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Reunion - April 3, 2004:
Seated left to right: Jane (Stepner) Barovick, Linda Gottlieb, Amy (Fenner) Prochaska and Ellen (Strauss) Mayer. Click on image to enlarge.

[Photograph courtesy of Linda Gottlieb]


 1. When you identify or describe the person you are looking for, be discreet and do not disclose anything too personal or private.

 2. You must give your full name.

 3. Inquiries are limited to those who have had some contact with Kew Gardens.

 4. To avoid any possible invasion of privacy, do not provide contact information for people mentioned here unless you first get their OK.

 5. Contact details about the people you are looking for will not be published here.

 6. Inquiries will not appear immediately because I review each one before posting to eliminate spam, adult content, or pranks.

Where are They? (2005)

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[Editor's Note:  If you are uncomfortable posting anything here. Send me an email telling me who you are looking for and I will let you know if I have contact information for them. You must make it clear in the email that yours is a private inquiry that is not to be published.]

December 27, 2005
    Iím Kathleen McGrath looking for old classmates from PS 99 Year beginning 1965
    In addition anyone who my father Francis Ellis McGrath Lived in KG from 1960-1974
    I can be reached @ mominjax@hotmail.com

November 13, 2005
I lived on Metropolitan Avenue at the corner of Brevoort Street. I went to PS 99, Russell Sage and Richmond Hill HS. I'd love to be able to locate some good friends for many years in each of those schools. I remember our graduation day from high school, sitting at Jahn's for ice cream. We talked about meeting in 5 years, but then decided we didn't need to make a formal plan. Our thought was that, of course, we would still be friendly. I haven't seen them since. Their names were Susan Marx, Ruth Brand and Nancy Carlin. If you have any info. on them, I'd love to have it.
Thanks very much.
Barbara Mehr Stelzer
[To contact Barbara Mehr Stelzer click here.]

November 10, 2005
I would very much like to get in touch with Judy Picker who is in your photographs from PS 99. I attended the University of Michigan School of Music with Judy 1976-78. The last I heard from her (early 1980's when I was working as a musician in Mexico) she had moved to Israel and was performing as a professional violinist there.
Michelle Pauly
[To contact Michelle Pauly click here.]

October 26, 2005
I am looking for Linda and her brother, Benjamin Goldenburg. Linda went to PS 90 with me during the first grade and a few grades after. She lived on 116th Street in an apartment building (between Metropolitan Avenue and Curzon Road). I knew her when I was 6 and 7 years old. She would be 47 years old today. I lived in Kew Gardens from 1965 through 1988 and my parents still reside on Park Lane South (between 112th and 115th Streets). If anyone knows where Linda Goldenburg is or can get in touch with her brother Benjamin, it would be great.
Arlene Mielczarski (formerly Arlene Young)

October 17, 2005
Lived in Kew Gardens from 1939 until college...looking for the whereabouts of any classmates from RHHS class of 1956 who were in Mr. Estrin's "cultural backgrounds" classes. Contact Marcia Balaban Klafter
[To contact Marcia Balaban Klafter click here.]

September 26, 2005
Looking for my former classmates Carol Hess and Lynn Nassauer. Both lived on Park Lane South. Carol lived at Kent Manor/Hampton Court. We attended Holy Child Jesus School in Richmond Hill and graduated in 1966.
Kathryn Zabrocki Strode
Lived in KG 1955 - 1966
[To contact Kathryn Zabrocki Strode click here.]

September 19, 2005
I am looking for Milton Wertheimer, who I found in the class picture from PS 99. He lived in Kew Gardens, and attended Queens College. My name is Loni Lichtman, and my mothers name is Judy Hart. She knew Milton through Steven and Linda Vidair, who were from Flushing. (My mother is also from Flushing). Please email both me and my mother back. Thank you for any information you can provide us!
Loni Lichtman
[To contact Loni Lichtman, and Judy Hart click here.]

September 17, 2005
    I heard about this site from my close friend Sharon Wolff who told me about RHHS reunion Oct 8. I lived in Kew Gardens from 1958-1968, Went to PS99 (class of 59) Russel Sage, and Richmond Hill (class of'65) I was very good friends with Jane Ray (Petrosseli) who sadly passed away in Nov. 2002.
    I remember the park, especially evenings maybe around '63-64. The Spindels, Eddie Christen, Steve Schneebaum (or is it Scneeweiss).
    Looking for Ansie Silverman who was in PS 99 (1959) Russel Sage and Richmond Hill High School (graduated 1965). Would also love to hear from or get any news about Steve Scheeweiss and Adrienne Levine of kew Gardens. I live in D.C. and may come to the reunion if Joyce Mankarsh and Sharon Wolff go.
    Thank you for this great site.
Ronnie(Ronit) Arnsdorf-Atlan
[To contact Ronnie(Ronit) Arnsdorf-Atlan click here.]

September 6, 2005
Paul [Waldeck] is looking for Gay Littlefield and I was engaged to her in 1955-56 and it fixzzled when I went to Europe for three years, I too would like to send her my email address if he makes contact
Lew Vail (aka Schenna) she knew me by both last names

September 6, 2005
i am looking for anyone who attended the Queens School 1969-1972 and had muriel turner for a teacher. many of us did not live in Kew Gardens, i was bused in from Elmhurst. if anyone knows anyone who went there, please tell them about this site!
lisa brocco

September 5, 2004
Looking for Miriam Wanderer.
Marion Schild
[To contact Marion Schild click here.]

August 31, 2005
Looking for Peter Keibel.
He is my relative, Im Suzanne Keibel and he might be a relative of my grandfather.
I live in Mexico righ know but after the 2 world war all my family left kew gardens
Suzanne Keibel [To contact Suzanne Keibel click here.]

August 24, 2005
Name of person sought: Marjorie Lasher
    She was living in the Arden Terrace in the '50s, with her father, who I think was a parole officer(?) and around that time I think her mother died prematurely. Marjorie was an only child I think. We had a couple of dates when I was in my first year at Queens College in 1954 (now CUNY). I thought she was such a lovely person, but for some reason I cannot remember why we never got to know each other very well or why we stopped seeing each other after the first couple of dates. She went to Richmond Hill HS like me and probably was in the grad. year of '55. I graduated in '54.
    As absurd as it sounds now, it is my recollection that she was the perfect "girl next door" that any young man would want to marry; gentle, kind, softspoken, intelligent, and very pretty. So how did I let her slip away like that? Obviously I was too young to be thinking seriously about marriage in my first year of college......And yet....... My name is Matthew Speier-- I posted a letter on this site Nov. 25, 2003
    I lived in KG from 1943 to 1958; my parents lived there many years, my father until his death in 1993 and my mother--who was the local piano teacher on the block--until 1998 when she was moved to a care facility.
Matthew Speier
[To contact Matthew Speier click here.]

August 23, 2005
    Looking for Edwin Miller, David Vigil, Bobby Vigil, Tony Vigil, Wing Mac, The KG gang !
    Lived KG: From: May 24, 1964 to 1987 84-02 Berevly Road I remember when KG Car Service moved into the neighborhood, I was there when they where building the new school yard for PS99. When 7-11 came to town. before that it was Harry's Grocery, 5 & 10 on Leffert's Boulervard and the famous Movie Theater, we all tried to seek in all the time. KG days where the best, how fast everything goes by. & don't forget the Black out & The Son Of Sam. I remember playing on Leffert's & Beverly Rd. walking up to the Park. Playing handball all summer long!!!!! Danny's Pizza Shop, man those where the day's.
    Looking for Robin, don't know her last name, Donna, Ricky Lippman, Scott Cendrowski Tom Frankcola I know I spelled that last name wrong. George Phinney last time I saw George he was getting ready to go in the Navy. High Tara, hey Wendy whats up the team is back Remember hanging out at Dannys Coffee shop we use to call it the greasy spoon. hope thatís ok to write.. looking for Flip, Flip where are you, stay away from the E & F train!! you know what I mean!!!!! Feldman !!! Zacharakis where r u !!!!!!!!! Matthew Dowling lived by the subway miss that guy.... Man that was a rough crew Lets go to the Park play a few games of handball second Saturday of September will try to get out and visit Kew Gardens, First stop is the Homestead can't wait, my Mom worked there for a bit back in 70's love that food!!!!! Oh don't for get Tommy Nolan, Craig & Kelly Wing Mac where the hell are you Wing Mac, Wing Mac, lived on Metropolitan ave. and 124st. Somebody got to know please help!!!!!
My Name: Andre Nadzieja
My Email Address is: devault56@yahoo.com

August 18, 2005
1. Looking for: Santa Visconti (later AKA Sandra)
2. Descriptive information: Graduated PS99 June, 1939.
3. Inquirer's name: Donald Rosene
4. Dates in Kew Gardens: 1930s, 1940s, part of 1950s.
[To contact Donald Rosene click here.]

August 12, 2005
Looking for:
Richard Brodie. We were in the last 8th grade graduating class from PS99, and we were in FHHS together. He is in the 8th grade graduation picture taken in 1954. (Richard is in the last row, fifth from the left) The last time I saw him, he said that he was teaching math at Richmond Hill HS. I am Ron Carp and I lived in Kew gardens from 1943 until 1964. My e-mail address is roncarp@prodigy.net.

July 10, 2005
Hi, I am trying to locate Joanna Rosenthal AKA JoJo. I was a friend of her cousin Ann Rosenthal who lived near Russel Sage JH. and played the violin. My name is Nina Simon; I can be reached thru shbt@earthlink.net

July 10, 2005
I'm french I use to leave in a house on Abingdon road and I was in P.S.99 my sister's name is Sybil . I left N.Y in 1977 to come back to France and I would be very happy to have news from students who remember us.
sabine soandjoglou
[To read more from Sabine Soandjoglou click here.]
[To contact Sabine Soandjoglou click here.]

April 19, 2005
FOR ABDULLAH {who posted here 02/19/05]:
[Unsigned][No. 002]
[To contact this writer click here.]

April 15, 2005
Hi, I graduated '99 in 1951, I would love to hear from Athena Kiapekos (married name Manolopolous) and Sheila Kreitman.
REnee Schneir Levine
[To contact Renee Schneir Levine click here.]

March 31, 2005
Looking for FHHS Class of '55
If you're interested in attending the FHHS '55 50th Reunion on June 24th and 25th in Queens, Contact Bernie Spirgel at: bdsfhhs55@comcast.net
Bernie Spirgel

March 28, 2005
Looking for Claudia Stoltman (the poet), Mickey Siegel and the impossible to find Roger Lewin Claudia, you came to my 5th grade Halloween party as a waif. You had recently moved to Kew Gardens and told me you were a poetess. I was a guitarist and budding writer. The following year in the summer of 69 I attended Woodstock with my wacky parents. Then we moved to Siberia (Dix Hills, Long Island). Never heard from you again. Mickey I had known since I was 5 before moving to Kew Gardens as our parents (well both sets did divorce in the heady 60's, early post Beatles years) were really good friends. I saw you a few times believe it or not in high school Yeah babe, we went to the same vacuous school on LI, Half Hollow Hills. Then you disappeared to colorado or somewhere out west and I to Japan. And lastly, the illusive Roger Lewin. Duh? Where are you my friend from 3rd grade - whom I could "talk to". Love to hear from you all Elise Krentzel blows kisses from Amsterdam
Elise Krentzel

March 12, 2004
Looking for Ellen Herzog
ELLEN, WHERE ARE YOU? DOES ANYONE KNOW? Graduated RSage, and I went to Beverly Hills High, I assume she went to FHHS and graduated in 1964...
I'd Love to find her.
Guitta Karubian

March 9, 2005
Looking for old friends
bruce wasser

March 1, 2005
Looking for Steven Weinbaum.
Can someone please give me the email address for STEPHEN WEINBAUM, older brother of Larry from 118th Street
Howard Scheiman

February 19, 2005
Looking for Sung Ho Kang. I got admission in 1986 and graduated in 1992. I want to see the pictures of the class of 1991 Magazine.The guy I am looking for was in my class since I got admission till graduation
Umais Abdullah Siddiqui

February 17, 2005
Looking for Billy Fields. The Billy Fields I'm looking for recorded the song Sincerely on the MGM label sometime in the 50's.
Billy Cook

February 13, 2005
Would like to hear from Gay Littlefield. When last contacted she was living in Dallas (back in the 60's). She lived in the Kew Brevoort apartments and graduated from PS 99 in 1949.
Paul A. Waldeck
[To contact Paul A. Waldeck click here.]

February 4, 2005
Looking for Billie Grimmel
I'm looking Billie Grimmel who I know moved to Washington State but I have no address for him. If anyone know's his address please contact me. I'm also looking for Larry Berkewitt. We all hung out togeather in the 60's in KG.
Jan Joroff

January 26, 2005
Looking for Me.
I was born feb of 51 attended ps99 until we moved to the other side of metropolitan ave.My son Jason now teaches 5th grade there.
Lenny C Kotke

January 19, 2005
Looking for addison bennett
[To contact Curtis Dolderer click here.]

January 12, 2005
Looking for some old friends from ps99 and FHHS 1951-1953
Ronnie Topal
Email: braces-USA
Lived in Kew Gardens: 1944 - 1958
Graduated P.S. 99: 1951

January 1, 2005
Looking for:
    1]  Tommy Fisher (parents ran typewriter store corner of Lefferts & Austin, and
    2]  Tommy Franklin parents ran pharmacy corner of Austin and LI RR parking lot. Both attended PS 99 with me from 1948 to 1955.
Marianne Lods
[To contact Marianne Lods click here.]

January 1, 2005
I'm trying to find any information I can about a Loretta Markey, widow of Albert Markey who apperently lived in Kew Gardens and died in July of 1982, according to the social security information available on line. She was my mother's cousin, and they had lost touch. She had a brother Conrad, who lived in NY, but who knows where. We're wondering if she had any children or if anyone might have known her. Her maiden name was Lassond, or Lassonde. Any assistance would be really appreciated.
Dick Miale

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