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P.S. 99 Class of 1967 Reunion (2005):
Seated at the table from left to right: Richard Gertner, James (Lori's husband), Mark King, Laurie Klipper Hochberg, Gary Dyba, Lori Olf Curran, Karin Wolf, Margaret Cella Flefleh. Standing from left to right: Louie Flefleh, Peter Gusmorino, Peter Florance, Dan Diers, Peter Hess and Richard Demers. Also attending but not in this picture was Evan Gussack. Click on image to enlarge.

[Photograph courtesy of Peter Hess]


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 2. You must give your full name.

 3. Inquiries are limited to those who have had some contact with Kew Gardens.

 4. To avoid any possible invasion of privacy, do not provide contact information for people mentioned here unless you first get their OK.

 5. Contact details about the people you are looking for will not be published here.

 6. Inquiries will not appear immediately because I review each one before posting to eliminate spam, adult content, or pranks.

Where are They? (2009 - 10)

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June 2, 2010
My name is Lauri Lilien (used to be Laura Lilien.) I lived on 82nd Avenue. I am still living in New York and working in Publishing. I would love to get in touch with my former best friend, Melinda (Missy) Heiman Hart who I lost touch with when we went to college. She went to SUNY Albany and got married and lived in Slingerlands, NY. If anyone knows how I can reach her, please email me at: Lauri@bdlev.com. Thanks!
Lauri Lilien
P.S. 99 Alum (1965-1971)
[To contact Lauri Lilien, click here]

February 15, 2010
I lived in on Metropolitan Avenue during the 1940s and graduated from P.S. 99 in January, 1949. My "maiden" name was Anne Holland. I now live in Eugene, OR. It would be fun to hear from any of you, my classmates, and also from Janet Prendergast ('June '49). I visited P.S. 99 not too long ago and found it still to be a very lively place. I thought that for our 65th anniversary in 2014, we might do something nice, i.e. useful, for the school and maybe even organize a reunion. Any ideas??
Anne (Holland) Hohenemser

December 28, 2009
I would like to know if anyone knew my mother...Fay Elizabeth Rodehaver...may have graduated FHHS 1948-1950? I would appreciate any information my email address can be posted
Thank you so much
Dawn Homick Smyth

October 3, 2009
I'm Marilyn Kreitman Richter .... Sheila's younger sis, by approximately 8 years ... I would love to contact both Sheila's & my friends. We lived on Kew Gardens Rd. Our Dad Sol, owned the Austin Chemist Pharmacy, on the corner of Austin St. & Lefferts Blvd., until our Mom died in 3/1957, when I was in Mrs. DeAzoff's 6th grade class. We moved to LI ... I am currently living in Forest Hills, near the old tennis stadium.
[To contact Marilyn Kreitman Richter, click here]
     The picture above is of Marilyn today...no work done...lol!

June 15, 2009
Click on thumbnail to enlarge.
My name is Shirley June Chen. From 1960-1973 I lived at 124-18 Queens Blvd ,Kew Gardens. I don't mind my e-mail address being posted. In 1972 we moved to forest hills and i lost my father to cancer. We then moved to california. I came back to soho in 1977 and graduated washington Irving H.S. in 1978. I then went into the U.S. Army in 1979. Four children and a lifetime later it seems so long ago. Queens has totally changed. My oldest daughter and my sister live in the rockland county area. I was totally devestated with 911 happening. Now I am happy I live in Maine, however i miss the food and culture. Please post my e-mail address so my old friends can chat with me. I will try to figure out how to post pictures on this site. fantasyeyes_1@yahoo.com. My father Jimmy chen was the master chef at the pub resteraunt and the stratton in forest hills hence the move. Thank you for making this site possible!
I Remain,
Shirley J. Chen.

June 9, 2009
I went to PS 99 from 1952-1958. I had a few really good friends that I lost touch with and would love to know where they are now: Marjorie Gibson, Karen Stephenson, Helen Bainbridge. Would love to hear from them.
Judi Anderson

June 9, 2009
I am trying to locate Lynn Meshulam- She used to live in the Towers down the Hill from PS99
1.) I believe that she graduated Richmond Hill High School in 1966-1967
2.) My name is Mel Leffler and I lived in Kew in the Arizona Apartments from 1955-1971 and I graduated PS 99 in 1959, Russell Sage JHS in 1962 and Richmond Hill HS in 1965
[To contact Mel Leffler, click here]

April 20, 2009
I'm responding to Joyce Ein Dilman's request for Sandra Franklin. She is my ex-sister-in-law and is married and living in NYC near NYU. If you can't find her, let me know.
Marion Anschel Franklin
Email: marion at lifecoachinggroup dot com

March 24, 2009
I lived in Kew Gardens from 1954-1963. We lived on Abingdon Road and I went to PS99 for one year 1954-1955 and then Russell Sage JHS and Forest Hills HS. I am looking for old friends who went to school with me. One is Lillian Brill and she lived on 83 Ave and Lefferts Blvd andthe other is Miriam Baruch who lived off Kew Gardens Rd close to the subway station.
Meriam Haringman nee Goitein
[To contact Meriam Haringman nee Goitein, click here]

March 17, 2009
I am looking for Geraldine Schulman who lived at 118-41 Metropolitan Avenue . . I believe her married name might be Geri Librizzi . . . I lived across the way from her and we were best friends . . . 1945 to 1950 when I moved away . . . my name then was Linda Zbar . . . .
Linda Roberts
[To contact Linda Zbar Roberts, click here]

February 15, 2009
     My name is Linda Zbar and I lived at 118-41 Metropolitan Avenue with my brother Bert Zbar, and my parents Nat and Selma Zbar. We lived there from, 1938 until 1950. We lived on the third floor. I would love to locate Geraldine (do not know last name), whose kitchen window faced ours. As little girls, we used to have conversations from my window to hers. I believe her parents names were Grace and Jerry (but not sure).
     I would also like to locate Jack and Eddie Wertheimer who lived at 118-35 Metropolitan Avenue. I went to PS 99 until the 4th grade in 1950.
     My father had a laundry store at 69-03 69th Avenue called Stafford Hudson Laundry.
     Anyone remember me or my family?
[To contact Linda Zbar, click here]

February 9, 2009
     Hi, my name is Poya Dan Dilmanian and i am trying to find some old friends from PS 99.
     Their names are Andrew and Greer and they are in the class pictures of 1985 on your website.
     Andrew is sitting on the bottom left corner in the red, blue and white sweater.
     And Greer is sitting to my left on the bottom right corner, he is wearing a blue and white shirt and i am wearing the brown shirt with stripes.
     I would appreciate any help you can offer.
     Andrew's last name is Doherty, but i am not sure of the spelling.
Thank you in advance.
Dan [To contact Dan, click here]

February 5, 2009
I was just catching up on the "neighborhood" news..Lizzy Naar, Amy Rabinowtiz and Vivian Anschell....great picture! Amy, I would STILL be able to recognize you. We all graduated PS 99 together (and what year was that???) and I'd love to hear from some of the gang. Thanks!
Lydia Hollander
[To contact Lydia Hollander, click here]

January 27, 2009
Ok James Ingham Jr. or relatives. Used to live on talbot st in condos.
My name is Rob
[To contact Rob, click here]

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~The Editor.

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