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P.S. 99 Grade 6-1 (1962).

Thanks to Elsie Hoel for some student identifications.
TEACHER:Mrs. McMahon
FROM:P.S. 99

Standing, Back Row [against back wall], Left to Right: Edward Spiro [listed also in 5-2; 1961 in top standing row], Keith Salinger, Jan Miller [listed also in 5-1; 1961 in top standing row] , Richard Yaro, ?, Robert Sommers

Standing, Bottom Row, Left to Right: ?, ? [He is in another photo listed with question mark but with the addition of possibly "Phillip? or Jerome?" See 1960 Class 4-2; standing 3rd from right], ? [Listed elsewhere as "Ben____". See 1961 Class 5-2 Standing back row 2nd from right], Jane Eidler [listed also in 5-2; 1961 in bottom standing row 3rd from left] , TEACHER: Mrs. McMahon, Linda Grand, Stephen Weinbaum, Albert Mason, Lance Luria, Donald Stephenson, Bruce Aronson, Leon Fried

Desks at Left, L to R and Front to Back: Nikki Siegel, Linda Cella, Shelley Rosenfeld, Shelley Reiss, Yolanda Naar, ?

Center desks, L to R and Front to Back: ?, Andrea Strouzer, Sarah ?___, Leah Kiss, Jane Frey, Flossie Shields, Elsie Hoel, Patricia Messing

Desks at very Right, singles. Front to Back: Nancy Glassover, Kathy Sander(s)