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Pictures dated c. 1920
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These c. 1920 pictures did not appear in the original article. The bottom picture shows the view from the Kew Gardens Inn looking north into Flushing. The Kew Gardens Inn was also known as the Kew Gardens Hotel. The Crossroads Building now stands on this site.
Kew Gardens Inn
New York's Newest Suburban Hotel Under Knott Management

[Reprinted from the June 1920 issue of Queensborough Magazine]

One of the newest - and at the same time one of the classiest - hotels, the Kew Gardens Inn, at Kew Gardens, Long Island, has just opened under the Knott Management, which is a guarantee that everything will be of the best.

The Inn occupies a commanding position at Kew Gardens, namesake of the famous London suburb, only 20 minutes from the Pennsylvania Terminal. It faces both Queens Boulevard and Kew Gardens Road. It is five stories high, built in the shape of an "H" and has a capacity of 300. On the first floor is the office, a large rotunda, twin lounges, dining-room, ball-room and sun parlor. Otis elevators take one to the upper floors.

On the upper floors, wide sunny corridors lead to the suites and rooms, which are arranged to accommodate either large or small families. There is also a wing devoted to bachelor apartments. The rooms are literal replicas of those in the Pennsylvania and Commodore hotels, beautifully furnished and decorated and with spacious closets and baths. Like all of the Knott Hotels, Kew Gardens will be conducted on the American plan, and the staff at the hotel assures the best service possible.

The grounds in front are prettily laid out by a landscape gardener, while in the rear are tennis courts for the use of guests of the house. Nearby are golf links.

It will be open all the year around. The formal opening occurred in early June, and already the bookings have reached almost the capacity of the place, the guests coming from Manhattan, Philadelphia, Baltimore, Washington and places suburban to New York.

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