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P.S. 99 Grade 6 (1977).
SCHOOL: P.S. 99   DATE: 1977   GRADE: 6   TEACHER: Mrs. Voulangas   FROM: Diana Shaman
"Bottom row second from the left Jurgen Reidman-Eddie Lau-Paul Stern-Chris Shaman. (The boys on the end of the bottom row slip my mind. I remember them but I can't place their names) Second row from the bottom far right girl in red shirt Diana Williams, blond girl to the left of her is Claudia Girola. Second row from the top, from the right Andrew Chang, Michael Lee, Kenny Baum, Roland Rauch. Third from the right in that row is Claude Ertel. Top row from the left myself (Ed Brandwein), Laura Leone, the boy in the suit in the middle is Andre Straptko(not sure of the spelling), girl next to him is Allison Cairone (again not sure of spelling)."

"The boy in the bottom row on the far right is Ted Herman, my brother."

"I know some of the people in this classroom picture, because I was in the class.
Top row, 3rd girl from the right is Gloria Edmond - the last girl on this row is Leatrice Carter 2nd row from the top, 1st boy is Andrew Chang, 4th boy is Stuart (I can't remember his last name but I do remember that he was very, very smart), 5th boy is Gerald Knox (I believe he has past away), 7th boy is Claude (I don't remember his last name) and the last boy is Walter Hughley. 2nd row from bottom, 3rd girl is Katherine (I don't remember her last name), 4th girl is me Laverne Thomas, 5th girl is Stacey Katz."
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