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New York Times  (July 6, 2008):
Whistling Past the Condominiums

Queens Courier  (June 18, 2008):
Maple Grove Cemetery opens 'green' center

New York Daily News  (February 23, 2008):
In Brooklyn and Queens, a movie lover's dream comes true

New York Daily News  (May 15, 2007):
Condos to sprout atop prewar garage

New York Times  (January 30, 2005):
Cafe and Society

New York Daily News  (September 30, 2002):
Protests will keep lot vacant, Lefferts Blvd. Apartment planners give up after 3 years

New York Daily News  (June 18, 2002):
Art Films Draw Kew Gardens Fans, Old-Time Movie House Shows Foreign & Independent Flicks

New York Daily News  (March 8, 2001):
The Crash Pad Pilots Need; Commercial Fliers Bunk In Queens Apartments

New York Times  (June 25, 2000):
Kew Gardens Journal; Home Away From Home For the Airline Crews

New York Daily News  (May 5, 2000):
New Seniors Tower's A Fit For Nabe

New York Daily News  (September 16, 1999):
Real Estate Scene Kew Gardens Full Of Life Population Boost From Immigrants

New York Daily News  (May 6, 1999):
Real Estate Scene - Accessible Kew Gardens Ex-Enclave's Convenience A Major Asset

New York Daily News  (March 2, 1999):
Austin Theater's New Life Coming A 5-Screen Multi-Plex

New York Times  (August 5, 1998):
Pastrami King Abdicates for Life in Manhattan

New York Daily News  (August 4, 1998):
In The Nabes Borough Deli King Abdicates

New York Daily News  (July 17, 1998):
Groups kew up against hi-density apt. Zoning

New York Daily News  (December 4, 1997):
X Won't Marquee Spot Kew Gardens Wants New Life For Old Theater

New York Times  (January 23, 1997):
Saul B. Marantz, 85, Pioneer In Hi-Fi Audio Components

New York Daily News  (November 6, 1996):
Lux Housing For Seniors Is Planned

New York Daily News  (December 26, 1995):
Nursing Home Plan Defeated

New York Daily News  (December 19, 1995):
Nabe Wins Its Fight vs. Senior home

New York Daily News  (September 5, 1995):
Around The Block Kew Gardens Nursing Home Still Awaits Final Approval

New York Daily News  (August 22, 1995):
Nursing Home The Road To Ruin, Sez Suit

New York Daily News  (August 3, 1995):
Senior Home Controversy

New York Daily News  (July 17, 1995):
Rematch Over Building Plan

New York Times  (January 10, 1993):
Kew Gardens Sighs for Its Bridge of Stores

New York Times  (January 26, 1992):
While Bridge Is Fixed, Businesses Waste Away

New York Times  (March 13, 1991):
5 Years After Manes's Death, a Different Queens Blvd.

New York Times  (October 19, 1989):
From Queens Streets, City Hall Seems Very Distant

New York Times  (January 4, 1989):
About Real Estate; Office Building in Queens Rises After Long Delays

New York Times  (July 21, 1987):
The Talk of Queens Boulevard; The Boulevard Loses a Large Measure of Homeyness

New York Times  (August 16, 1922):
Block Front of Homes

New York Times  (April 30, 1922):
Kew Garden's $650,000 Apartments

New York Times  (January 19, 1922):
Buys Kew Gardens Apartment

New York Times  (May 11, 1919):
Buy Site For $600,000 Hotel At Kew Gardens

New York Times  (May 4, 1919):
Building Boom At Kew Gardens

New York Times  (January 26, 1919):
Kew Gardens Building.; Plans Made for Early Construction of Artistic Suburban Homes

New York Times  (February 11, 1917):
Kew Gardens Club.; New Building with MaNew York Athletic Features Opens This Week

New York Times  (July 30, 1916):
New Country Club