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P.S. 99 Grade 5-1 (1966).
(Thanks to Lori Olf Curran for identifying some of the students.)
TEACHER:Mrs. Fuller
FROM:David Silfen

From the front row, left to right:  Jimmy Malician (unsure of spelling) and Richard Demers

2nd Row (seated):  Sandra Regina DaSilva, Susie Sutton, Peggy Cellers, Aarona Gottbetter, Anne Kunicki, Karen Cairon, Cathy Porjie and Tonia Levy

3rd Row:  Mark Ditmars, Tony Barnes, Peggy Wolf, Lori Olf, Helga Newman, Noriko Yagi, Karin Wolf, Merna Pagen, Unknown, Peter Hess

Top Row:  Steven Fieldman, Steven Rosenthal, Evan Gussack, Unknown, Johnny Palacios, Gary Dibya, Peter Ludwig, David Silfen, George Kovacs