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P.S. 99 Grade 5-1 (1961).

Thanks to Elsie Hoel for some student identifications.
FROM:P.S. 99

The boys-lower tier from left to right:

Leon Fried, Christopher [another photo lists him as Cristor Holtz - 1962; Class 6-2 standing in lower back row 2nd from left] , Donald Stephenson, Albert Mason, TEACHER: Mrs. Filler, Jack London, [in another photo- see 1960 Class 3-1, next boy is already listed as either: "Phillip ?or Jerome" ? ], Michael Rahimi, John Hakimi

Upper tier from left to right:

Richard Yaro, ?, ?, Richard Brook, Teacher:Mrs. Filler, Stephen Weinbaum, Robert Winter(s), Jan Miller, Michael Mahler

Seated left side-front to back: Nikki Siegel and Amy Fenner, Dennis Singer and Shelley Reiss, Robert Berman and Linda Grand,

Seated right side-front to back: Flossie Shields and Leah Kiss, Cathy Jenkins and Andrea Strouzer, Laura Nucero and Naomi Marcuse, Elsie Hoel and Patricia Messing,

Seated alone: Linda Kagan

Thanks to Linda Gottlieb for the above student identifications. Please email me if you can identify any of the other people in this photograph.