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P.S. 99 Grade 6-3 (1969).

Thanks also to Betty Ellenberg Schulson for
helping out with two of the student names.
TEACHER:Mrs. Voulangas
FROM:Howard Roth

Front Row (Left to Right): Shari Neretin, Susan Bianco, Lisa Gussack, Liora Mondalak (sp.?), Kari Abelman, Janet McIntyre, Stacy Gerrard, Natalie Ludwig, Louise Langer.

2nd Row:  Marc Goldberg, Tommy Nolan, Howard Roth, Rosalyn Levian, Candy Kaye, Elise Krentzel, Jennifer Mills, Ronald Klein, Jordan Brown, Ariel Dori.

3rd Row:  Daniel Bukofsky, George Bubaris, Roger Lewin, Kevin Donahue, Torbin Karlson, Billy London, Jose Buchanan.

[Thanks to Janet McIntyre (Lisk) for identifying Jose Buchanan.]