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Beverly Road at Audley Street
and 85-37 Abingdon Road
If you have pictures of yourself showing any Kew Gardens locale in the background, email me high resolution jpegs and I will post them here as space permits.

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May 2003 Guest Book

Free Republic on Kitty Genovese
May 29, 2003
[Editor's Note:  This message has been moved to the Kitty Genovese Message Board.]

May 28, 2003
I am currently looking for a new school for my son, he is actually in 4th grade in a gifted program.  Can you please send me an application?  Thanks
Carline Beauzile

May 28, 2003

Ed.'s Note:  The weather in Kew Gardens has been rainy and overcast the past few weekends.  As soon as we get a sunny weekend day, I will take a picture of the Parc Chateau and post it on the most current guest book page.

May 28, 2003
Sarah Hallaway

May 26, 2003
         I stumbled on your web page purely by accident.  I grew up on 81st Ave. in Kew Gardens in the 50s.  Reading your guest book brought back many wonderful memories. I'd like to share two of them with your readers.  I, too, suffered a year in 3rd grade under the terrible, Miss Reiss. When visiting Kew Gardens about 10 years later, a friend suggested we visit PS 99.  We walked into the basement and there was a poor 3rd grade class and Miss Reiss, boxing a little boys ears.  That sure looked familiar.  I mentioned this to my mother and she said I was old enough to know the truth about Miss Reiss.  When I was in her class there was a girl who was one of several children and the family didn't have much money.  This poor girl had to wear her older sister's faded hand-me-downs, including a sweater with holes in the elbows. At Christmas time, Miss Reiss kept this girl after school and gave her a gift . a brand new pretty pink sweater.  So, my friends, Miss Reiss did have a heart after all.
         I'd also like to share a story about Frankie, the Good Humor man.  The summer of 1954 my father was manufacturing hi-fi equipment in our basement.  He had 2 women working for him who assembled the equipment.  That summer he hired Karla, the 18 yr. old daughter of a friend. Mid afternoon, they heard the Good Humor bells and all ran up to stop him for ice cream.  Frankie was smitten with Karla and naturally they flirted with each other.  The next few days he loudly rang his bells in front of the house.  Then he started coming in our driveway, ringing his bells and occasionally even ringing the doorbell.  That was a great summer for me. I had the Good Humor man come in my driveway every day. My big concern was if I would have enough allowance to last the week. I'd love to hear from any Kew Gardens friends.
June Marantz Chamberlain

May 26, 2003
my four brothers and i grew up in kew gardens,went to PS99,forest hills high and city college.what a wonderful town in which to grow up. my wife of almost 40 years and i now live in north carolina. of my brothers mike,tom, nick and sam only tom, sam and myself are left.tom is in seattle and sam is in south carolina.
john mihoulides

May24, 2003

May 23, 2003
I just love this web site, I find myself going on it many times and always find something new.  Thank you.
Pat Albrechtsen

May 23, 2003
I grew up in Forest Hills and when I got married in 1982 I moved to Kew Gardens. I lived at 41 Kew Gardens Road until 1988 when I moved to Long Island. I always enjoyed looking at the architecture of the buildings and houses in the area. It is quite unique. I also enjoyed living in Kew Gardens and looking at your site brought back many good memories.
Robert Gralla

May 22, 2003
[Editor's Note:  This message has been moved to the Kitty Genovese Message Board.]

May 22, 2003
I went to PS99 in the 1940s. My second grade teacher was Mrs Sochuret(?) The principal was Mrs. Oliver. Other teachers I remember were Mrs. King and Mrs LeVeness(?). I lived at 119-20 Union Turnpike and then in the Mowbray apartments. It was sure a long time ago!!
Helga Stein

May 21, 2003
I have lived in Kew Gardens on 85th ave & 124 st for my whole life (39 years). Someone mentioned Bernie Levines egg creams- They were great!  May him & Claire rest in peace( there house is now up for sale by there daughter Roberta). I also miss the original Regents Row. I wont even walk into the new one. I also miss the Austin movie theather, no not the porn but the rock movies I saw there as a teenager. I also miss The Cozy Corner (bar) that was on Jamaica ave & lefferts blvd. We had some great times there in the 80's. The neighborhood as changed but at least it has stayed good over the years.
Noreen Kelter

May 20, 2003
Growing up in Richmond Hill and moving away to Florida for 4 years I have once again returned to the only place that has ever been HOME to me.  I now live in Kew Gardens and am thankful that it has remained as it has I love this site and it has been beautifully done  Thanks to all that contribute to it
nancy tompkins

May 20, 2003
I have been living in Kew Gardens for almost six years. I heared of Kitty Genovese several times in the News regarding her murder mystery. So, I decided to dig more to have a background on this case. Your website is a Museum for Kew Gardens. Thank you very much for the excellent job of restoring the past for the future.
Syed Rezwi

May 20, 2003
Ed.'s Note:  The kind words are appreciated. Within the next 2 weeks or so, I hope to post PDF scans of some of the testimony at the trial of Kitty's murderer as well as lengthy excerpts from the District Attorney's briefs - all of which provide a detailed factual background of the case.

May 20, 2003
Anyone who graduated FHHS in 1960 or RHHS in 1960 and went to PS99 please email me. We would like to have a reunion in NYC. It would be a blast.
Linda Widder Wiesner

May 19, 2003
Ed.'s Note:  One of our viewers has composed a poem about Kew Gardens written in Haiku verse. You can read it by clicking here.

May 15, 2003
In re Mrs. Oliver, Principal of PS99: She died in 1954, I believe; Mrs. Sochurek (sp?) became interim Principal. Additions or corrections solicited.
Jeff Trevas

May 15, 2003
Fantastic website! very user freindly. .... Great images! Excellent historical source.
Darrin M. Vonstein

May 14, 2002
In 1927 my parents bought a house in Forest Hills at 111-21 76th Ave (then Martel Place). They settled in F.H. in about 1910. I attended the private school at Austin Street and Union Turnpike. I attended P.S. 101 in Forest Hills. Both Forest Hills and Kew Gardens have been good neighbors ever since I can remember. Many of my friends lived in Kew Gardens, only a short walk away.
Alan T. Sundstrom

May 12, 2003
kew gardens ny is nice

May 11, 2003
The house you are showing designed by Ernest Flagg is VERY famous. Was built for LOUIS Heaton PINK. You've heard of the NYC Housing projects called The PINK Houses in Brooklyn. 117-16 is the exact house humber.
Ronald Marzlock

Ed.'s Note:  The writer, Ron Marzlock, is not only a very knowledgeable local historian, he is also one of the principals of an excellent web site, QueensPix.com, where you can view and purchase photographs taken 40 - 60 years ago of Kew Gardens and other Queens locations.

May 11, 2003
I answered my own question.  The name of the principal in the 50's was Mrs. Oliver.
Carol Feigl Paplin

May 11, 2003
Does anyone remember the name of the PS 99 principal in the 50's.  I do remember that it was a WOMAN (way ahead of her time!!!!) and that whenever she visited the classrooms someone always preceeded her with a HIGH stool.  She would then sit on this stool, tower over us, and address the class.
Carol Feigl Paplin

May 10, 2003
I went to PS99 from '64. Mr Feingold was always the 99 principal, as far as I know. I'd run into him yrs later as he walked from the Union Tpke subway to the school. Are you looking at this fantastic site, Mr Feingold? Take care.
Katie Straub

May 10, 2003
A wonderful stroll down Memory Lane. Better than going to visit the Big Rock in Forest Park!!!!
Andy Semons

May 9, 2003
I loved reading the guest book Entries. I didn't know Eliezer Scott, a recent contributor to your site, but I do share many of his memories, beautifully written flashbacks..esp. about Bernie Levine, owner of the candy store on 123rd St/Metropolitan Ave. My sister & I remember the penny candy and looking forward to buying school supplies every year. I grew up in Kew Gardens; everything about it was terrific, and I miss it.
Taury Silver

May 9, 2003

May 8, 2003
Someone recently wanted to know if RHHS has a website. Yes, it does!  Go to richmondhillny.com, and there's a link to RHHS alumni registration. Check it out!  Lot's of names from the past.
Judi Anderson

May 7, 2003
A salute to the Kew Gardens all-time greats and the wonderful memories they provided to me. First, to the "Babe Ruth" of egg creme craftsmen Bernie Levine. Bill Gates couldn't have made as much money per square foot in his wildest dreams. Bernie, I would like to take the "buy it now" on your recent EBAY lot #5, a hershey bar, a wall fuse and volumes A thru R of the 1973 Encyclopedia Britannica. To a few people not yet mentioned on this site. To Lydia's; Pat who was at the window, Tony who was at the pizza oven and Lydia cooking in the bullpen. Tony by the way sent all of his white t-shirts to Frenchy at Dani's when he retired. To the Spolans, the official supplier of "Yeshiva whiffle ball". Really, every time I bought a spauldeen at Spolans sporting goods that Boxer made correct change. He had what they call in the canine world the "gift of gab". To all who participated in the downhill car races at the Wonderland toy store who didn't weigh down their cars with ball ! bearings. To old Spiro whose grease from those burgers I still carry in my veins. To Mel the druggist who mixed the potions to try and unclog those veins. To Joe Pepitone, not the power-hitting first baseman, but the power-cutting butcher who intoduced me to the first professional athletes I ever met, Billy Paultz (part owner of Salty Dog) and Maury Wills of the Los Angeles Dodgers. Just to cut this E-Mail short of a Tolstoy novel, I would be remiss not to mention P.S. 99 Principal William Feingold - for the last time, "That kid hit me first and I don't think that should be on my permanent record", I truely wanted to attend Harvard. Until next time, choose one from Column A and one from column B.
Best Wishes
Eliezer Scott.

May 7, 2003
Ed.'s Note:  If you've posted a message to this guestbook that you need to change, just email the changes to me (using the same email address you gave at posting) and I will make them for you.

May 7, 2003
I lived in Kew Gardens from 1947 until my marriage in 1968, at 41 Kew Gardens Road. I went to PS 99 from 1952 until 1958, and survived Miss Reiss' third grade class! Then went to Russell Sage JHS, Richmond Hill HS and Queens College. If anyone out there remembers me, I'd love to hear from you!
Judi Anderson

May 5, 2003
I wrote in March and have to say this site is fantastic. Not only did I find my long-lost friend Nancy Zgoski (I am not sure I am spelling her last name correctly), but after 35 years, if is as if no time had passed us by. I finally got a chance to meet up with her and this time I hope to keep the friendship until I am old and gray. Here's to all those out there that grew up in Kew Gardens and may you all be as lucky as I have been to find a childhood friend that you thought you never see again
Arlene Mielczarski (Young)

May 2, 2003
How about a picture of my Grandparents old home 85-37 Abingdon rd. Also the wintergarden restaurant on Queens blvd. This site is awesome, Thanks for the memories.

May 3, 2003
Ed.'s Note:  A photo of 85-37 Abingdon Road is now at the top of the page.

May 2, 2003
Growing up in KG was great I lived at 116 82nd road from 1963-1990. I remember PS99 Playing stickball in the old school yard. I worked at the Reo Chemist drug store,The liquor store and Regente Row. Anytime I'm back in town I go to Dani's for a slice and a coke just like the old days. Keep up this great site.
Thomas Francullo

May 2, 2003
I lived in Kew Gardens from 1943-1962 (PS 99, as part of that). Lived at 83-44 Lefferts (6B). Periodically on trips to JFK I will stop or bring friends to see it. A wonderful way to grow up.
Steve Kohm

May 2, 2003
would like to hear from classmates.
fern kaplan (greenbaum)

May 1, 2003
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