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P.S. 99 Kindergarten 3 (1970).
SCHOOL: P.S. 99   DATE: 1970   GRADE: Kindergarten 3   TEACHER:   Mrs. Berland FROM: Michael Berson
     "Attached please find a copy of my class picture from the above-mentioned class. I found it today while looking through some pictures at my parents' house (Marlene Bakalar Berson & Howard Berson).
     According to the cover, the teacher is Mrs. Lucille Berland and the principal was Mr. W. Finegold.
     Starting from the top row left: Steve Finkel, Ricky, Michael Berson, Peter Vesse, Scot Rosenthal, Jeffrey, Mrs. Berland.
     Second row from left: David L., Suzanne, Eve, Erica Silverman, David Vigil.
     Seated, from left: Jackie, Carolyn, Monique, Joanne Randall, Jill Marshak.
     I have no idea where any of these people are now and I'm sorry I don't have some last names!
     My mom grew up in Kew Gardens (she is in the 1956 PS 99 Grade 5-2 picture) and we moved to Manalapan, NJ, in December, 1970. My grandparents and uncle lived there for a little while longer, then joined us in New Jersey in the mid-1980's."

~ Michael Berson

Email me if you can identify any of the other students.