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P.S. 99 Grade 1-1 (1948).
SCHOOL: P.S. 99   DATE: 1948   GRADE: 1-1   TEACHER: Mrs. Weiman   FROM: Roger Sabot
Partial List of Students - Left to Right
Bottom Row:  Michael Baer, Carol Tunic, Roger Sabot, ?
Second Row:  Charles Lowenberg, Richard Stein, Steven Singer, Michael Lipskin, ?, Linda Grab, Billy Berkley
Third Row:  Ira Levine, Janice Charnoff, ?, Robert Dreyfus, ?, Kenny Gross, Marian Dobbs, Elizabeth Greene
Fourth Row:  ?, Lynn Tillotson, Barry Frank, Paul Stillman, ?, ?, ?

"The student next to Richard Stein in the photo is my cousin Steven Singer!"   [Email from Marion Schild, 01/20/07]
Thanks to Carol Tunick Maxfield and Linda Grab Andrews for additional student identifications.
Email me if you can identify any of the other students.