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P.S. 99 Grade 3-310 (1958).

"In [1958 Grade 3-310], Abby Kocifer is directly in front of me, and Julian Ewell is to my left. Diana Azzia is the first girl to the right in the second row. Maxine Gilbert is the first girl on the right in the 3rd row. I'm pretty sure Wolf spelled his first name Stephan. Mrs. Waite's first name was Helen." ["Wildman" Steve Brill, email dated Jan. 1, 2005.]

[Thanks to Jan Levy for some of the student identifications.]
TEACHER:Mrs. Waite
FROM:P.S. 99

Back Row (Standing): Eighth boy from the left is Steve Wolf, sixth boy from left is Jerry Bernstein, Third boy from left, standing is Mark Broder. Fourth left, Stan Ulasinski (today, the manager of Pac Video on Lefferts Boulevard at Beverly Road.

First boy on right standing is Jan Levy. Sixth boy from right standing is Julian Ewell. Seventh boy standing from right is Steven Brill. Tenth boy standing from right is steven wolf.

First boy on left sitting at front desk is Ronald Kloot. Second boy on left sitting at second desk is Alan Hollander.

Third row: Alan Hollander, unknown, Nadine Weinstein, Maxine Gilbert

Email me if you can identify anyone else.