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Abingdon Road
The black and white photograph is from a 1924 real estate advertisement appearing in Country Life Magazine.  The larger image shows a house on Abingdon Road between Lefferts and 83rd Avenues in Kew Gardens, NY that is still there today. Click on images to enlarge and to read the entire 1924 ad.

If you have pictures of yourself showing any Kew Gardens locale in the background, email me high resolution jpegs and I will post them here as space permits.

To download a copy of the Queens Courier's Sept. 2003 article about Old Kew Gardens.com, click on one of the following links. Turn off your browser's auto-resize if the JPEG text appears too small to read.

[JPEG - 240kb]
[PDF - Hi Resolution, 379kb]
[PDF - Low Resolution, 97kb ]
February 2004 Guest Book

February 28, 2004
Took a look at Linda Gottlieb's post of some class pictures. What enjoyment!  I didn't realize that I would find familiar names, but there they were.  Kathy Sanders was one of the loveliest, gentlest little girls I remember from Kew Gardens.  At one point in my life, I stayed with family friends at the Kent Manor, where she also lived.  Even though I was a year younger, she treated me so kindly. Kathy, wherever you are, I didn't forget!  If anyone knows her whereabouts, please notify me.
Joyce Ein Dilman
[To contact Joyce Ein Dilman, click here.]

February 27, 2004
varuna singh

February 27, 2004
I used to live in my grand fathers house in KG and am looking to get an apartment there now.  Suggestions????
Tom Cassidy

February 26, 2004
Remembering Natie, a man who never made me feel unhappy,uncomfortable or inferior. Now thats saying something!
Curt Miller - condolences to the Spindel family

February 26, 2004

February 26, 2004
What fond memories I have of that well dressed man hanging out with us "overlook boys" shooting the breeze, talking sports and giving advice. He was a father, big brother and good friend to us all. Here's to you Natie. You will never be forgotten.
Johnny D.

February 26, 2004
I feel sad that I did not know Natie Spindel. Could a photo be included and more about who he was...obviously the passion he left means he lives on.
Marianne Lods
[To contact Marianne Lods, click here.]

February 25, 2004
I was sorry to hear about the loss of Natie Spindel: our "den father," mentor, and friend. He was there to direct and translate the energies of so many young, aimless and rambunctious Kew kids into a creative and passionate caring for sports and life in general--Natie will be missed--My condolences to the family: Marion; Allen and Howie!
John Kasprzak
[To contact John Kasprzak, click here.]

February 24, 2004

February 24, 2004
I was so pleased to see Frank Goldberg's remembrance of Natie Spindel. Natie was for me and numerous others that older guy, mentor who helped us navigate those difficult years, all of them ,with his charm, wit, compassion, and love. He provided insights and perspective for a band of boys in the 50's and 60's that we all carried into our adult years and all celebrate whenever we talk. For me, HE IS THE FABRIC of my Kew Garden's childhood, one that I will always cherish. God bless you, wise friend.
Bill Gehrhardt

February 23, 2004
Kew Gardens has lost a great citizen. Natie Spindel, husband of Marion, father of Allen and Howard, uncle to many, and friend and mentor to many more, has died. For all of us to whom he meant so much, and for me personally, he was loved and he will be missed.
Franklin J. Goldberg
[To contact Franklin J. Goldberg, click here.]

New York Times Article on Kitty Genovese
February 22, 2004
[Editor's Note:  This message has been moved to the Kitty Genovese Message Board.]

February 22, 2004
Thanks to the Sengers for the pictures of my 5th grade class. Mrs. Fuller looked exactly as I remember her. So did many of the children. It was a real trip down memory lane. Remembered some, forgot some. If you need to know the identities of the children, I'll be glad to fill you in on the ones I know.  Just let me know the best way to do that.  Wouldn't it be fun to have a picture of everyone as they are today?
Joyce Ein Dilman
[To contact Joyce Ein Dilman, click here.]

    Editor's Note:  If Joyce or anyone else can identify any unidentified or misidentified students in the PS 99 class photos, just send me an email. For each student you are identifying, make sure you specify which class photo it is, and the student's row and position number.
    If you'd like to publish "now and then" photos of yourself, Mike Hoffman's Old Kew Gardens Message Board has a special page where you can do just that. (Some people, including me, already have.)  If you'd rather have such photos published on this site instead, let me know and, as long as the number of photos submitted is not too overwhelming, I will put together some way to do that.

February 20, 2004
[Editor's Note:  The first part of this post is published in the Where Are They Now? page.]

There are sooo many memories I have of growing up in Kew Gardens.  As far as school is concerned..? P.S.99. Mrs Leibowitz (sp.?); my 3rd grade teacher, as well as 6th grade. The BEST damn teacher a child could ever WISH for.  I remember crying in class, in front of ALL my classmates at the end of the 3rd grade term.  I was beside myself because she wasn't able to "stay with her". *smiling fondly*  Blessed I was, to have been able to start out with her and end my years there in her class. She genuinely cared for her students and made NO bones about putting unruly kids in their place, FAST!  Also, Ms. Kuniki. Greatest music teacher bar none (yes, I'm biased *grin*). In 4th grade, I began violin lessons with her and other students.  I was mortified and so upset that I couldn't read music sheets. However, it wasn't long before Ms. Kuniki realized I could play by ear.  I became confident in my ability and for every music recital, she would put me in the front row to play. And I loved playing beside my fellow classmates.  It was because of this "gift", as she called it, that she pulled me aside and asked me to play a different instrument for my 6th grade graduation ceremony.  I was honored and humbled - and nervous as hell.  *wry grin*  I didn't even tell my mother I would be ~in the ceremony~. Lol!  It was because of these two teachers that I have such wonderful memories of not only that PART of my childhood, but of the school itself.
Belinda M. Donaghy
BMDonaghy@aol.com or

February 20, 2004
    I just got an e-mail from a friend who grew up with me in Kew Gardens for over 25 years. Yes, we sound old, but we are only 34 years old. (smile)
    I knew Belinda Donaghy since we went to P.S 99 in Kew Gardens, JHS 190 in Forest Hills, and Hillcrest High School in Jamaica.
    We grew up on 118th Street/Metropolitan Ave next door to each other.  I lived in the historical building called The Kew Manor Apartments. (who would have known) Thanks Mr.De May's for your research of Kew Gardens.
    I remember playing cops and robbers 118th Street Kids VS 116th Street kids.  Halloween would be the same, eggs and shaving cream fights that would end up peacefully. We had a lot of simple fun back in the days.
    Bee, Thank you for this website. You moved to Texas, but you are right here!!!  CHEERS... here's to 25 more years of friendship.
    Anyone from Kew Gardens that grew up with Belinda Donaghy and Belinda Pichardo... HOLLA BACK!!!
Peace and love to all.
Belinda Pichardo
Email:  belinda_pichardo

February 17, 2004
What a surprise it was for me to find my 5th and 6th grade class photos on your site.  I only attended P.S. 99 for 2 years; I was a transfer student from P.S. 165 in Kew Garden Hills.  I was in Mrs. Hirshon's 5th grade class and then Mrs. Diner's 6th grade class. I remember many of my classmates from P.S. 99 and Russell Sage JHS.  After JHS, I attended the High School of Art & Design, and then Queens College.  I've been living and teaching ESL in the San Francisco Bay Area for the past 25 years. Thanks for a wonderful site,
Rochelle Brier-Oral

February 17, 2004
we lived on metro & lefferts for atleast 20 years. my brother were aldo, oscar and carol diaz. we all went to ps99. sage. then hillcrest. anyoneout there. our initials are still on the overlook parkbenches. we played paddle-ball everyday..great place, great memories.....
esther diaz (reynolds now)

February 17, 2004
I live in Indiana now and I am always telling friends about my childhood in KG. Hanging out at the park,Dani's and Lydia's Pizza. Still the best. P.S.99, Russell Sage and Hillcrest. I am very fortunate to have grown up in Kew Gardens. I would welcome hearing from long lost friends. Thanks for the web page.
Bill Schleifman
[To contact Bill Schleifman, click here.]

February 17, 2004
Good morning everone. Just some more thoughts. The older I get , the more I want to "just be a kid."  I would love to some day take my 4 1/2 year old daugter to KG. Anyway , do you remember: Louis Barber Shop Beverly Rd. Lefforts?
The Magic /Joke Shop ?
Purple Palace
Homestead Fish Sandwhiches on Fridays?
Oh Yeah one more time,
PS Any Keg Rats out there? I was too young but I do remember some kid called Roach who was an actual Keg Rat.
name=kevin klauber

February 16, 2004
I lived from age 9 months to 18 years near Union Turnpike in Kew Gardens Hills (1941-58). My grandmother lived on Austin Street, a block west of the Kew Forest School.I attended the Queens School in 1944-45. I attended Forest Hills High School from 1955-58. I am a teacher and writer at Mercersburg Academy, a private boarding school in central Pennsylvania.
james applebaum

February 15, 2004
Enjoyed seeing the old neighborhood. It brought back alot of good memories. I lived in Kew Gardens from 1958-2000. I attended PS99 from 1963-1970 but could not find any pictures of my class. I would enjoy hearing from old classmates.
marla rothstein

Editor's Note:  Since Marla Rothstein did not send me her email address, you can only contact her by posting a message here.

February 12, 2004
This site is a phenonmemon! Some day, soon, a researcher is going to find it and then look out. I turned 60 this year. I guess several of you know what that's about. I read this site fiurst and last thing each day, like praying almost. As I read I'm a ten year old again for a few moments cruising my bike down Cuthbert at hellish speed imagining I'm flying on horse back. It's a wonderful way to start and end the day. So come one researchers. Everyopne needs this!
Marianne Lods
[To contact Marianne Lods, click here.]

February 12, 2004
i found this sight very helpfull as it helped me in my Pshcology worrk and also very interesting as a young viewer at 18 i find the site full of factual knowlesge and it should never close
sandra kilkenny
[To contact Sandra Kilkenny, click here.]

February 12, 2004
To Howie Glasser:  Danny deVito?  I think, more like Mel Brooks. Either way, I have way more hair. To Bea Schwarz Newman: as you predicted, I have no memory of you; perhaps my sister does, or Dad. To Joe de May:  I'm not sure you fully realize how big a tiger you have by the tail. Last year, about six "recovered" old friends, this year four so far. The pictures, stories, memories . . . If anyone doubts the singularity that is Kew Gardens, let them thoroughly research this site,as my new old friend Howie Glasser did. As they used to say, keep those cards and letters comin', folks!
Jeff Trevas

February 12, 2004
Hey, Howie Glasser. It must be over 30 years since I last saw you. I'm in Estes Park, Co. since '84. We KGers are scattered all over, infiltrating every corner of the world, waiting for the signal to, uh-oh, never mind.
Ben (Morris) Roubin
[To contact Ben (Morris) Roubin, click here.]

February 11, 2004
i just wanted to reminisce with len pick about the good times at forest park in kew gardens-- he knew a couple of people i knew as i was growing up in kew gardens, i lived in kew gardens from 1957 to 1969 - went to richmond hill from 1960-64, played baseball at forest park with johnny spotke and frank giordano,, steve krasney, marshall saul, leo, jeff spolen, ( in fact i always thank frank giordano for telling me the ending of pyscho before i saw it- anyway-- this website is awesome--- pictures and remembrances are fabulous and got tipped off on this site from sundays times talking about kitty genovese----- chris clarke- my sister graduated rhhs a year before me-- she was a cheerleader for rhhs --- and we all lived at jahns-----
chris clarke
article oct 16th 2003
[To contact Chris Clarke, click here.]

February 11, 2004
    I want to thank Joe De May for all the research he did on the Kitty Genovese case. I was born in Kew Gardens General Hospital in 1946 and lived in Kew Gardens, on Talbot St., until I went off to graduate school in 1967. When I told my U. of Michigan roommate I was from Kew Gardens, the Kitty Genovese story was her association with the name. Worse than the embarrassment was the horror of the story itself. I'm very glad to read that the facts do not really support the reports we originally read. I also think that in 1964, crimes of that nature were such a rarity, especially in Kew Gardens, that few of the "witnesses" would have imagined what a horrifying attack was taking place outside their windows.
    I would also like to thank Franklun Goldberg for the photo of my 4th grade class, complete with all our names. I am impressed. I particularly remember Roslyn, Joan who lived across the street from me, John Thorn, and Nancy Eiger. I remember Mrs. Fuller as an excellent teacher. It is fun to see pictures of my old classmates. If any of them see this, please contact me. I do not want any extra spam so I just gave my email to Joe. You can reach me through him. Thanks again for this great site.
Elizabeth Bacharach
[To contact Elizabeth Bacharach, click here.]

February 11, 2004
I own a pottery studio on 83rd Avenue  It has been in existance, at this sight for 14 years.  I moved o Kew Gardens in 2003.  I knew the area was rich with history, and I feel happy to live and own a business here.  It is obviously a great place to be.  Thank you for all your work on this site, it really enriched my knowlege of where I live and work!
Sue Sendek
The Potter's Wheel
120-33 83rd Avenue
Kew Gardens NY 11415

February 10, 2004

February 9, 2004
    I read with great interest the posting by Howie Glasser - not only because I was Jeff Traves's babysitter for years (he probably does not remember me because he and his sister were always asleep when I got there) but it reminded me of another coincidence relating to KG.
    I was in Spain a few years ago and was waiting outside of a Church for my group to come out when I asked someone who was standing there whether there was another exit. He obviously was American, I asked where he was from - "the US", where in US?"NY" where in NY? Queens - where in Queens? "Kew Gardens" - where did you go to school "PS 99" what years? - well anyhow it turned out he was in my class - Arnold Fenner (I may not have last name quite right - blame is not on senior moment but on intellectual overload) but he remembered me as soon as I gave him my name, just as I remembered him.
Bea Schwarz Newman

February 8, 2004
    How's this for a Kew Gardens coincidence?  Yesterday I decided to play a little golf in Tucson, AZ where I've been living for the past 15 years and the starter paired me up with a few middle age guys a few years older than me and an old man. It was just one of those glorious winter 70 degree days and the company seemed just right. The older man was the father of one of these men whose name was Jeff and who looked just like Danny DeVito and who started out by saying he only plays once a year. He was riding with his Dad who was visiting from back east. On our 3rd hole Jeff hit a funky shot off the tee and decided to walk down the fairway and we started chatting. Out of nowhere he says he was born in Brooklyn. I answered that so was I. Then he volunteered that he grew up in Queens and I said so did I. It turns out he too was from Kew gardens and lived in Tucson. His name is Jeff Trevas, who I didn't know, but then it hit me that his dad then was David Trevas...now 92 years old. It gave me goose bumps to turn to him and ask him if he knew my dad, Nat Glasser and then he went into how he was one of the founders of Anshe Sholom and ran the youth groups for a while (I guess that was before my time cause a great guy named Lenny Houseman ran our youth group)...but a lot of you must know him. By the time we walked a bit further I had him talking to my 92 year old mom, Julia, on my cell phone and the reminiscing was off and running. Jeff told me about this website and last night I couldn't stop reading the entries. NOW it gets even better. From the golf course I went to pick up my daughter who was with friends at a birthday party. As I'm walking in the door one of her friend's parents who I know just a little recently were arriving to pick up their daughter. I started telling them and another parent about my earlier coincidence and they said "where in Queens". They then volunteered that they met in Kew Gardens at the Salty Dog, the block I grew up on. They are Annette and Tom Rudolph. She grew up in Jamaica and he in went to RHHS. She said she went to a fancy Catholic School in Jamaica Estates but I can't remember the name.
    I went to Russell Sage and then to RHHS with Richie Marx, Michael Silvers, Joel Mandelbaum and Rich Pedowitz. Played a lot of basketball at overlook and couldn't imagine a better time growing up in Kew Gardens. It was great to go to the RHHS 35 year reunion last summer and see Howie Kinitski, Jeff Kleinman, Jake Bomerin and Ronnie Rosenber had us howling cause he hasn't changed a bit. We were all wondering what became of Eddie Silverstein and I wonder about David Brownstein and his buddy Tommy Gordon.
    Tucson is treating me well...became a therapist to challenging children and wrote a book that people seem to like and now I get to play a little golf and you never know who you'll run into.
Howie Glasser, 53, RHHS class of '67, Russell Sage class of '64 and PS 90.

February 8, 2004
[To contact Florence Demain, click here.]

February 8, 2004
    I am so pleased that someone mentioned Mrs. Leider.  She was one of those teachers that remains a positive force forever.  I adored her.  I had an appendectomy at the end of first grade and had to miss out on lots of the end- of-the-year activities.  She tried to include me as best she could, with letters from the children, etc.  She came to visit me in the hospital, which made the hospitalization almost worthwhile. (In those days an appendectomy meant 10 days in the hospital, with a stomach laced with bandages all the way around.)
    I continued to keep up with her through junior high.  Her last teaching years were spent in a special ed classroom behind the auditorium.  I don't know if she had special ed training, but she was a natural teacher who didn't need extra training to reach her students.
    I would love for her descendants to read this and know the impact she made on me.  The sweet aroma of a teacher who cared and knew how to show it.
Joyce Ein Dilman
[To contact Joyce Ein Dilman, click here.]

February 6, 2004
This is Amy Ellenberg--I was in Mrs Silverman's 6th grade class graduating I guess 1967 with (names I remember): Charlyn Linden ? Barbara Titowsky, Theresa Gussmarino, Joyce Mordecai, Judy Szak,Nancy Trommer, Cathy Loeb, Joey LaRosa, David something from Silver Towers and others.  Wish I could hear from anyone who remembers these guys and maybe me ??  I started at PS99 in 5th grade(1965 and then in 6th grade 1966, graduating I guess 1967. Write me??
Amy Ellenberg Thurman

Feburayr 6, 2004
To Ben Roubin;
    There are available copies of the FHHS Yearbooks at the school.  Best bet is to call and ask for the Principal's office.  His secretary will be able to help you. I am not sure what years they still have but I know there are (according to law) at least one.  Maybe they will help you and get it copied.  I have access to 1964, 1965 and 1966 books.
    I have a website for FHHS alums.  The link is http://pub27.ezboard.com/bforesthillsclassof19631965
Check us out.
Bonni Watson

February 6, 2004
I attended P.S.99 from Sept 1948-June 1954. Would love to hear from classmates who had Mrs. Leider or Ms Parrish
Gale Coleman Levine

February 6, 2004
I lived at the then 70 Beverly Rd(a few doors away from the Anglo Japanese house)with my sisters Annette,Yvonne,Jean,and Joan we all attended P.S. 99 inthe 1930s pleasantMemories Of all our Many friends.....I remember Miss Goldberg well as well as the soft spoken Miss Seabury  I am a WWII Combat Veteran..Attended George Washington University and became of all things a math @physics teacher thanks to Miss Goldberg and theGI bill. I am a widower and have three children Love to all.
Jim Evans Alexandria,VA
James Paul Evans

February 5, 2004
Does anyone know where to view or buy online Richmond Hill and Forest Hills High School yearbooks, late '60s to early '70s?
Ben Roubin

February 5, 2004
Loved seeing all the P.S. 99 photos.  All those pics of Tommy Nolan brought back a memory.  For a while everyone wanted to swing on the swings in Forest Park so high that they would go all the way around.  People were constantly trying this but everyone said it was impossible. Well, one day in the late 70's, Tommy Nolan (standing, with a girlfriend seated) actually did just that -- went all the way upside down and over the bar!  Not sure if he was in any kind of state to remember it, though -- it was the 70's after all.

February 5, 2004
It was wonderful to see my great-grandparents house on the web. The Daniel Nye house. I also have photos of this house that is no longer.  Daniel Webb Nye and his wife, Mabel Townsend Nye were my great-grandparents. I will share this with thier only child, Barbara Nye Carter of Madison, VA!
Tracy Morris

February 4, 2004
I was thrilled when I learned of this site. Would love to know what some of my old friends are doing. Shari Neretin, Kari Abelman, Lisa, Bruce Wasser, Jordan Brown, Betty Ellenberg, Leslie, Susan Bianco, etc. etc.
Louise Langer (Cecchini)

February 1, 2004
Dan --
In re-reading your post, I realize that we were not in the same class - you mentioned Linda DeMartino.  I was in class with her sister, Nancy.  I guess they were both musical.
Joyce Ein Dilman
[To contact Joyce Ein Dilman, click here.]

February 1, 2004
I have visited this site several times over the past few months and find it remarkable.  For this site to exist we have a tremndous sense of community which is very important today.  I attended PS 99 '58-'64; Russell Sage '64-'67; and RHHS '67-'70 went on to college in Washington D.C. and wound up back in the NY area, Bergen County, NJ.  Now divorced, but have 2 kids (son 22 & daughter 18). I still have contact with an old Kew Gardens buddy, who ironically married my ex's cousin and connected with another old friend who lives in NJ.  Thanks to this site I was able to recognize him as his photo appeared here.  I still get to KG a lot as my mom lives in the Beverly House. Took my kids to "the park" and to Danny's for pizza, but it probably meant more to me than for them at the time. They now do recognize the character Kew Gardens has, although it has changed significantly from "our days".  I find it very special to still be a part of this community.  I noticed someone had written about playing basketball in the park.  As someone who did that I must admit, those were the days!  If anyone cares to contact me feel free to check with the webmaster for my e-mail address.
Cheers to everyone!
Michael Elkisch
[To contact Michael Elkisch, click here.]

February 1, 2004
    Nancy De Martino also had a very good singing voice. (She also had a pet monkey!)  But my memory is of Lenny Bloch, with her straight brown hair, singing with her hands behind her back in this cute little girl way.  Hey, Lenny, who is right?
    Dan, I don't remember you from those years.  There was all this girl stuff going on in the class -- catty fighting and nasty clicks.  So the boys didn't have too much space. I remember Neil Fried (we were friends)and a few other vague names.  But that's it.  How did you all survive?  It was a wonderful lesson for me in raising my own children. I absolutely cannot stand to see my children treating others in a mean way.  Everyone in my home knows the story of those early years of mine.  And yet, I am sure that the majority of the class turned out to be fine people.  I hope so, at least.
Joyce Ein Dilman
[To contact Joyce Ein Dilman, click here.]

February 1, 2004
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