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P.S. 99 Grade 1-2 (1954). Thanks to Steve Marlowe for identifying the teacher.
Thanks to Tess Bergen Friedman and Marion
Anschel Franklin for supplying additional names.
DATE:Spring, 1954
TEACHER:Mrs. Shapiro
FROM:Barry Wiesner

1st Row: Robert Horn, Barry Weisner, Steve Marlowe

2nd Row: Unknown, Karen Stevenson, Tessie Bergen, unknown

3rd Row: Jack Brockman, Jan Joroff, Beverly Raskin, Bob Wolf

4th Row: Leslie Roth, Nancy Iger, Unknown, Unknown

5th Row: Barbara Silverman, ? Barbara Portje

Standing: Dennis Picker and Herbie Hertz (next to teacher) to the Right of the teacher: Unknown and Michael Isaacs