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P.S. 99 Grade 4-3 (1956).
TEACHER:Clara Fuller
FROM:Franklin Goldberg

Standing-Left to Right:

Jeffrey Harvey, Robert Linden, Steven Richter, Ronald Leiser, Ronald Vogl, Stephen Leonard, Mrs. Fuller, John Thorn, Franklin Goldberg, Joseph Fairclough, Larry Silverstein, Ronald Rubin, Alex Strouzer, and Howard Herskovitz.

Seated-Left to Right in front of Boys:

Diane Haber, Elizabeth Frey, Agnes Purpura, Susan Mazarowski, Hope Winkelstein, Miriam Green, Neil Lawrence, and Jane Rubin.

Seated Front Row-Left to Right:

Rosalyn Ebrahimoff, Maxine Taubner, Lee Wagner, and Judy Anderson.

Seated Second Row-Left to Right:

Joan Feldman, Ellen Garbus, Donna Gould, and Elizabeth Bacharach.