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Dani's House of Pizza
Dani's House of Pizza on Lefferts Boulevard at the intersection of Audley and Grenfell Streets in Kew Gardens, NY.  Its founder, Ramiz Dani, was buried on July 24, 2003 in Maple Grove Cemetery.  The photograph was taken in July of 2001.

If you have pictures of yourself showing any Kew Gardens locale in the background, email me high resolution jpegs and I will post them here as space permits.

To download a copy of the Queens Courier's Sept. 2003 article about Old Kew Gardens.com, click on one of the following links. Turn off your browser's auto-resize if the JPEG text appears too small to read.

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[PDF - Hi Resolution, 379kb]
[PDF - Low Resolution, 97kb ]
August 2003 Guest Book

August 31, 2003
I lived in the Texas apartment house.  My son, Larry was friends with Candy and David Tomaki  I always took agroup of kids to Dani for pizza.  Reading allthese messages brings back good memories  Tanks for the memories.
Bill Gross

August 28, 2003
Where is the Anshe Sholom on Abingdon Road?  This is a conservative temple around since I can remember.  The authodox came in the 60's.  Till then, Anshe Sholom was the only temple building in Kew Gardens.  I can still remember the rummage sales in the community house on 116th street and the teen dances they had there.  We had a youth group and one year I player the King in a play about Esther.  I remember Rabbi Faber who was very strict and we never got away with anything.  When you saw him you smiled and walked fast.  I remember the Goldmans, the Goldbergs, the Levines, the Freids, the Tannenbaums, the Lessers and many more who's names I cannot remember now.  We respected our parents' friends by calling them Aunt and Uncle because they were part of the extended families we had.  Those days were glorious.
Linda Widder-Wiesner

August 26, 2003
Hi Buddy Horowitz, I went to PS 99 with you , and yes ,we did graduate in 65.  I remember going over to your house numerous times, though we sort of lost contact after 65.  Do you remember Miss Reese, Mr. Ellenport, Mrs. Filler and all the others?  It's great to see your name and so many names I remember, and the photos on this site are absolutely amazing.  Love the site and would love to hear from PS 99 schoolmates and old Kew Gardenites.
Ira Abrams

August 26, 2003
I just posted my class photo from PS 99 /1959 class 6-3.  If anyone remebers the name of the teacher or any of the unknown student please write.
Robert Horn

August 25, 2003
Hello Old Kew Gardenites!  Loved reading about your fond memories.  Growing up in Kew Gardens was wonderful and I am still friendly and in touch with many of my childhood friends, but would love to reconnect with others.  In those days, I was Arlene Bein (Beanie) and lived on Metropolitan Avenue along with my immediate and extended family.  We all went to PS 99, Russell Sage and I went to Forest Hills High (I guess I'm giving away my age, because it was before the boundary was changed!  Would love to hear from friends and neighbors.  We lived in the Gables, 119-37 Metropolitan Avenue.
Best to all.
Arlene Basner (nee Bein)

August 25, 2003
lived on 81st Ave. from 1947 thru 1973,when we moved to California. My sons{Bud and Steve} had the most wonderful childhood there. I'm so glad you are preserving the memories.
Dr.Sam & Dor[s Horowitz

August 24, 2003
Great site!  What a lot of memories it brings up.  I lived in Kew Gardens from 1953 until 1973.  I attended PS99, graduating in 1965(I think), Russell Sage and then Kew Forest.  My dad was one of the neighborhood doctors, Sam Horowitz, practicing out of an office in our house, first at 123 81st Avenue and then at 122 81st Avenue. Our next door neighbor was Saul Marantz.  If any of his old patients read this, he is still alive at 95, and doing quite well.  I have lived in the Los Angeles area for almost 30 years now, but still remember my childhood in Kew Gardens with great fondness.  I'd love to hear from anyone who remembers our family.  i have a brother, Steve, who also attended PS99, graduating in 1970.
Bud Horowitz

August 23, 2003
Who wanted to know about Jonathan London?  He is my brother.
Andy London

August 20, 2003
I was born in 1956 and lived in the Shellball apartments since I was little.  I also went to P.S. 99.  I would love to hear from old classmates. This site is a wonderful find.  Thanks.
Laurie Fessler

August 19, 2003
Hi Everyone from Kew Gardens:Does anyone remember Linda and Leslie Kagen.  I was very friendly with her and I would love to get in touch with her.  This sight is absolutely the greatest.  It really brings back such fond memories.  Any one who remembers me can write to me. I would love to keep in contact with many Friends.
shelley reiss

August 19, 2003
     YO People!  There's a little bit happening with our memories of Kew Gardens on the 'new' "Old Kew Gardens" Message Board!  If we want it to become a LOT happening, then visit and get involved!
     I recognize so many names from this guestbook!  So far I've rekindled one friendship from 40 years ago!  I want MORE! We're out here, come find us!
     Here is the link to the "Old Kew Gardens" Message Board!
Mike Hoffman

August 19, 2003
It was great seeing old pictures and faces!  Believe it or not, I could name practically ALL names in our 2nd grade picture.  I adored seeing friends/family at the 75th anniversary reunion party for PS99.  Time actually stood still.  I'd love to hear from past classmates.  I'm now living in Phoenix, AZ.blessed with a marriage of 35yrs, two married children and two grandsons.  I still like playing games and having fun (even though I'm all grown up)!!!
Marilyn Green (Jacobi)

August 18, 2003
Hi, I was born and grew up in kew gardens surrounded by my extended family.  We all lived on Metropolitan Avenue. By family name was Bein, cousins were Rosenblatt, and Goldman.  Frank Goldberg lived in my building and our families were friends.  I attended PS 99, JHS 190 Russell Sage, and Richmond Hill HS. Two years ago with a group of friends we attended PS 99 reunion.  Marilyn Jacobi, Fern Kaplan, Stephanie Optikman, Georgette Bennett, and Michael Rickosi, my sister Arlend Bein all attended.  It was a great thrill to be able to spend an evening with such wonderful long time friends.  I would love to hear from others who spent a wonderful childhood in Kew Gardens
Linda Bein Savid

August 18, 2003
Please write to me.  I'd love to hear from anybody who went to PS 99 and lived in Kew Gardens.
Linda Bein Savid

August 18, 2003
Andy london, Are you Johnathans brother??????

August 18, 2003
We used to live there in the late 50s-early 60s.  Lots of fond memories.  If there are anyone out there that might recognize me, would like to hear from you.  For the old time sake.
Best wishes
John Tamaki

August 18, 2003
Hi.  Shelley I lived in the Texas and went to Richmond Hill HS. When did you graduate?  I graduated in 1961.  I went there from 1959 to 1961, since we moved to Kew Gardens in 1959.  Let me know.  I didn't know those guys, but maybe I would know them by sight.  I'm terrible about names.
Barbara Levine Ehrentreu
[To contact Barbara Levine Ehrentreu, click here.]

August 17, 2003
Hi:  I lived in 41 Kew Gardens Road.  Great location.  You had everything there.  The Subways,busses Crossroads Drugstore.  Does anyone remember Cushmans Bakery. That was so good.  I went to P.S 99 Russell Sage and Richmond Hill High School.  I used to like a couple of guys in my younger days who lived in the Texas Building Eddie Krinitz and Leon Fried.  I remember also Gussies Candy Store they were noted for their egg creams  Any who sees this contact me.
Shelley Reiss

August 15, 2003
This site is excellent.  Iwould love to hear from old friends.
Andy London

August 14, 2003
On page 7 in the Forest Hills section of Queenspix.com there is a picture of a trolley on Metropolitan Ave. approaching the Interboro overpass taken in 1950.  I've always lamented the passing of trolleys. Now that I live in San Francisco where trolleys are woven into the fabric of public transportation along with cable cars and electric busses, it's kind of an eerie feeling looking at that picture of the lonely trolley car and trying to imagine a trip down Metropolitan Ave. back then.
Norman Landsberg

August 14, 2003
I remember the trolleys, vaguely.  I lived my first five years Lefferts & Metropolitan, and there was a trolley stop with passenger island right there.  After we moved to 80th road in 1949, I have no recollection of trolleys or tracks.
Jeff Trevas

August 12, 2003
Bob Rosenblatt

August 11, 2003
Lisa Heisel

August 10, 2003
I dont remember anyone mentioning the old trolley cars that ran on Metropolitan Avenue.  I moved there in 1942 and I guess they ran for a few more years, when they pulled up the tracks and put buses on Metropolitan Ave.
Phyllis Saxon Goldberg

August 10, 2003
I lived in the Roger Williams many years after Jerry Springer.  But from 1959-1965 I lived in the Texas across the street.  My husband went to FHHS, and I think he graduated the same year.  I have to check the yearbook to see about that.  This bulletin board is so great, because I am learning so much about Kew Gardens that I never knew.  I always thought it was a great place to live, but now I realize why.  It's also amazing how many people have moved away, yet have kept a little spot in their hearts for this little area. It was a great place to grow up in, because it was filled with people all the time and everyone knew you.  It was a small town inside of a giant city.  We had the best of both worlds. When we wanted to see the city all we had to do was get on the subway.  In many ways I wish my own kids had grown up there so that they could see how people got along without a car.
Barbara Levine Ehrentreu
[To contact Barbara Levine Ehrentreu, click here.]

August 9, 2003
I was born and brought up in Kew Gardens and have lived here for my entire life.  I've brought up my children in Kew Gardens and they've attended the same schools that I have. Kew Gardens is a wonderful place to live and in which to bring up children.  It is convenient to everything ...close to Manhattan and all parts of Long Island.  I still maintain friendships with people that I grew up with and went to school with.  I have a very large family and my brother and most of my cousins also grew up here. I love the oldkewgardens site and look foward to hearing from old friends and classmates.
Audrey Goldman Brookner

August 8, 2003
Jerry Springer attended PS 99, Russell Sage and graduated FHHS in 1961.  He is a really nice guy despite (as was mentioned) his TV persona.  I had been in contact with him a few months ago when I organized a huge all classes FHHS Reunion which took place in Boca Raton, FL and he was coming, but a few weeks before the party he wrote to say he had a previous Political commitment.  He lives in Sarasota, FL and commutes to his studio in Chicago.
Bonni the FHHS YENTA

August 8, 2003
Hi Josh, Yes, Jerry Springer attended PS. 99, Russell Sage and I think Richmond Hill High.  He use to play basketball in Forest Park.  I spoke to him a few yrs ago, in Cincinnati (where I live now) and we talked a little bit about the old neighborhood.  He is really a nice guy, his show is more or less his alter ego.  Unfortunately for him, his rep from the show has killed his chances to run for Ohio Stae Senate this yr.  In spite of his TV persona, he is actually a very good politician.
Michelle (Lewengood)

August 8, 2003
Hi, Yes, Jim Curran and Lori Olf have been married about 25 yrs now.  They have 2 kids, a boy and girl(in their teens) and are very happy together.  They live out on the Island. If you e-mail me and give me your name and e-mail address, I will forward it on to Lori.
Michelle (Lewengood)

August 8, 2003
Has anyone seen or heard from Jimmy Curran.  He lived on Metro Ave, played basketball in the park during the 70's and dated Lori Olf?

August 8, 2003
Hi Mathew, I wanted you to know that in 1976, I lived on 118 st down the "Hill" closer to Hillside Ave and..... I was zoned as living in Kew Gardens. I even sported the 11415 Zip.  I don't know if the Zoning has changed since then.  I remember Jahns and Serento's Italian Restaurant (as well as the Richmond Hill Library) as being part of Richmond Hil, but my block was the last one zoned as KG.  Take Care,
Michelle Lewengood

August 8, 2003
I was looking at the 1954 class photos of class 5-3 and see that Jerry Springer is in the photo.  Now, I know that he lived in the Roger Williams, but is it that he also went to PS 99?
Josh Levine

August 7, 2003
I lived in Kew Gardens from 1958-1962, when I had to return to Japan with my family.  I came across the name Josh Levine and I remember him well.  Josh, do you remember me?  It's me David (that's my American name.)Tamaki.  I remember you watched King Leonardo cartoons on weekends!  I was able to see some class pictures from PS 99.  What memories !  I reside in Sammamish, WA. now. Please send me messages, anyone who remembers me. Those four years were the greatest!
David Tamaki

August 7, 2003
I stumbled upon this website by accident, and have told all my old Kew Gardens friends about the site, especially my cousin Josh Levine.  I grew up on Talbot Street in a private house between the Zifferís( who will ever forget them) and the LoCasio families.  On the site now are garden apartments.  My mother (Eva Horn) lived there from 1946 until 1978.  I too was sorry to hear about Daniís passing.  I remember as a boy watching them construct the place, and eating there on opening day.  Where else did you pay for the pizza on the way out!  It was a nice place to grow up; the 99 schoolyard was the greatest place to play stickball.  I never went there without finding someone to play some kind of ball, followed by an egg cream at Gussies.
Robert Horn

August 6, 2003
John L. Gann, Jr.

August 6, 2003
I did not know until two days ago that this site even existed. It is awesome.  I have not lived in Kew Gardens since 1977, but it is still so much a part of me.  I have already reconnected with Lori Olf after twenty some odd years.  I can not thank you enough for developing this website.
Suzanne (Furth) Victor

August 5, 2003
    Hi -- Can anyone tell me what town the Hampton Court co-op at 117-01 Park Lane South, zip code 11418. is located in?
    I am seeing references all over the place to both Richmond Hill and to Kew Gardens and being that my husband and I just purchased an apartment in the co-op and will be moving in, we'd love to tell people what neighborhood we live in--especially UPS and the people who mail us things.  All of our documents that we closed with said Kew Gardens, but I've seen a big batch of mail to Occupant in my mail box there that has an address with Richmond Hill, including the co-op's newsletter.
    We would like to know what town to give to places also like the Motor Vehicles Bureau for our nondriver IDs, the voter registration people, and what to put on our checks too.
    Does anyone know how this confusion got started?  I know that Jamaica is sometimes used by officials because a bunch of towns in Queens come under Jamaica but I'd just love to know what town my gorgeous new co-op is in.
    Thanks to whomever can untangle this....
Signed--a new shareholder at Hampton Court--

August 3, 2003
I want to say just a couple of things.  The last time I visited KG was 3 years ago.  Of course, had dinner at Dani's & when I asked about him I was told that he was on his way 4 dinner there as well.  I was like WOO HOO.  Anyways, he did show up & sat at a table next to us.  I got up 2 say hello 2 him & he remembered me.  We chatted 4 awhile & left smiling :-)  Dani may you rest in peace & know that you will never be forgotten & that you are in the hearts of sooooooo many!
Pauline Goldberg....Does anyone know Pauline or where she is?
Take Care,
Candy Henschel & sister Kim

August 2, 2003
Thanks for creating this website.  I grew up in K.G from 1953 - 1982.  I lived in the Kew Terrace Apts. on Union Tpke and Park Lane South.  I have been living in Cincinnati since 1982, but my heart and memories always remain in the Kew Gardens I have always loved!  Going to Barrys and riding the dime poney outside Mr. B's store. Junior was always there to help me spend my quarter. Dani's was the first place I ever had pizza.  Dani and Andre; they were a team!  I will miss you Dani!  You could walk in any time and say "Hi Dani and he would remember you" ...And of course there was Frankie, the Good Humor man; he rang his bell three times in a row and then we would ALL come running. Here in Cincinnati no one has ever heard about playing spud outside on the stoop..Those were the good times.  Kew Gardens had a small town feeling within a big city!  To those who I went to school with (like Marshall Kremski, Kevin Klauber, Tom Ferrel and Ray ZaKowski...Hello. I attended PS 99, Russell Sage and Jamaica High, then went to Herbert Lehman College in the Bronx and received a BSN (Nursing). I now teach Nursing in Cincinnati and have 2 adult children. I go back twice a yr. to visit my mom, who still lives in the old apartment
Michelle (Lewengood) Cohen-Fesman
You can contact me at: bigapplecity@cinci.rr.com

August 2, 2003
I went to P.S. 99 from kinder in 1960 looking for people from same the site is deliteful
lori olf

August 2, 2003
Thanks so much for the wonderful memories!!!!!!  I lived in K.G. from 1953-1982 and still go back to visit my mom.

August 2, 2003
I remember that day when Dani came out with the kitchen knife.  I was there across the street and I saw him come out and the cops stopped bothering you boys.  I can't remember what year that was.  But I know that Dani gave out pizza slices to favored customers.  And if the guy making the pizza liked you your pizza was almost too heavy to carry.  They used to give us so much cheese and pepperoni that it was enough to eat only one slice.  We moved to Kew Gardens in 1959 and I never knew the neighborhood without Dani's.  Besides Dani's though there was Regent's Row for a larger variety.  The portions were enormous and even now their salads and prime rib are still the largest I have ever had.

August 1, 2003
The first slice of pizza I ever had was at Dani's back when he first opened up.  I was sorry to hear of his passing.  Also, I was looking at the PS 99 class pictures and imagine my surprise when a familiar face jumped out at me.  There I was, eons ago, sitting in class.  I sent the URL to my son and he picked me out right away.  It's great to see those pictures.  To those who sent them in, thank you and thanks for posting them.
June Marantz Chamberlain

August 1, 2003
    What an amazing site!!!  Truly captures the memories of growing up in Kew Gardens!
    I now live on Lake Buel (near Great Barrington, Massachusetts in "the Berkshires") but, of course, I can NEVER forget my childhood in Kew Gardens...
    VERY sorry to hear about Mr. Dani's passing...(I always called him "Dani", thinking that was his FIRST name.)  A day after school was never complete in Kew Gardens without a slice of pizza and a coke at Dani's.  (It was .15 cents a slice when Dani's opened in 1958, anyone remember?  A WHOLE PIE was $1.25! Today that doesn't even cover one (1) slice!!!)
    In recent years, whenever passing through the neighborhood, I always made it a point to stop by Dani's to say hello.  Although Dani had retired, sometimes one could be lucky enough to catch him there, returning for a visit!
Richard "Ricky" Siegel

August 1, 2003
I have two wonderful memories about Ramiz Dani.  Once I hit a daily double at Aqueduct and won $600 - a total fortune back then.  I came into the Pizza Place that night and showed Ramiz the cash - from that day forward he called me "Rich Man" - hardly true - even now but that was Dani.  Another time the cops (the beloved 102nd) were hassling us for hanging out in front of the Pizza Place - Dani came out waving a kitchen knife and told them to leave us alone.  But then again remember Dani fed them all
David Sommers

August 1, 2003
Hi This is great, my family lived in kew gardens, since 1945, my parents are still their, living in kent manor, the same apartment i grew up in, my brother alan and I live in manhattan, would love to hear fromsome kew gardens alumni, I also loved Danis pizza place, we did a lot of hanging out their in the late 60s,just as frank goldberg said. I miss you all, we had a great childhood.
Howard Spindel

August 1, 2003
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