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P.S. 99 Grade 4-1 (1954).
P.S. 99 Grade 4-1 (1954) class signatures.
TEACHER: Mrs. Reiss
FROM:       Jeff Trevas

Standing, L-R: unknown, Alan Israel, unknown, unknown, unknown, unknown

1st Row on left, front to back: Stephen Bergen , Lawrence Kessler, unknown, Rosalind Weinstock, Leslie Dash

2nd on left, front to back: unknown, Darryl Shapiro, Judy Carlson, Eve Gribbin, unknown, Gail Cantor

Middle row, front to back: unknown, Robert Weishaupt, unknown, Carol Heimberg, Margaret (Peggy) Spottke, unknown, unknown

4th row, front to back: Jeff Trevas, Johnny Brunschwig, Paul Biba, Constance Rothschild, David Lesser, Franklin Cain

5th row, front to back: Carl Basila, unknown

[Thanks to Jack Carlson for identifying 3 of the unknown students.  Thanks also to Michael Fischer for identifying some of the other students.]