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At Dani's (2007) (Courtesy of Roger Sabo)

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    "Do you think anyone remembers these two guys?
    Pictured on the left is Danny Lehrman with me on the right.
    This picture was taken at Dani`s House of Pizza in Kew Gardens on September 26th 2007.
    Danny and I reunited after 45 years thanks to Joe DeMay and his K.G. site.
    Andre was working at Dani`s when I was a teenager and is still there today.
    The hat that I am wearing was sent to me by Dr.Footsie (Marty "Harpo " Marks a former K.G. resident] who will be leaving for his road trip from L.A. to Minneapolis,Minn.this month. He will be attending The National Conference on Tobacco or Health to promote his anti smoking programs.
    Danny and I will be attending Andy London`s reunion on October 28th and will look forward to reuniting with many of our old friends from Kew Gardens." ~ Roger Sabo