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P.S. 99 Grade 2-1 (1949).
DATE:December 1949
TEACHER:Mrs. Leider
FROM:Lenny Schneir

Row 1 from the wall: Seat 2-John Young; Seat 3- George Karkalis; Seat 4- Diana Mittler (me) Seat 5-Stuart Rachinsky. The teacher standing in the back was; Mrs. Leider. The boy to her right was Gary---, the small boy to his right had the last name of Weinrib

Row 2 from the wall: Seat 1 Gail Coleman; Seat 4 Nancy Rose; Seat 5 Jill Seat 6 Susan

Row 3 from the wall: Seat 1-Alan Bluestone; Seat 2 Thomas Illing; Seat 3- Enid; Seat 4- Betsy Simpson; Seat 5- Carla Gamberg; Seat 6- Gail Shapiro

Row 4 from the wall: Seat 1- Henry Bachrach; Seat 2- Rose Ani; Seat 3- Margaret; Seat 4-Linda Sandler; Seat 6- Barbara Lesser

Row 5 from the wall: Seat 2 George Blitz

[Thanks to P.S. 99 alumna, Diana Mittler-Battipaglia (now Professor of Music at Lehman College / CUNY) for the student identifications.]