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P.S. 99 Grade 1-2 (1961).
Please email me if you can identify any more of the people in this photograph.
DATE:April 14, 1961
TEACHER:Mrs. Reich
FROM:Josh Levine and P.S. 99

Standing Back Row, Left to Right: Daniel Kopec, Joseph Gottlieb, Joshua Levine

Standing Left to Right: Joseph LaRosa, Michael Bianco, Fred Cohn, Roger Heuman, Teacher: Mrs Reich, Gary Sanders, Billy Muller, Robert Broder, Howard Dinner

Left to Right (Each row is front to back)
1st Row: Catherine Loeb, Linda?, Valerie Appoldt
2nd Row: Rebecca Kantor, Susan Thau, Charlyn Linden
3rd Row: Betty Jane Langer, Mindy Heyman, Gail Newman, Carol Proffman
4th Row: Nancy Mason, Edna Grunberg, Beth Fechner.Theresa Gusmorino
5th Row: Diane Chen

(Thanks to Ina Ellenport Reich for the student IDs.)