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1922 Postcard
You can imagine my surprise when I came across this vintage postcard postmarked 1922 showing an old cart drawn by 2 oxen moving along a dirt road in "Kew Gardens, L.I."  According to Barry Lewis, by the 1920's, Kew Gardens had become quite cosmopolitan.  Not only were the houses upscale and the residents affluent, but the Community was home to theater people, writers, musicians and sculptors.  If the old Kew Gardens Corporation made John Budion physically move his house because it was an eyesore, I was sure they would have shot these two guys on sight.  It was not until after I'd spent days trying to figure out whether the picture showed the old Whitepot (Kew Gardens) Road or an older Metropolitan Avenue that someone clued me in.  This is a gag postcard.  Cards like it were manufactured en masse with the pennant area left blank.  Shopkeepers could then customize them by having any desired neighborhood name inserted.

Reference:  Barry Lewis, "Kew Gardens: Urban Village in the Big City", pp. 16, 23 (1999).