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P.S. 99 Kindergarten 3 (1986).
SCHOOL: P.S. 99   DATE: 1986   GRADE: K-3   TEACHER: Mrs. Da Costa FROM: Julie Sarah Sczesnik
From left to right:
Top Row:  Mrs. Da Costa, Rodney Nassimi , Me (Julie Heimrath (now Sczesnik)), Yvette Pantoja, Allison Moonitz, Unknown
Second Row:  Stephanie Perez, Unknown, Saba Gilani, Justine Vendatelli, Sandra(?), Diana Conforti, Douglas(?), Deanna, Yaminah Thomas
Third Row:  Farah Akbar, Unknown, Joanna Casteneda, Lisa Velez, Unknown, Unknown, Keri O'Neil, Maiko
Last Row:  Jeremy Lugo, Unknown, Jamil Safdar, Unknown, Frank Cherena, Danny Rogue

Thanks to Jamel Hardware for additional student identifications.

Email me if you can identify any of the other students.