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P.S. 99 Grade 3-3 (1954).
DATE:May 18, 1954
TEACHER:Miss Reiss
FROM:Elly Feist Parran

Standing from left to right:
Roger Lowe, Anthony Malilo, Charles Peritz, Marc Salinger, Garry Mankoff, Austin Sands, Richard Ross and Robert Einsenberg

Sitting from left first row (front to back):
Evelyn Kahn, Jimmy Bubaris, ?, Dorothy Stillman

2nd row from left (front to back):
Jane Meyerhoff, Eugene Gold, Cynthia Mazurski, and Barbara Grand

3rd row from left (front to back):
Kenneth Jones, Susan Luloff, Peter Kopel (?), Olga Morasoff and Dale Study

4th row from left (front to back):
Garry Meyer, Madeline Sandler, Vivian Wallace and Elly Feist Parran