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P.S. 99 Grade 2-4 (1947).
SCHOOL: P.S. 99   DATE: 1947   GRADE: 2-4   TEACHER: Miss Parrish   FROM: Marcia Orol Kaplan
Row 1: (closest to the wall):  Ina Ellenport, Gretchen Neuss, Barbara Wells, Artha Schwartz, Bruce Shopoff
Row 2:  Michael Conviser, Barbara Rothman, Joseph Osipow, Suzanne ?, Eddie Orel, John Gallo
Row 3:  Beverly Herman, Howard Saunders, Stephen ?, Alan Goldberg, Stephen Kafka, Stuart Schansinger
Row 4:  Sondra Bogorad, Robert McCabe, ?, Marcia Goldman, Arnold Rosen, ?, ?
Row 5:  Jack Guggenheim, Barbara Babcock, ?, ?, ?
Standing: (from left to right):  Barbara Kahn, Miss Parrish, Patricia Ann Albert, Robert Teitler

[Marcia Orol Kaplan, formerly of Kent Manor, Bldg C, Apt. 1M. now resides in Saratoga, CA.]
[Thanks to Bobbie Phillips (Barbara Rothman) for the student identifications.]
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