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The Kew Gardens Inn
The office and lobby of the Kew Gardens Inn circa 1923.

If you have pictures of yourself showing any Kew Gardens locale in the background, email me high resolution jpegs and I will post them here as space permits.

To download a copy of the Queens Courier's Sept. 2003 article about Old Kew Gardens.com, click on one of the following links. Turn off your browser's auto-resize if the JPEG text appears too small to read.

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January 2004 Guest Book

January 30, 2004
Joyce--I seem to remember Linda DeMartino singing that song...
Dan Simpson.
[To contact Dan Simpson, click here.]

January 30, 2004
It was a wonderful place to grow up in and it would be great to be in touch with a few old friends to see what they are doing and where they are.
Joanne Truffelman
[To contact Joanne Truffelman, click here.]

January 30, 2004
Linda Bloch -
    Do you still call yourself Lenny?  It seems from your e-mail address that you do.
    We were together for some of our PS99 years. Fifth and sixth grades, I believe.
    I remember that you had a sweet singing voice -- you once sang (in a performance or in front of the class). For some silly reason, I remember that. I think you sang "On the Good Ship Lollipop". Could I be right?
    I think when Jeanette Kupferman posted on this site, she mentioned your name as one of the school friends she remembered and was wondering about.
    My memories of fifth and sixth grade were horrendous in terms of the kids, but how I loved Mrs. Voulangas. She was a with-it teacher. The best part was the "hands-on" French we had as part of an experimental program. I still can taste the jus d'orange we had in our "French corner" as we tried out our language skills over "breakfast".
    Since I moved away during my years at Sage, I lost track with everyone. I went to FHHS, then left the NY area for good.
    Are you in touch with anyone?  I am looking for Frannie Schorr, who was a close friend -- the last I saw of her was in Binhampton once when I visited during college years.
All the best,
Joyce Ein Dilman
[To contact Joyce Ein Dilman, click here.]

January 29, 2004
Editor's Note:  Following up on my ealier post, if you're interested in seeing what's been going where I am down under, CLICK HERE and HERE.

January 29, 2004
The RHHS class of '65 reunion is underway. It is probably going to be held on Oct. 8, 2005. (More info will follow). People will be coming from out of town, and it a long holiday weekend to allow for travel.It would be great to hold another K.G.reunion at that time.... just an idea.
Regards to all of my pals.
Edi Beckler Goldberg
[To contact Edi Beckler Goldberg, click here.]

January 29, 2004
Editor's Note:  One viewer has emailed me about lapses in my updating the guestbook.  The problem has been the weather here in Australia. We have had intense evening electrical storms (and occasional power outtages) along with torrential rains and very strong winds over 4 of the last 6 days with more of the same predicted into next week.  During one of these storms, we make it a point for safety's sake not to use any electrical appliances such as a computer.  That means that sometimes I miss an update, but I try to get it done as soon after as possible.  No matter what the summer weather is here, however, it's still better than what everyone is going through in the northeast U.S. and Canada. LOL

January 29, 2004
I think that the reason people are not writing to this site anymore is because they have made connection with friends from the past and they have the email addresses they think they need. I am guilty of that. I do think it is important for all of us to continue to read and write to this site as there are so many people who have not as of yet come to read the guestbook and they may be looking for you. Keep writing and sending messages thru this site. This way we can get information about reunions for different groups. Wish the people who made it to the reunion last year would continue to keep in touch with this site so that we can have another reunion this year. What do you guys think????  How about that Andy???
Linda Widder Wiesner

January 27, 2004
Actually both Dan Simpson and Jimmy Curran are right..We all hung out in the park in the 60's and 70's. We'd all still be there if our parents didn't throw us out of their houses!!!
David Silfen

January 25, 2004
linda bloch p.s. 99 early 60's...looking to reconnect with old friends.
linda bloch
lenny 4472@earthlink.com

January 25, 2004
    I read Marion Anschel Franklin's entry -- I had a friend - Sandra Franklin who lived on Metropolitan Avenue. We lost touch right after PS99. Is that your ex-sister-in-law?  Sandra and I were in 4-6 grades together in PS99. Whatever happened to her?
    I agree with Marianne Lods about this site. I can't understand why more people aren't writing in -- it is such a special site for sweet memories of a real old-fashioned neighborhood.
Joyce Ein Dilman
[To contact Joyce Ein Dilman, click here.]

January 23, 2004
Great site, had a good time looking around. I was born in KG 1964 Hill Crest hospital in flushing Queens. That hospital isn't there any more  I lived at 84-02 Beverly Road apt. 2E  My father was the super there from I think from 1963 till the apt building went CO-UP in the late 80'S  I moved to Phila in 1989  But before that I went to PS.99 with my sis Elisa Nadzieja, we had great times in KG hanging out on the LIRR after school, Dannys pizza, remerber my mom giving me 1.00 for lunch, good for 2 slices small coke and change, for gum at the candy store. Sorry to here about Danny passing away. MY sister was best friends with the twins who lived on Austin Street, by the post office, we hanged out at that little park they build next to the post office  Me and my friends would seek in the movie house all the time before and after it went porn, I saw Billy Jack the movie there  My parents lived there till 1993 they where killed in a car crash UP STATE NY Tuxedo NY June of 93  we kept the co-up till 97, after that I stopped going to Kew Gardens, my best friend still lives there,works at Jamaica Hospital. His name is Scott Cendroski he has a brother lives in Long Island now. We use to play hand ball and basketball at Forest park all the time they were the best times of my life funny how time goes. Anyway thank you,for taking the time to read this,
Andre Nadzieja

January 23, 2004
    I am feeling sad that people seem not to be sending in as many messages.  The spam stuff is a reality of the internet as is this site. We all love this site.  Reading remembering...it is important to keep it going and talking to each other about where we are from. Kew Gardens wasn't just a bunch of lovely hosues and trees and a little school that offerred each of us, in our way, a box of memories. Kew Gardens was a haven for many of us in some pretty rough times. We need to write and share.
    YThe site man has been so generous with his time in clearing up the e-mail address problem so we should be grateful and use the site as never before.
    Please start writing again.
Marianne Lods
born 1943
[To contact Marianne Lods, click here.]

January 23, 2004
I heard that someone was looking for me and other people from our class, so here I am.

January 22, 2004
    Just found out about this web site today from Marion Anschel and it's so nice to see some names and faces of people that I do think about from time to time.  You know how you hear a song on the radio and all of a sudden it puts you back in a special time and place. I'm lucky to have so many fond memories. And for those of you who may remember our house on Lake Oscawana in Putnam Valley, my brother David and I have kept the house and it's still a great place for R & R.
    And to Frank Sweeney-Golnik---I certainly remember you and Eddie Christian and Ricki Wald, the kissing (and the "practice kissing" with Ricki) and the basement room we painted in the Roger Williams. Does anyone know anything about Ricki (Rochelle)?
    Now living in Yorktown Hts, NY (northern Westchester - just 10 miles from the lake), married for 30 years, 2 children.
Judy Seidman Devine
[To contact Judy Seidman Devine, click here.]

January 22, 2004
I loved the beautiful pictures, and excellent captions. Great work!!!
Paul Gilbert McFetridge

January 21, 2004
Hi everyone!
    Just recently my mom (who still lives in the same apartment on Austin Street!) found my 6th grade class picture. So many memories came back - People and things i hadn't thought about in over 40 or 50 years! It hardly seems possible that so much time has passed.
    Would love to hear from people - how/what/where, etc.
    Hope to hear from people!
Marion Anschel Franklin
(Yes, that came from Michael Franklin who lived on Metropolitan Avenue- and NO, we're no longer married :-)

January 21, 2004
Just want to point out that the house shown at SE corner of Beverly Rd. and 83rd is the Woolworth family (of five and dime fame) home (it was at one time at least). That was well-known by everyone when I used to wander up and down 83rd around 1948 visiting my friends on the street and going to and from PS99 during the 40s until 1950 when I graduated. The FIVE and DIME--what a brilliant and quintessential American establishment--look where it got the Woolworth family!  We've come a long way from there to Home Depot!  An evolution worth pondering in our current era of corporate domination.
Matthew Speier

January 20, 2004
To Jimmy Curran: I think you're off by one decade--it was more likely the 60's when those guys played the most ball in the park (we all graduated HS in 67-69). Time flies when you're having fun ...
Dan Simpson
[To contact Dan Simpson, click here.]

January 20, 2004
Louise Sandler Kahana
[To contact Louise Sandler Kahana, click here.]

January 19, 2004
First time to the site. Does anyone remember and/or have information on Curt Fenner, Lee Carlin, Steve Figelis, Larry Weinberg or anyone else who hung out at the park and played basketball in the 70's?
Jimmy Curran

January 15, 2004
Hello All, Lived in The Fairview Appt Building ~68-71, located at intersection of GCP and LIE Flushing Meadow Park. Attended Halsey and FHHS. Would like to hear from anyone with memoories from Queens. I loved Pastrami King....Austin Street...108th Street...Lemon Ice King Corona...and on and on.
Bruce Levine

January 14, 2004
Dear Joan Vallen,
I sent an email to you yesterday but it could not be delivered to your stated email address. Is your address correct?  Too bad-I answered some of your questions and had one for you about an old friend from the Arden terrace. Hope you read this and get back to me on this site.
Matthew Speier

January 14, 2004
Thank you for the great site!  I grew up in Kew Gardens and went to P.S. 99 – graduated 6th grade in 1987. Teachers that I recall include: Mrs. Hirshon, Mrs. Wolosoff, Mrs. Bertrum, and Mrs. Gordan. I remember playing “off the wall” in the school-yard and eating pizza at Dani’s. Haven’t really been back to the area since I left in 1987 – but this website was a great trip down memory lane. If there are any other ’87 grads from P.S. 99 out there – I’d love to hear what you’re up too.
Shaun Maloney
Shaun Maloney (Oliver)
[To contact Shaun Maloney (Oliver), click here.]

January 13, 2004
PS 99 1956
Russell Sage 1959
Richmond Hill H.S. 1962
lived in the Kew Terrace. Hung out in the "park". Ran track. Belonged to Arista. Queens College, NYU, LIU, graduate degrees. Last twenty plus years as a Psychology professor in Philadelphia. Lived in China from 90' through 93' again in 1996 and 97, again in 2001, and from Sept. 2002 to August 2003. Married with child.  A warm hello to to former classmates and friends. The website and the accompanying PS99 and neighborhood photos are wonderful. Much thanks.
Stan Gilbert

January 13, 2004
Dear Frank Sweeney
    I do remember you well Frank. After 40 some years, it seems so strange but I do remember you so vividly. You and Richard Harrington. You were the out going, fun loving kind of kid and Richard was gentle and kind type. He even let me ride his brand new bicycle on the very he got it. You, Frank, took me and my brother into your family. Yes I do remember you well, even though it is 43 years since we left the Kew Gardens returning to Japan. I hope that our paths will once again cross and that we will have an opportunity to exchange our notes that we have accumulated along the way. I am 58. Life gets better every year. I did not realise this when young. I also did not appreciate what a special place teenage years have in our lives. We had the luck to have spent it in the Kew Gardens. Yes, life was "simple" then. But complex in a way as we were growing up each. Now, we have the freedom to choose our life style. To keep things simple, as we age. And appreciate those things which we! took for granted. When you stop and think, we have few things that we can be thankful for. Your friendship is truly one of these blessing Frank. Thanks for deciding to post your letter up. I negated my email address since I begun receiving huge dose of junk mails. I have sent you a personal note to your address. So I will not post my new address here.
    My family was astounded to learn that I had a friend who was once an Art Director for the Penthouse Magazine. Yes, you have truly accomplished what most of us only dream of. Congratulations!  Let us keep on dreaming. Who know what life holds for us yet.  You found us, right? Thanks to the wonderful people who thought, developed and maintain this wonderful site for the Kew Garden residents, past and present.
John Tamaki (Masa Tamaki)
Jan 13, 2004 Tokyo, Japan

January 11, 2004
    Wonder if any one remembers my nursery school. I attended the Kew Kiddy Nursery School it was south of Metropolitan in what I think is Richamond Hill. My teacher at age 2 was a woman who had JUST arrived from Germany via some trek; her name was Miss Hilda. I spoke more English than she did and I was a little slow. I called her Matilda. The school ran a bus/van to bring the kindergarten kids up to PS 99. This was in 1945.
    I am still looking for Eva Spett and Maxie Strauss.
Marianne Lods
[To contact Marianne Lods, click here.]

January 10, 2004
    I just remembered... in my previous post I couldn't remember two girls' last names. It was Ricki "Wald", and Judy "Seidman"  I liked Judy, but got my first few kisses from Ricki. And there was agirl named Heather Walsh who lived on the street behind me (Austin Street.)  Her father was an Irish cop ... . And there were two pretty sidters who lived in the "texas" I think. Twins. We went to my first drive-in movie on a double date, the two siters, and another guy... can't remember who. God it was such a thrill. I thought they were so beautiful. Wow!  And, oh yes, there was a girl named Terri. Petite, and in a different crowd than me, (as was often the case.)  I was a gentile (one of few,) and she was not. That made for problems.
    But that's a long story. Hi girls. You were all a wonderful part of my life. As a pre-teen, and then an early teen, you filled my nights with dreams.
Thank you.
Frank Sweeney-Golnik
[To contact Frank Sweeney-Golnik, click here.]

January 10, 2004
As I post this, I've just had an error message informing me that John's e-mail address is no longer valid. I hope he comes back to see this letter.
Dear John, John Tamaki...
    I am struggling to remember your Japanese name, but I'm failing at it. Was it Masataka? ???  My name is Frank, Frank Sweeney. I also used my biological father's name of "Golnik". But I know you will remember me. I attended the American Buddhist Academy for a short while with you, and your younger brother, David. I was tall and skinny, and blond. And back then, I looked like Dr, Kildare, on TV.
    You were a bit older than I, and David was a bit younger. God, I remember you so well.  I was always amazed at your skills in Judo, and saw you as a powerful, and skilled athlete. I also remember you as being very strong, and quite a bit more quiet than the rest of your family.
    My parents had a small boat, it was a "Maycraft", about 21 feet long, or so, and kind of old. My parents, for some strange reason, christened the boat with the name "FRANK."  I always thought it was silly. I remember David joining us and going up the Hudson River on the boat, on one of our annual vacations, but I don't recall if you ever joined us. I'm sorry for the lapse of memory. I remember so much, even though it's been so very long, but not all.
    I remember that our Judo instructor was a wonderful man named Mr. Nishi, and that on one or two occasions, he would fix us all (his students) a meal in the kitchen upstairs at the academy. This is all flowing back to me now like so many waves. And with it comes emotion that I am surprised to feel. In fact, I am in tears as I write this to you now. it's so odd.
    Lets see... I lived in the "Roger Williams" apartment building on Austin Street, just up from Lefferts Boulevard. I believe it was apartment 4M?  I'm not sure. I remember you lived in the "next" building down the street with your Mother and father, and David, and your sister. I seem to remember that your sister's name, once translated from Japanese, meant "Snow."  Am I correct?  And, I remember toasting seaweed over the burner on the stove and eating it (nori?). it was crunchy and delicious. As I grew to be a man, I have always favored Japanese food, sushi and sashimi and wonder warm bowls of soup. There is absolutely no doubt in my mind that my taste in that wonderful food, and some part of my philosophy in life came from you, and your family.
     I remember your father. He was with Matshushita, if I remember correctly. he was a proud, brilliant, kind, and elegant man. Even at the age of twelve or thirteen, that made such and impression on me. And I remember your mother, who was so gentle and pleasant.
    God, I'm crying here, and it's so strange.
    My father's name (my stepfather actually,) who you knew, was Robert, or "Bob." (a big guy, about 6'5",) and, my mother was Gilberte, or "Jill," with her lovely French accent. They liked you, and your familty so very much, and always preferred me keeping company with you over the other "kids" I wouild drag into the house. They passed away, in retirement, in Key West, Florida, in 1990, and 1991. My mother was still painting every day, (abstract expressionism,) and my father always still playing the saxophone and the flute. I still have his flute. It's a beautiful one. You can see some of my mother's later paintings here: ... .It's a "horizontally" scrolling site, kind of odd, but you must scroll to the right, instead of up and down to view the contents. The first couple of paintings, if you "mouse-over" them show the notes on the back side. I never completed the site. And I still have hundreds of her artworks.
    There was Eddie Christian, who I've seen a couple of times about 15 years ago. He is married and has one or two children, and lives in Massachusetts, near Boston. He lived on the first floor of the Roger Williams, on the same side of the building as I did, to the right of the lobby as you entered, next to the elevator. ... .
    Now, more... I remember that my parents, Bob and Jill, told me later on in life that one of you two brothers was learning French, and my mother was so happy to be told that she was an influence in that respect. I'm not sure on this detail, but I'm trying to recall so many little snippets of my life, our lives, here.
    I went to school at Russell Sage, and then on to High School at the horrible "Richmond Hill High School."  It was so bad that I left it in my final year, and never completed my education there. I went off to see the world, and traveled all over the place, for a long time. I have done many things in my life, the most astounding of which was to become an Art director for Penthouse magazine, of which I'm sure you have heard. I've done many things. My memories of Russell Sage consist of Mrs. Faber, who I thought was pretty, and of Richmond Hill, Mr. Aiken (radio speaking) who has left me for life with the memory that I was gifted with a great voice, with resonance and clarity, and told me "Frank. If you ignore the gift of your speaking voice, you are a fool."  So, I'm a fool. But to this day, I cannot call anyone, even from many years ago in my life, without them saying..."Frank?  Is that Frank Sweeney?"  As one would say in Kew Gardens, "I'm a schmuck!"
    I tried to delve into designing web sites on the internet. This, at the time while I was living in sunny Key West, Florida. There are still three of the sites I designed on line currently. One, for the woman I was involved with recently (for about six years,) Cassandra. ... She and I have parted ways recently, just in the past weeks, and it's sad. I won't go into the details, but it leaves me with an empty heart.
    Another site I designed, and still maintain ... was for a friend in Key West, captain Rick Mager. He generates about 90 percent of his clients from the site. Cassandra also gets a lot of business from her site.
    And finally. there is ... My site. I regret to say that I have not touched it in years. But, I still keep the payments up on the hosting of the site, and perhaps, one of these days, I will redo it to get business as a writer for small businesses and similar things.
    Now, I live in a town called Stuart, Florida. I moved here from Key West with Cassandra about 5 years ago,  Actually, I first moved to a town about six miles north, on the water's edge, called Jensen Beach. If you have a map of Florida, it's easy to find my town. Look for the BIG lake in south central Florida (Lake Okeechobee,) it's huge and easily seen as the biggest body of water in Florida. If you follow a horizontal line from the "top" shore of the lake to the right, toward the Atlantic Ocean, you will see Stuart. And, just above it, Jensen Beach.If you use www.mapquest.com, you can enter in my address:

4 South Via Lucindia
Stuart, Florida 34996

... and you will see that I live on a north-to-south peninsula called Sewall's Point.  It's nice here, and today, as i write, it's a very cold 65 degrees fahrenheit. In New York, it's around "zero" - thirty degrees below freezing. I don't miss it.
    I visited Kew Gardens once as an adult, a long time ago. It was very disappointing.  Not at all what it was. But, I would be willing to bet that it is once again, a wonderful neighborhood. New York has changed dramatically over the years, and now is very expensive to live in, and the masses that cannot afford to live in Manhattan, as I did for, oh, twenty-five years, are thrilled to find an apartment in Queens-- or Brooklyn--- or wherever. beats me what the attraction is. I just don't get it.
    It's nice here, and If I don't go broke first. I'd like to stay here. I own my home, and have no debts other than monthly expenses, but I am getting a bit low on funds, and work is hard to come across if you are a creative type. Thus, I'm looking into doing some writing to make some money. We'll see. Where I live is very, pleasant, and I'd like to stay. D ying here one day, would be okay. I'd like to go back to Paris and live for a while, but Paris has changed, and I don't know if I can afford it anymore.
    There is so much in my mind at this moment. Lefferts Boulevard, the "Austin Theater," the pizza place down the hill on Lefferts near the back side of the Long Island Railroad Station. The streets around there. And then the names, Ricky Harrington, Leslie (Pinky) ... I can't remember his last name, he lived in the "Silver Towers" building on Queens Boulevard., and was shot as he stood on his high floor terrace, with a .22 bullet, in the head. He survived it, and was none the worse for the wear. There was a guy named Bob Kiss, and a big guy named Skolnik,,, Larry Skolnik.
    And the Crossroads. the junction of Kew Gardens Road, and Queens Boulevard, where the subway stopped  Was it the "E", or the "F" train that stopped there?  And the soda fountain in that drugstore, and buying an "egg-cream" once in a while. I remember another soda fountain/coffee shop on the highest point of Lefferts between the pizza place and Austin Street. It belonged to a man from the Middle East. And I remember a guy name Craig "B", who was quite odd, ... . He used to talk as though he was Mick Jagger. Odd. And, a tall dark guy who lived across the street from me in the "Texas" named Gary Sanders. And another tough guy... well not so tough, named Steve Reich. And a girl in my building, no two... One was "Ricki", and her friend "Judy,"  I think. all so long ago. And I remeber when a woman was shot near her apartment on Austin Street, and how it was the most horrible thing ever to have happenned in Kew Gardens. I remember walking, or bicycling up the hill to ! the "Park." Life was so easy, and carefree. How I wish life was that simple now. now.
    I'm 56 now, and I know you're even older. I'd love to hear from you, and of your life.
    It was so good, to find you, if only by chance when I was just snooping around on my computer... A Sony, by the way. :)
    I may post this to the site where I saw your name, just because it's offered me the remembrance of a great "kid", quiet, and proud, who surely has become a great man, and who, once, was my friend. And, I cherish that, and will forever.
    My regards to you, and David, and your sister... and if you are so lucky, to either of your parents. I would love to hear back from you.
Your friend, always,
    Here are a few pictures. I have a few of me as a kid... perhaps I'll scan them later....!
    (I see the pictures do not "post." Oh well.)
    Be well, John. You are here, always, in my fondest memories of youth.
Frank Sweeney (Golnik)
4 south Via Lucindia
Stuart, Florida 34996 USA
(772) 781-6316 Home (and home office)
(772) 215-6673 Cellular phone
(772) 781-6363 FAX
[To contact Frank Sweeney-Golnik, click here.]

January 10, 2004
I graduated in 1952 from P.S. 99. Lived in Kew Gardens until I was 16....first on Metropolitan Ave in the Alt Green apts. then my family moved to the NEW Arden Terrace on 118th St.  I live in California since 1972, am married and have three children all grown and 3 grandchildren. I too have the most wonderful memories growing up in Kew Gardens. I keep looking for names of people I was friendly with. If anyone knows of Eddy Feige, Marilyn Newman, Robert Guerra, Gloria Djemshidoff, Ernest Frank, Robert Cox, Yvonne Sturm (I am certain more will come to mind eventually!) please let me know.
Joan (Vallen) Klang

January 8, 2004
Hey Frank Senger. It was a good visit, but I couldn't wait for you to back home either!  HAH!
Morris (Ben) Roubin

January 5, 2004
Dear Editor,
    I have been getting plagued by Nigerian scam emails. I have been a contributor to this site on several occasions and my real email address, which I'm not including here, appears in several places.
    I made the connection between the emails and the KG site when two such emails were sent to me on the same day, one addressed to me and the other addressed to someone whose name sounded familiar, I thought possibly from Kew Gardens.  I then verified that the other name was posted on this site as well.
    Of course this information isn't helpful to solving the problem, but I will share two things I have been doing in response, one I strongly recommend and the other I don't.
    First, something you had already mentioned.  Find in the header the first line that says "received from:" either and email address or an ip address follows.  This is the true source.  If it's an email address just forward the email (with headers) to "abuse@ispname.com", where ispname.com refers to hotmail.com or freemail.net or yahoo.com, whatever. Put in the subject "NIGERIAN SCAM FROM (source email address)"  Include the same in the first line of the body of the forwarded email.  This takes all of about 10 seconds and I have been getting an execellent responses from the isps so far as having action taken against the offenders.
    The second thing I do, purely for sport, is forward the email to a free email account and using the name of an alter ego, usually a celebrity, or a political or sports figure, living or dead, and pretend to be interested in the solicitation.  The upside is that this provides an opportunity to be very creative, sometimes with highly amusing results (see www.scamorama.com, a website that contains many such exchanges between these Nigerian criminals and people who know in advance they are being conned).
    Although it's probably not dangerous so long as you don't take it further than email and only provide entirely false information, it takes a lot of time.
    My motivation for doing this is that I absoulutely loathe these parasites, and also for the challenge of creating something entertaining enough to submit and get posted on scamorama.com.  A couple of my exchanges have already been posted there.
    One day last week I received six emails from relatives of dead Nigerian dictators, right after I had a bunch of accounts close using the abuse@ method.  I suspect this is causing some frustration on their part, particularly when they're in the middle of a scam.
    I hope this can be resolved somehow. Sadly I'm not comfortable putting my name out on this fine site at this time.
I Hate Mugus

January 5, 2004
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January 5, 2004
I am at this moment stuck in Estes Park, Co. after skidding off an icy strech of road and crashing my SUV, while attempting to visit one of my old K.G. friends, Morris Roubin. This sight is a ray of sunshine. I can't wait to get back home (now in Richmond, Va.) and fill in a lot of photographic blanks with my old P.S.99 and Russell Sage class photos. I lived at 118-14 83rd Ave., apt.4E. I am now married to one of our old classmates....Lisa Strumm, from the Austin Street Strumms. We got reacquainted at the R.H.H.S 15 year reunion. So much thanks to Billy Leecock for putting it all together back on 11/84. 10% of our wedding guests were our old schoolmates, so we welcome and invite any of our old friends to contact us, even Richard Olf.

January 2, 2003
Wonderful thing the memories you (and the people who have written in) have evoked. I haven't been back to Kew Gardens in twenty-seven years when my dad died. Makes me want to go back and walk the streets and remember.
Donald Wertheimer
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January 1, 2004
Dear Arlene & Linda:
Thank you for making Moe so happy on his 92nd birthday. You could not have given him a better gift.
Phyllis Saxon Goldberg

February 1, 2004
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