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P.S. 99 Grade 3-2 (1947).
Thanks to Lynn Berman for supplying the names (see italicized excerpt from her Oct. 30, 2003 email to the right). Thanks to Frances Heinsheimer Wainwright for identifying her brother, Thomas Heinsheimer.
TEACHER:Miss Reiss
FROM:       Marcia Abrams Reass

The boy in the back of the room pointing to the picture is Thomas Heinsheimer.

"Back of the room in the center of the group of three: Ethlynn Trevas To the right, Rosalie Weisslitz (still lives in Kew)

2nd Row from right, first boy Robert Wyman; 2 girls behind, blond braids: Neva Datz (Datzenko).

3rd row from right: (becoming the lower left corner) Philip Moss, behind him, Marcia Orol...last girl in the row in front of last boy: Martine Weil..she .also still lives in Kew

4th Row, 1st girl at head of row: Adele Mintz, next girl (3rd seat) Carol Widder (best friend for life, live in California), behind her Audrey Babcock.

Last seated row: The first boy on the left is Billy Scott (Scotty), and Marcia Abrams (me) is right behind him. 4th seat, boy: Louis Schenna

And you can see it lightly printed on the blackboard in the upper right, the teacher was Miss Reiss."