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P.S. 99 Kindergarten AM (1975).
SCHOOL: P.S. 99   DATE: 1975   GRADE: Kindergarten AM   TEACHER:   Mrs. Bierman
  and Berland
FROM: Erik Gampert
(From top row Left-right) Lawrence Rodriguez, Mrs. Bierman, Mr. Fiengold, Mrs. Berland, Anthony Panteloudis, Adam Schaffer, Yosuke Takahashi, ?, John Haake, Steven Marchand, Taras Pevny, Brandon Maltin, Kami Wyatt , David Brandwein, Evan Hafner, Lance Frenkel, Erik Gampert, Eric Barber, Jared Poppel, ?, Henry Griffin, ?, Jimmy O'Conner, Jackie Cuscuna, ?, ?, Serge Dufresne, ?, ?, Claudia?, Dina Jacaruso, Lori Pincus.

Email me if you can identify any of the unidentified students.