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P.S. 99 Grade 1-1 (1954). Thanks to Marion Anschel Franklin for
identifying the students and teacher.
TEACHER:Mrs. Elizabeth Leider
FROM:       Louise Sandler Kahana

Standing (L - R): Eugene Wintner, unknown, Kenny Mehr and Howie Becker

Seated - First row going back: William Yarrow, Jamie Feigl, Jeff Spolan, Vickie Wagner

Seated - Second row going back: Lois Neilson?, Robert Scherzer, Steve Rolland, Gail Marcus, Barbara Sitzman

Seated - Third row going back: Louse Sandler, Stephanie Lerner, John Spottke, unknown, Marion Anschel, Irene Rodin

Seated - 4th Row going back: unknown, Richard Intner, Seymour Hepner, Barbara Heitman