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P.S. 99 Grade 4-2 (1954).
Thanks to Stan Gilbert for supplying many of the student names.
TEACHER: Mrs. Fuller (direct descendant of a family that arrived on the Mayflower)
FROM: Mike Fischer

Standing (l-r): Ronald Djemshidoff (correct sp.). Robert Oppenheimer, Michael Fischer, unknown, Mrs. Fuller, Steven Moss, unknown, Joel Rytsis , unknown, unknown, unknown, Bobby Fox, Ronnie Kreisman, Franklin Khedori, Rene Cohen

1st row on left (f-b): Jo Ann Moss, Barbara Olin (but she moved and was a Mouseketeer, appearing in a series on two kids going to Hawaii), Hattie Fuld, Ira Krause

2nd row on left (f-b): Ellen Schmeidler, Joan Kahn, Janet Parnas, unknown, Judy Klein, Gregory Eichenbaum

3rd row (f-b): Robert Fisher, Judy Bergen, Dorothy Hershkowitz, Christe?, unknown, Victor Aziz, Paul Goldstein

4th row (f-b): Bobby Intner, Andrew Harris, Roberta Marcus, Jocelyn Kay, Heidi ?, Stanley Gilbert