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The Shapiro House (1950's) (Courtesy of Roger Sabo)

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    "I wonder if anyone remembers the Shapiro house on Lefferts Boulevard ?
    The first picture shows the Shapiro house as I viewed it as a child when playing in my backyard on Mowbray Drive.
    The residents of the home were Mr.and Mrs.Shapiro and their three children. Mr. Shapiro`s son and I seemed to be competing to see who could retrive my baseball any time it went over the fence and into his yard. He was about 50 years old somehow felt that he could keep anything that went into his yard. This led to many scary moments as I would jump the fence and get the ball before he could catch me. Fortunately he never did catch me.
    The elder Mr.Shapiro passed away first to be followed by his wife, then their son and one of their daughters. This left the youngest daughter all alone.
    I had moved many years before and had not thought of the Shapiro`s for years when I read a newspaper article about the death of the last child. Sometime around 1978 the remaining daughter went into the garage, closed the door, started the car and went to sleep.When the police entered the house they found $800,000.00 in cash.
    In 1978 two Psycotherapists bought the house and did a total restoration which took 4 years.They sold the house in 1982 and went on to do an 18 year restoration of an Estate in Westchester. Upon completion of the restotation they retired and are currently traveling the globe." ~ Roger Sabo  [Continued]