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The 1950 Richmond Hill / Kew Gardens, NY Long Island Railroad Train Wreck.
[The summary to the right is based on one appearing in Train Wrecks Crashes and Disasters 1934 - 1955 (Questar Video, Inc. 1995) at 27m:30s.]

Some of the details contained in the synopsis are taken from the U.S. Interstate Commerce Commission's Investigation Report into the collision. I take that Report to be more accurate and reliable than subsequent press accounts which offer different figures for the speed of the collision and the number of casualties.

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Location: Richmond Hill, NY (today's Kew Gardens, NY). Some sources describe the location as Jamaica, NY.
Date: November 22, 1950
Time: 6:29 PM EST
Railroad: Long Island Rail Road
Equipment: Commuter Trains
Accident: Rear End Collision. Colliding train moving at more than 30mph, impacted train stationary.
Train Details: (Impacted Train)
No. 780
Penn Sta. to Hempstead
Departed 6:09 PM
William Murphy, Motorman
Betram Biggam, Brakeman

(Colliding Train)
No. 174
Penn Sta. to Babylon
Departed 6:13 PM
Benj. Pokorny, Motorman
Casualties: 78 dead / 363 injured
Cause: Offcially determined to be disregard of a Go Slow signal by the motorman of the Babylon train.