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P.S. 99 Grade 2-1 (1963).
TEACHER:Mrs. Epstein
FROM:Peter Hess

"In the first row, the 2 seated girls, on the left is me, Karen Kroslak next to Cathy Glassover.

Behind me is Betsy Byron; Randy Halter is to her left and I think itís Alex next to her.

Behind Randy is Nicky Menage and behind Nicky is Becky Logan. To Beckyís right is Karin Wolf and then Lori Olf and to her left is Peggy Cella.

Standing, itís Richard Wurzel, ?, Steven?, ?, Larry Abend, Henry Bergtraum, Richard Gertner and Andrew Popkin.

The teacher is Mrs. Epstein; donít know the last row of boys."

~ Karen Toombs