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P.S. 99 Grade 3-2 (1963).
TEACHER:Mrs. Gustin
FROM:Barbara Titowsky Krysko

Front and center table: Audrey Newman (left) and Robyn Blyberg (right)

Front table on right: Susan Meyer

Front table on left:  Mindy Howard (left), Melanie ? (right)

Center table second row: Girl on right is Kitty Wasser

Second table back on left: Vicki Wood and Charlyn Lynden

Third table back center:  Me and Rana Ebramhof

Third table back on left:  Girl Rosalind ? and Judy Picker

Fourth table back center: Phyllis Abend on the left

First row of standing kids: Second boy from left is Michael Lenoff, third girl from left is Karen Bloom, fifth girl from left is Cindy Strum

Top Row of standing kids: Second boy from left is Joey LaRosa and first boy on right is Michael Bianco