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Click image to enlarge
Slideshow: Kew Gardens and the Blizzard of 1947
Click on the image above to see a slideshow of Kew Gardens in the aftermath of the infamous Blizzard of 1947. The slideshow photographs and comments are courtesy of P.S. 99 alumnus and childhood amateur photographer, Jay Rogers.

If you have pictures of yourself showing any Kew Gardens locale in the background, email me high resolution jpegs and I will post them here as space permits.

To download a copy of the Queens Courier's Sept. 2003 article about Old Kew Gardens.com, click on one of the following links. Turn off your browser's auto-resize if the JPEG text appears too small to read.

[JPEG - 240kb]
[PDF - Hi Resolution, 379kb]
[PDF - Low Resolution, 97kb ]
September 2004 Guest Book

September 30, 2004
    Just returned to Arizona from a little family get-together in KG. I walked most of the old streets. A few thoughts follow.
    Many things are still the same as when I lived here in the 40's thru early 60's. That means a lot of crumbling concrete, too. Many things have changed, some better, some worse. A lot of memories have been erased in the name of progress.
    Didn't recognize anyone, except those I expected to see. Lots of cultural diversity, I think that's good. But no smiles or greetings from passersby.
    Fewer businesses, more restaurants. The "Bridge" is much the same, though. The Homestead Deli still has the best potato salad in the world. Brought home a big container. Sorry to hear about the owners passing.
    To sum it all up, it was a good trip, pleasant, satisfying, with a touch of sadness and regret. I'll be back.
Jeff Trevas
Graduated P.S. 99: 1956

Japanese TV Interview
September 28, 2004
[Editor's Note:  This message has been moved to the Kitty Genovese Message Board

September 26, 2004
Editor's Note: I'm sad to have to report the passing last Friday of Martha Giza, for 55 years the co-owner of the Homestead Deli on Lefferts Boulevard at the corner of Cuthbert Road. Her brother and co-owner of the store, Edward Markewic, passed away last month. I'm told she will be waked out of Simonson Funeral Home on Lefferts Boulevard and Hillside Avenue this coming Wednesday and Thursday.

September 26, 2004
To jog your memories, four Bubaris boys went to PS 99. A Bubaris wasin 99 from 1956 - 1968. Teachers I remember - Mrs. Volangus (6th grade) Mr. Ellenport (6th grade -buy a World Book Encyclopedia) Miss. Mahon (5 & 6), Miss. Reese, Miss. Filler, Mrs. Fuller, Mrs. Leftstein, Mrs. Shapiro and Miss. Curlen in Kindergarten. Feingold was the principal. Played afterschool activities baseball in the school yard. Mom still has the house on 83rd Avenue off Abingdon Road. 7 bedrooms, 6 bathrooms. I too went sleighriding down Beverly Road towards Audly Street. Crazy. Could have gotten killed. Also sledded in the little park at the intersection of Park Lane South and Metropolitan Avenue across from what was called then Kent Manor. Told story that Kent Manor residents parked there cars in the parking garage located at the intersection of Kew Gardens Road and Lefferts Boulevard. An attendent would shuttle the car to Kent Manor after an appointment had been made. ! Wow! Also remember the Rumpus Room on 83rd Avenue - ended its career as a bar for homosexuals - yes, in Kew Gardens. Have watched neighborhood change and it's variable. New home buyers either look to preserve or treat their houses poorly. Parking on grass, shoddy repairs for some. Other are doing houses right - well executed improvements. House on Abingdon Road for sale for $1.2MM. No takers. Mom's house appraised at $1.4MM. Dad only paid $40K when he purchased it in 1952. Look for pictures, soon.
Gus Bubaris
Lived in Kew Gardens: 1952 to now
Graduated P.S. 99: 1964

September 24, 2004
Some of you may have received an unsolicited email from a woman who says she is looking for a "hunband" (husband?). The email is a fraud. It was apparently sent out of Senegal in Africa, and the woman's name has previously appeared as the sender of one those Nigerian scam emails we all love to get. As with all such unsolicited emails, I strongly suggest you do not respond to it

September 23, 2004
Thanks Larry for the information.
Linda Wiesner
[To contact Linda Wiesner, click here.]

September 23, 2004
Addendum to the information I posted yesterday about the actor, Johnny Haymer. Apparently, he wasn't quite as obscure as I thought he was. I went on Google after the fact and found out that he was best known as Sgt. Zale in "M*A*S*H" - a role he played approximately 20 times in the 70's. He began as half a comedy team called "Sears and Haymer" before he appeared on TV and in the movies. That is probably the period of time in the 50's that we lived in the same building in Kew Gardens and I babysat for his children. There is a long list on Google of all the guest starring roles he appeared in on dozens of TV shows and movies during the 60's, 70's and 80's, such as "Hogan's Heroes", "Get Smart" "Annie Hall". Unfortunately, I was sad to uncover that Johnny Haymer passed away in 1989 at the age of 69 years old. I am really glad to have had the opportunity to cross his path.
Rochelle (Shelli Rosenstein)Moskowitz
Lived in Kew Gardens: 1956 to 1962
[To contact Rochelle(Shelli Rosenstein)Moskowitz, click here.]

September 23, 2004
this is a great site, and well done to the creator! all of the information really casts a different light on the whole story, its a shame that the press sensationalise the whole thing, instead of portraying the truth... but hey! they have to sell copies
Laurence Oglesby
[To contact Laurence Oglesby, click here.]

September 23, 2004
    Another famous but in this case, somewhat obscure famous person, lived in Kew Gardens at 83-83 118th Street in the mid to late fifties. His name is Johnny Haymer (sp?). Perhaps, there are a few people that might have heard of him. Back then, he was just about to take off on the road to fame and riches.
    I think he was mainly a comedian but he also acted in dramas. On several occasions, I was the babysitter for his three very young children and thought it was sooo exciting to know an almost famous person. I think he and his family moved to California and through the years I did see him act in a few things and hear his name mentioned here and there.
Rochelle(Shelli Rosenstein)Moskowitz
[To contact Rochelle(Shelli Rosenstein)Moskowitz, click here.]

September 22, 2004
    In response to Linda Wiesner's question regarding when the HBO series that show and refer to Kew Gardens are on, Family Bonds is a 10 episode series that debutted last Sunday. A new episode airs every Sunday at 10 p.m. (eastern). Past episodes air throughout the week. You have to check the schedule.
    Entourage recently completed its season run, but repeats are shown regularly. Again, you have to check the schedule.
    I feel like I'm a publicist for HBO. They should be paying me for this, huh?
    Being a big Seinfield fan, my hats off to Franklin Goldberg for catching the Kew Gardens reference from George. What episode was that in?
Larry Gross

September 21, 2004
Editor's Note: This web site is not the first picture history of Kew Gardens. Neither was the 1999 Barry Lewis book. In fact, the first picture history of Kew Gardens was done in 1948 by some unlikely authors. It has not been seen in 55 years, but you can view it here in its entirety beginning October 1st.

September 21, 2004
Last year's Kew Gardens reunion at The Austin Ale house was wonderful.I was wondering if the next one could be coordinated to be held on the afternoon of the RHHS Class of '65 reunion.That date is October 8, 2005. People will be flying in for that party, and have expressed interest in also going to a neighborhood reunion.Please let us know.I hope that this message reaches the people who were responsible for the other great affair.
Thanks, and happy new year.
Edi Beckler Goldberg
[To contact Edi Beckler Goldberg, click here.]

September 21, 2004
Thank you, Larry Gross for the "Kew Gardens on TV Update." In a Seinfeld episode, George bemoans the fact that due to his parents' separation he has to visit them separately, and he has just come from visiting his father in Kew Gardens. That scenario makes me picture Frank Costanza at Dani's. His belligerence and Dani's toughness would have made for a great scene.
Franklin Goldberg
Lived in Kew Gardens: 1946 - 1973
Graduated P.S. 99: 1958
[To contact Franklin Goldberg, click here.]

September 21, 2004
Would love to know when the HBO show is on. Would love to see Kew Gardens on TV.
Linda Wiesner
[To contact Linda Wiesner, click here.]

September 20, 2004
    Two new HBO series have shown scenes and made references of Kew Gardens.
    On Entourage, a series about 4 guys from Queens, one who has become a new, young heart-throb actor and the others his childhood buddies and brother, who move to L.A. to become entralled in the Hollywood movie scene.
    The HBO promo reads, "Vince Chase is a sexy young actor whose career is on the rise. To share the fun of the ride and keep him grounded, Vince looks to Eric, Drama and Turtle, his childhood buddies from Queens. Together, they'll navigate the highs and lows of Hollywood's fast lane, where the stakes are higher, and the money and temptations greater, than ever before."
    As the season ends the four guys are traveling back to N.Y. to film a movie entitled, "Queens Blvd."
    In a meeting with the director, Vince asks the director if he grew up in Queens. He responds, "I grew up in Scarsdale, but my parents owned a supermarket in Kew Gardens."
    The other show higlights Kew Gardens even more so.
    Family Bonds, HBO's new documentary series, gives viewers a window into the dangerous and unexplored world of bounty hunting. Each episode follows members of the Long Island based Evangelista clan as they balance the unusual, on-call demands of their business, All City Bail Bonds.
    Well, All City Bail Bonds is located in Silver Towers on Queens Blvd.
    In the first episode, there is a scene of family members driving down Queens Blvd. from 82nd Ave. to Silver Towers. Later in the show, there is a night scene showing Silver Towers and the Park Vendome Apartments on 83 Ave., down the block from PS 99.
    It was nice to see that the streets of Kew Gardens have become stars in there own right. But, we all knew that already.
Larry Gross

September 18, 2004
My husband and I came to live in Kew Gardens after living on the Upper East Side in NYC for years. We were desperate to be near the city and yet to be far from it. Our paradox was resolved when we found Kew Gardens. My hope is that people continue to preserve it's beauty and not allow the living character to disappear.
[No name given]
Lived in Kew Gardens: 2002 -

September 17, 2004
Hi ... If my memory hasn't slipped too far, Troop 39 originally met at Temple Isaiah on 116th street. When Temple Isaiah (and the troop) moved to Forest Hills. Anshe Sholom took over the building as an annex and Troop 104 started to meet there.
Steve Katz
Lived in Kew Gardens: 1942 - 1961

September 16, 2004
Click on image to enlarge.
CLICK TO ENLARGE.Thanks to Howard Scheiman for this September 2004 photograph of Andre at Dani's Pizzeria.

September 15, 2004
Regarding the meeting place for Troop 39 - if you can provide a location of the synagogue in question, I'm sure SOMEONE out there (perhaps even myself) will be able to provide you with its name.
Rob Freundlich
[To contact Rob Freundlich, click here.]

September 13, 2004
I was a Boy Scout at Troop 39 that met in Kew Gardens. Anyone remember the name of the synagog the troop met at? Any former members out there?
Joel Maimon
Lived in Kew Gardens: 1945 - 1952
Graduated: P.S. 170 in 1951
[To contact Joel Maimon, click here.]

September 9, 2004
This is a wonderful site!!!
marlena patterson

September 7, 2004
This was wonderful. It brought back such wonderful memories of my childhood. I live in Reno Nv. now. Thankyou
Judith Ann Pikul Blauth
[To contact Judith Ann Pikul Blauth, click here.]

September 7, 2004
    I lived in KG for over 15 years on Metropolitan Avenue and Lefferts. My children went to PS 90 because of the change in boundries. We attended the synogogues on Abington RD.
    I still have friends living in the area.
    Bernie and Claire were my friends. We miss them.
Mildred B. Binder
[To contact Mildred B. Binder, click here.]

September 5, 2004
Myra Smulovitz is my name and I read Trains Magazine and other magazines such as railpace and railfan I am attending a train show with my husband in Allentown,PA
Myra Smulovitz
[To contact Myra Smulovitz, click here.]

September 5, 2004
    I loved the website and saw many names of the people I grew up with. My name is Mark Gittelman and I grew up at 83-15 118th Street. In the guestbook archive I saw many names of people I knew; Ron Signore, Steve Fiegeles, Rob Freundlich, Mitch Rubinoff.
    I would love to hear from all of you.
Mark Gittelman

September 2, 2004
PLEASE HELP OUT a DEAR FRIEND of MINE WHO LIVES in KEW GARDENS :-) I am posting this message at the request of Kathy Furth. It is as follows: For the past 17 years, I have been a tenant in a private house. I have paid cash and performed caretaking duties as my form of rent. For example, raking autumn leaves, shoveling snow, gardening, taking care of pets, house cleaning, etc. I am interested in finding another situation with a Kew Gardens homeowner who would be amenable to having someone on their premises to help out as well as to contribute a monthly stipend. On behalf of Kathy Furth I thank you in advance. Take care & please feel free to respond to me as I will forward all responses to Kathy Furth. Respond to CAMISLAND@aol.com
Candace (Candy) Henschel

September 1, 2004
Click on image to enlarge.
CLICK TO ENLARGE.I really enjoyed Alan Linsky's memories of the "Big Snow" of 1947 and sledding on Beverly Road. I've posted pictures taken when the sun came out after the storm. Here is some more about sleigh riding in Kew Gardens in the late 40's. Stick with this. We called it a sled and went sledding. The very best sled there was, was a "Flexible Flyer". Nothing else came close. They stopped making them during the war and there were very few around. There was only one on Talbot St during the war and it belong to Eugene. I got to ride it a few times. I owned a "Yankeee Clipper". During the war, and for a year or two after, there were very few cars in Kew Gardens. Those that did own them used them. Point is, there were no cars parked on the residential side streets during the day. Additionally, when it snowed, cars avoided driving on the hilly streets altogether. Thus there were absolutely great and safe places to go sledding; the hilly streets. The best and the most popular was "Beverly". The ride started at 83rd Rd, went down Beverly Rd, shot around the turn into Audley and then down to Grenfell St. Ho hum the grand children will say now, as they fly on their extreme snow boards and say to themselves (If my Grandfather/mother tells me once more about the 5 candy I will puke). Tough stuff kiddies, but here's what us old timers really did at Beverly and that you can't do on a snowboard. First, we belly whopped. Also, we made trains of the sleds by hooking your toes over the handles of the sled behind you. Trains could be 5 or more sleds long. The great part of the train was the crash. They always crashed. Airplanes. One sled on top of the other at right angles like wings with 2 or 3 kids sitting on the top sled. These always made spectacular crashes. Three kids on a sled, one on top of the other. The prescient who went down standing. All possible combinations of the above. Also and finally, there were big kids and fast little kids standing to the side at the top, sled in one hand, evil grin in the other. They were going to cut you off. They would suddenly break into a sprint, put the sled under themselves in mid air and come rocketing towards their prey. As they passed their victim I would, I mean they would, grab the back runner support of the sled and yank it. If all went well, the victim was suddenly on his back and his sled somewhere up in the air. The ultimate? Cut off a cutoffer. On the way home to Talbot St we went over "The Bridge" and passed two Candy Stores. And if someone had 5......
Love this stuff
Jay Rogers

September 1, 2004
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