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P.S. 99 Grade 6-2 (1954).
SCHOOL: P.S. 99   DATE: 1954   GRADE: 6-2   TEACHER:   Mr. Ellenport FROM: Rod Nalven
"The names for the class picture (as best as we can remember) are as follows:

Standing left to right: Thomas Brill, William Berkley, Kenny Gross, Ira Levine, Tom Magnani, Arthur Beneventi, Kenny Rosenbaum, Jay Kaltman, Mr. Irving Ellenport, ?????, ?????, Roger Hull, Mark Fried, Jeff Kosiver, Andy Troob

Sitting in the front row: Allan Silverman

The Girls in no particular order: Arlene Optikman, Harriet Samowitz, Janet Djimshidoff, Carol Rubhun, Carol Fischer, Linda Widder, Harriet Block, Jacquie Guise, Anita Frey, and six more ???????'s

No guarantee on the spelling!"
~ Rod Nalven

"Rod Nalven’s 1954 photo of Class 6-2 incorrectly identified me as one of the girls in the picture. I was in Mrs. Helen D’Azoff’s class, not in Mr. Ellenport’s class. However, I can identify Anna Mellilo sitting in the last seat in the row to your right. We later attended Queen’s college together. The boy wearing glasses, standing 2 places to Mr. Ellenport’s left is Michael Lipshutz. In the second or third grade, Michael, a bright well behaved boy, used to taunt me because of my name, calling me Uneeda Biscuit instead of Anita. My spelling is probably off too."
~ Anita Frey Landau

Email me if you can identify any of the students.