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P.S. 99 Grade 6-2 (1961). "[A]lso in this photo are John Gluck, Seth Cantor, Robin Heller, Myra Durkin, Nancy Anderson, Barbara Byron and Liz Leonard." [Elizabeth Lascoutx, Esq.]

"I can identify some of my classmates in [1961 Grade 6-2]. The girl on the left in the front row is Fay Kurtz (not sure of spelling). Diana Aziz is one row behind her, to the right of the girl with the glasses. Billy Yarrow is right in front of Gursky. Julian Ewell is in the center of the row in front of Bernstein and Handwerger." ["Wildman" Steve Brill email dated Jan. 1, 2005.]

Also thanks to Elsie Hoel for a student identification.
TEACHER:Mrs. McMahon
FROM:P.S. 99

The first girl in the lower left with dark hair has been identified as Nadine Weinstein.

Boys, standing top row from right:
Mark Broder, first boy
Steven Brill, the second boy
Gordon Gursky, the third

Boys, the group on the left top row, starting from the center (or right of that group):
Arnold Handwerger, first
Jerry Bernstein, third boy
Alan Hollander, fourth boy

Lower row of boys standing from right:
Jan Levy, first boy
Robert Marx, the 5th boy
Steven Wolf, the 6th boy

Other students in this picture (their names are in no particular order) are: Nadine Weinstein. Beth Hyman. Arnold Handwerker. Nancy Mayer. Diana Aziz. Myra Durkin. and Madeline Mart.

Andrea Fecher is in the 2nd row from the right, 4th girl back.

Nancy Anderson is on far right, single back seat [or 2nd from front]

Please email me if you can identify any of the other people in this photograph.