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P.S. 99 Grade 4-2 (1961).
SCHOOL: P.S. 99   DATE: 1961   GRADE: 4-2   TEACHER:   Mrs. Voulangas FROM: Joyce Ein Dilman
First Row [Lower Tier], left to right:  Rosalie (Salzman?) (Strober?), Essie Goiten
Second Row, left to right:  Vicky Brody, Michal Weissman, Donna Salzman, __, Leslie Kagan
Third Row, left to right:  __, Alex Garfield, Susan Randall, Joyce Ein
Fourth Row, left to right:  Steven Silfen, Barbara Linton, Edna Fessler
Standing, First Row, left to right:  Jeffery ?, ?, Scott Davis, David Tilden, Andrew Deutsch(?), Richard Olf, Conrad Kupferman, ?, ?, ?, ?.
Standing, Back Row, left to right:  David Ricci, ?, ?, Mrs. Voulangas, ?, Wayne ?, Michael Slomack, Robin Gay

Thanks to Elsie Hoel, Joyce Ein Dilman and Michal Weissman for the student identifications. Email me if you can identify any of the other students.