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P.S. 99 Kindergarten 1 (1956).
TEACHERS:Mrs. Bierman (L) and Mrs Goddard (R)
FROM:Marion (Hess) Pomeranc and Linda Gottlieb

Seated on the floor from left to right:
Dennis Singer
Robert Yaro
Richard Marx

Seated front row from left to right:
Nancy Anderson
Yokiko ____
Marion Hess
Susan Margolies
Amy Meltzer
Patricia Messing
Andrea Aurichio
Shelley Reiss

Seated 2nd row from left to right:
Nanct Cohn
Barbara Eidler
Debbie Menis?
Jackie Lipton
Hazel Weishaupt
Nancy Glassover

Standing left to right:
Donald Stephenson
Steven Wasserman
Keith Salinger
Robert Berman
Eddie Spiro
Richard Yaro
David Green