest Hills, Rego Park, Kew Gardens, Briarwood]

Historical Societies In Queens

[Open]   Greater Astoria Historical Society

[Open]   Bayside Historical Society

[Open]   Douglaston/Little Neck Historical Society

[Open]   Greater Ridgewood Historical Society

[Open]   Long Island Railroad Historical Society

[Open]   Queens Historical Society

[Open]   Woodhaven Cultural & Historical Society

[Open]   Woodside, NY - Neighborhood Research

Other Queens County Links

[Open]   Lost in the Ozone - a Queens blog with an
            emphasis on Community Boards 9 and 10,
            Ozone Park, Howard Beach and Jamaica Bay,
            and New York City public school education.

[Open]   Forest Park Web Site

[Open]   Queens Borough Public Library Photos

[Open]   Queens Boulevard Web Site

[Open]   Queens New York.com

[Open]   Queenspix.com

New York City Links

[Open]   Historic Districts Council

[Open]   N.Y. Historical & Genealogical Societies

Miscellaneous Links

[Open]   Kew Village [.com], the local web site of our
             namesake in the U.K.

[Open]   Preservation Directory

[Open]   Architecture Resources