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Pictures dated 1964 and 2007
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Kew Gardens Road
The view is from Kew Gardens Road looking past 126th Street toward Metropolitan Avenue in Jamaica. (1964 photograph courtesy of Peter Schiftan.)

If you have pictures of yourself showing any Kew Gardens locale in the background, email me high resolution jpegs and I will post them here as space permits.

To download a copy of the Queens Courier's Sept. 2003 article about Old Kew Gardens.com, click on one of the following links. Turn off your browser's auto-resize if the JPEG text appears too small to read.

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September 2007 Guest Book

September 29, 2007
Click on thumbnail to view enlargement.
    Do you think anyone remembers these two guys?
    Pictured on the left is Danny Lehrman with me on the right.
    This picture was taken at Dani`s House of Pizza in Kew Gardens on September 26th 2007.
    Danny and I reunited after 45 years thanks to Joe DeMay and his K.G. site.
    Andre was working at Dani`s when I was a teenager and is still there today.
    The hat that I am wearing was sent to me by Dr.Footsie (Marty "Harpo " Marks a former K.G. resident] who will be leaving for his road trip from L.A. to Minneapolis,Minn.this month. He will be attending The National Conference on Tobacco or Health to promote his anti smoking programs.
    Danny and I will be attending Andy London`s reunion on October 28th and will look forward to reuniting with many of our old friends from Kew Gardens.
Roger Sabo
[To contact Roger Sabo, click here]

September 29, 2007
WOW!!!! Just stumbled on your site. I grew up in Kew Gardens, on 124 st, a block away from Bernie's. I have a 14 year old son, and have tried explaining Bernie's to him, but Bernie's had to be experienced, and cannot be accurately described. Bernie and Claire were like extended family, and I was thrilled to see his picture posted on the site. You could get ANY and EVERY thing at Bernie's.
Eileen Fennell
[To contact Eileen Fennell, click here]

James Fleming, Jr.
September 24, 2007
Editor's note:  Newsday reports the death of James Fleming, Jr., who grew up in Kew Gardens and attended Forest Hills High School.

Click here to read the story.

September 22, 2007
Click on thumbnail to view enlargement.
Hi Joe,
I wonder if anyone remembers Dominick Purpura ? This picture of him was taken in my parents living room on Mowbray drive in 1960.
Roger Sabo
[To contact Roger Sabo, click here]

September 18, 2007
    Although I didn't grow up in Kew Gardens, my grandparents lived there for well over thirty years. I remember fondly going to visit Nanny and Grandpa, as Nanny would always be in the kitchen cooking up a feast and after we stuffed ourselves until we had to put our stomachs on wheelbarrows to move, she'd say how she "couldn't cook anymore." But the highlight of my visits were always waiting for Grandpa to come home from driving his taxi cab, because that meant a trip to Bernie Land (or, as we simply called it, Bernie's). I can still remember the excitement as I'd man the front window around 4:30, waiting for Grandpa to pull up in his yellow hack (which he purchased the day I was born). After he'd shower, we'd walk to Bernie's where he and his wife would always have a smile and a warm welcome for us. I can still remember the smell...
    To Bernie's amazement, I always bypassed the candy and went right to the magazines, where the old, glorious four-color comic books would reside. I can still remember Grandpa lifting me up onto the stacks of newspapers to make my selection of two books (one of which was always a Batman comic). Grandpa would always shoot the breeze with Bernie and Claire while I sat on a stool at the counter and read about Batman's latest exploits. As has been recounted on here, if Grandpa needed anything, he could give the vaguest description to Bernie and he'd always come back with exactly what you wanted.
    I remember how sad I was when one day, in 1983, Grandpa told me Bernie retired and sold the shop. We went back when the new owners took over, but it was never the same.
    Those visits began when I was four. I learned to read from those books and, in fact, it was what inspired me to pursue a career in writing. I'm 35 now, and I still go to the comic book store every Wednesday to pick up the new books. But I still remember with great fondness how I'd take my Grandpa's hand and walk to that shop. Those visits really shaped who I am today. When my wife and I had our first apartment, we lived on 83rd Street and Metropolitan. When we'd go visit my grandparents down the street, we'd pass by where Bernie's used to be and I'd always smile.
    Those visits remind me of simpler times. My grandparents moved from Kew Gardens about five years ago; Nanny died last year. Grandpa, God bless him, is about to celebrate his 85th birthday. We still talk about Bernie's whenever we see each other. And Grandpa always ends the conversation the same exact way--"They don't make 'em like him anymore."
    They sure don't.
Ron Motta
Long Island, NY
[To contact Ron Motta, click here]

September 18, 2007
Dear Joe,
    I loved the web site about dear old Kew Gardens. I would visit my buddy there, Marty Stevens, almost every week, in the era of 64 to 68. I preferred seeing the lovely Tudor buildings there, over the sterile homes of my block in Fresh Meadows.
    You have done yeoman service in preserving history and , perhaps more importantly, evoking the sepia coloured nostalgia of our youth. Thanks for all your effort.
Jon Haber,
Jamaica HS '62

October 2007 Reunion
September 16, 2007
    The October 28th Kew Gardens Reunion at Austin's Ale House will be here before you know it.
    The reunion will be from noon to 4:00 PM
    People aged 53 to 65 are planning to attend.
    For $43.00 there will be a buffet lunch including some beverages, coffee and tea, and dessert.
If you are interested, please contact me. A list of who is planning to attend will be provided upon request.
    I organized a KG reunion at the same restaurant in 2003.
    It was a huge success with some people seeing each other for the first time in many years.
Andy London
email andybarb@aol.com

September 15, 2007
Click on thumbnail to view enlargement.
Hi Joe,
I was speaking to Danny Lehrman this week and I was amazed at his ability to remember dates and places. I wonder if he remembers where this 47 year old picture was taken ? Pictured left to right are Bruce Mallory, Peter Lissman, Danny Lehrman and Roger Sabo. If anyone knows where Bruce and Peter are please contact Roger Sabo.
Roger Sabo
[To contact Roger Sabo, click here]

"Last Stop Kew Gardens" for sale on DVD
Editor's Note:  Robert Lieberman's film, "Last Stop Kew Gardens," is now being offered for sale on DVD.
Click here for more information or to buy

Two Weekly Features Posted a Day Early
September 11, 2007
Editor's Note:  Because I expect to be out of touch all day tomorrow, I am posting the weekly features a day early. (This week there are two of them.) They will remain online until September 19th. Last week's feature will remain online through tomorrow.

September 11, 2007
    In a letter written by Harry Feldman this month, he indicates that his father Sam and his uncle Izzy (a/k/a) Bernie Borenstein were the originators of what was to become the Rockaway Boulevard route of Green Bus Lines back in 1928., and that the line operated from a garage at Rockaway Boulevard and Farmers Boulevard.
    Before I get into the actual facts from the archives of the company, let me explain just how Green Line evolved;
    Before its incorporation in 1925, virtually all of the bus routes in south western Queens were operated by individuals and the maintenance and storage of their equipment was usually done by local garages on their routes.
    It was in 1925 that the incorporated Green Bus Lines began to buy up all of these individual companies and most of their operators became stockholder/drivers for the new company.
    The widespread maintenance of the buses continued until 1939 when Green Line opened its first official garage and office in Cornell Park (150th. Street Just south of the Belt Parkway and now part of JFK Airpoort).
    There were a number of ‘permit holders’ on the Rockaway Boulevard route including the Ruoff brothers and Issac Borenstein and Leo Latman , who later formed B & L Transportation Company and whose garage was on Rockaway Boulevard just west of Farmers Boulevard where Green Bus Lines has its main garage now. By 1926, when B & L was the only operator on the route, the company had 12 buses.
    As early as 1928, B & L was succeeded by S & F Transportation Company, although Borenstein and Latman continued to run it. S & F was owned by Samuel Friedman and John Succa (who eventually became a partner in Green Line and went on to be president of Triboro Coach Corporation). Leo Latman also went on to hold a number of positions with Green for some years to follow.
    It is obvious that the Borenstein mentioned probably is the Izzy Borenstein Mr. Feldman eludes to but I find no mention of a Sam Feldman. However, it is possible that the name Friedman above could be mistaken for Feldman in the record.
    In any event it’s good to know that there are still people around that lived through the very early years of Green Bus Lines, and I thank Mr. Feldman for his input.
A. Linsky
[To contact Al Linsky, click here]

Revised History
September 11, 2007
    My name is HARRY FELDMAN..residing in Margate Florida., My father SAM and uncle Izzy Borenstein (known as Bernie) were the originators of the Rockaway Blvd Green Bus Lne Route..(Crossbay Blvd to Farmer Blvd, in South Jamaica.)Running busses from 1923 ( my birth year) until the death of Bernie in 1948...From its inseption in the mid twenties as a corperation, until the city took over..the busline has been a good part of my past life. Since the age of 4 ,until I enlisted in The U.S.Navy in 1942 I lived on Rockaway Blvd..at 142 St. Then 151 St, (where I watched the belt parkaway being constucted over the old Sunrise Highway and the overpass at Rockaway Blvd..My most formative years..(from 7 until 15). I lived over the large garage that was the "end of the line" for that route. Growing up with drivers and mechanics who always milled around.was an experience I will never forget. Every night from my bed I could hear the change from the drivers collection bag and time sheets being counted and entered in the books kept by my aunt Sadiie. The gararge was on Rockaway Blvd where Farmers Blvd ended. Today The Green Bus Line has a very large insalation directly from my old haunts. All these happinings accured before the corpation took over the operation When that happened my father and uncle opened a large truck and bus jubk yard..next door to the gararge...The property was aquired by the city to build J.F.K....using eminent domain. During that ttime they ran sightseeing busses to chinatown,,and other spots in Manhattan.
    My famiily stills has interests i n the new GTJ REIT Inc. which was formed in 2006 to keep the original bus line stocks..alive and prospering...I have a welth of information.....I am A DVD and Video producer\ by profession,and still workin....check attachment.....
Harry Feldman
[To contact Harry Feldman, click here]

September 7, 2007
Click on thumbnails to view enlargements.

Hi Joe,
    I wonder if anyone remembers the Shapiro house on Lefferts Boulevard ?
    The first picture shows the Shapiro house as I viewed it as a child when playing in my backyard on Mowbray Drive.
    The residents of the home were Mr.and Mrs.Shapiro and their three children. Mr. Shapiro`s son and I seemed to be competing to see who could retrive my baseball any time it went over the fence and into his yard. He was about 50 years old somehow felt that he could keep anything that went into his yard. This led to many scary moments as I would jump the fence and get the ball before he could catch me. Fortunately he never did catch me.
    The elder Mr.Shapiro passed away first to be followed by his wife, then their son and one of their daughters. This left the youngest daughter all alone.
    I had moved many years before and had not thought of the Shapiro`s for years when I read a newspaper article about the death of the last child. Sometime around 1978 the remaining daughter went into the garage, closed the door, started the car and went to sleep.When the police entered the house they found $800,000.00 in cash.
    In 1978 two Psycotherapists bought the house and did a total restoration which took 4 years.They sold the house in 1982 and went on to do an 18 year restoration of an Estate in Westchester. Upon completion of the restotation they retired and are currently traveling the globe.
    The second picture shows the front of the house as it appears today.
    Every Wednesday the K.G.site features old and current pictures of a once most beautiful neighborhood. I am amazed at the rate of demolition that has taked place in K.G. and the choice of replacement homes. If only those two guys could come back and restore K.G.before it`s too late.
Roger Sabo
[To contact Roger Sabo, click here]

September 6, 2007
Hi Joe!
    Thanks for the EXCELLENT 118th Street Slide Show you added yesterday. I lived in Eton Hall (118th Street and Metropolitan Avenue) from 1954 through 1976 (when I moved to the Washington, DC area). My parents continued to live there through the early 1990s. The scenes brought back such good memories. It's amazing how the apartment buildings remain mostly unchanged after all these years, but how much change is evident in many of the private homes.
    Please keep up the remarkable work on this stellar website.
Rob Freundlich
Lived in Kew Gardens from 1954-1976
[To contact Rob Freundlich, click here]

September 6, 2007
    Andy London needs your help to find some people. He is looking for Rochelle Rosenstein Moskowitz, Stan Turetsky, Steve Haken and Mike Pascal. He does not have the emails for these persons and he wants to let them know about the reunion on October 28th at the Austin Ale House.
    If anyone else out there is interested, there is a buffet lunch for $43.00 including food, some drinks,tax and gratuities. >From noon to 4PM.
    Please email the guestbook and Joe will pass along your interest to Andy. Thanks,
Linda Widder Wiesner
[To contact Linda Widder Wiesner, click here]

September 5, 2007
I lived in Richmond Hill and attended RHHS, graduating in 1968. We're planning a 40th reunion on August 9, 2008 at the Douglaston Manor. Please visit our web site:
since we're trying to reach as many classmates as possible. John Hakimi recommended this site and I remember Kew Gardens as a beautiful area. Thank you and you may publish my email.
Edna Neuburger-Calastro

Dr. Footsie (Part 8)
September 3, 2007
Click on thumbnail to view enlargement.
Hi Joe:
I want to thank my friend Sabo for informing me that when I posted messages that they were ANECDOTAL, I always thought they were ANTIDOTAL. English was never my strong suit - but Spades, Hearts. Diamonds and Clubs - playing Poker and Acey Deucey on the park tables into the night was an expensive experience.
    Does anyone remember the Rumpus Room? - No not the TV program but the Club on 83rd Avenue near Danni's Pizza. Long Shot, Shot in the Dark, NO a Shot Glass - like finding the missing sock in the dryer 10 years after the fact and couldn't use it because the mate had already a hole in it. This is a photo of the measured one ounce shot glass that I came across. Lenny Schneir saves match books - but who saves Shot Glasses?
    Happy Labor Day - and again thanks to JOE for the Labor of Love for this great website.
    To Andy thanks for the LONDON Bridges of bringing old friends together to reminisce of the great times growing up in KG. Like the last reunion, I was unable to attend, and this year I will be on a road trip to Minneapolis. Reunion East, Linda with the idea of Reunion in Florida, I would like to propose Reunion West - for the many transplanted Kew Gardeners living in California and the surrounding states, and before California becomes an Island and we'll have to deal with the green cards. I can provide a venue for about 200 people - any more - looks like Dodger Stadium. Anyone interested email me. Joe you can be the MC, Doo Wop Jack Carlson can bring back the Roomate Sound and Roger Sabo can get on the Keyboard,and for a change of pace Roger can do a Power Point Presentation of about 6 hours of all his photos of the Last Supper and the parting of the Red Sea - (No not the parting of his hair - that would take too long).
    In one of the latest postings to the website - someone had referred to a nice place to eat (the Kew Cozy), to me, a Most MEMORABLE place to eat was in Richmond Hill - called The Brig - it got its name from the Head Waiter, Chief Cook and Bottle (Thistle Tube) Washer - Mr Clegg - retired water-logged, ex navy disciplinarian and Chemistry Teacher Richmond Hill High School. - The Brig was a place where you were sent for having done activities not meeting school policies in the cafeteria (ie: putting the tip of your straws into the cherry pie, tearing off the other end and blowing the wrapping towards the ceiling, creating a New Years Eve Streamers effect). lst Offense was usually 3-5 days. The next school day, you were to go to the assigned class room, bring your lunch from home, and NO liquid refreshment. Hence the term DRY LUNCH - RHHS was the only school in the city, maybe even the state, that had this policy which was ILLEGAL - you had to have a liquid with your meal. Now imagine your Mom decided to make you a sandwich using Matzoh - tell me that was easy to swallow without water. After you finished your meal you were to sit quietly, open a book and study. Now for someone who it was hard, almost impossible to sit quietly for any length of time - or I opened up the sports page or was talking - the voice from the Admiral -" MARKS take 2 more days detention", I knew I was never getting out of the Brig. I don't know if they ever had a Guiness Book of Records for Detention but one year I had Zero Period Detention, Ninth Period Detention - ( a school day had periods 1-8) and all but 4 days spent in Dry Lunch. Now I learned a great deal from Mr. Clegg in Chemistry and did well on the State Regents, but I swore that I did'nt want to ever see him again. Now 50 years later, talking about Long Shots - I had a better chance pulling a Deuce between the Ace and a Three with three Deuces having been used than meeting another Clegg. - well - I met this young gentlemen (president of Clegg Industries - big advertising, promotional company) - you guessed it - the Grandson.
Take Care my friends
Marty (HARPO) Marks
toemail: drfootsie@drfootsie.org

September 2, 2007
Mr. Man,
    Unless Joe DeMay Jr. (our esteemed Webmaster at Old Kew Gardens) has been in a coma (and I'm certain that he hasn't) he has already asked you for any old photographs of the village that you would like to lend to him for our viewing and enjoyment.
    I am former Kew Gardens (1938 to 1963) and, along with many others, have contributed both memories and pictures of the wonderful years we spent there.
    Your photos, some of which I am sure have been passed down to you, must contain a 'treasure trove' of sights going back to your great grandfather's time which would fill in so many of the blanks for us.
    I know I speak for all involved when I say; by all means please feel free to share what you have with us.
    Please also accept my sympathies for your recent loss.
A. Linsky
[To contact Al Linsky, click here]

September 1, 2007
Hi Joe:
Just to let you know that we will be having a Fall Music Show on Sunday, Sep. 30th, from 1 to 5:30 P.M. at the Kew Gardens Cinemas Park, next to the Kew Gardens Post Office on Austin St.
[To contact Aaron Adler, click here]

September 1, 2007
Click on thumbnail to view enlargement.
Hi Joe,
I`ll bet Tom R remembers the car in this picture. In 1981 he was with me in the 1950 Desoto when I flipped it returning from the Rockaways. Also on board and lucky to be alive were Don D, Andy R, Carol C, Millie Z, Georgette and her friend. Yes that equals 8 - 3 in the front and 5 in the back. This was a very strong car but it did not have seat belts. It`s amazing that no one was seriously injured. I know that Andy,Tom and Millie are doing well but I don`t know what happened to Carol C and Don D. If anyone knows let me know by contacting the KG site.
Roger Sabo
[To contact Roger Sabo, click here]

September 1, 2007
    Hey Kew Gardeners, cool site! Wow, my mom just sold the house in Kew Gardens on 127th street between Jamaica Ave. and Kew Gardens Road. It's crazy reading the website, there are at least two guys I grew up with (that I saw) that posted here and it brings back a lot of memories...I haven't seen them in years.
    I was born in LIJ and my parents lived in a small Cambria Heights apartment back in 1973. My uncle owned what would become my home in Kew Gardens. I remember seeing my cousins names written in secret corners in the basement as I was growing up. My uncle cut my parents a deal so that they could buy the house and we rented the apartment downstairs to pay the mortgage. I remember the 4th of July on our block was wild. We would always compete with 126th street to see who could bring more BaNg! The Savello's provided a lot of the bang for our block. In the summer, with miniature 1970's basketball shorts and white socks pulled up to our knees, we would play ball on the block until moms' voices rang out for dinner or bed. I remember me, my sister Samantha, my best friend Biag, his brother Joe and his sister Fil, Johnny and his brother Ricky, Billy and his brother John, Joe Savello(RIP) and other kids spending days and nights on 127th street and wandering Lefferts, Metropolitan or Maple Grove cemetery. Jimmy, Sal, Stanley and his little cousin would come from some blocks near by to play ball. Mr. Softee would roll up and everyone would pay up to cool off...remember how rare an air conditioner was in the 70's + 80's? Riding bikes over cracks in the sidewalk made by tree-stumps, burning ants and walking to Bernieland for egg creams or an itialian ice. Dani's pizza and a coke for $1. Walking home through, as Marcus put it, the urban Safari at the fence of the Maple Grove Cemetery from PS99. Getting caught shoplifting a jelly worm at the corner store. As we grew older, Raj & Shrikan moved on the block and we all started taking further treks to school as we outgrew PS99 in 1985. I haven't spoken to some of those 99 kids since then. Patricia, Guisoo, Jenny, Vicky, Kupi...the list goes on. I went to Russell Sage JHS via the R train and then Molloy HS over in Briarwood.
    I really miss those days back in Kew Gardens. I will post again and I will post some KG + 99 photos but I hope to hear from some Kew Gardeners and refresh some memories...please include my e-mail...Pe@cE
Christopher A. Sipe
Chief Operations Officer

September 1, 2007
My dearest thanks to the editors of "A Picture History of Kew Gardens, NY for recognizing my father's death in your publication. My great grandfather put his heart into the developing of Kew Gardens, NY and would be honored today for what you have done please keep up the great work and i hope someday to know more about the history of Kew Gardens and how it has metamorphisized. Anyone with anything to add or pass on to me please write Alrick H. Man IV at alrickfish@aol.com. I do have old photos if anyone is interested Thanks
Alrick H. Man IV

Editor's Note:  The writer is the great grandson of Alrick Hubbell Man, the founder of Kew Gardens.

Posting Messages Here
September 1, 2007
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