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Pictures dated 1908 and 2002
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"[A] section of Whitepot [Forest Hills], with Union Turnpike and Queens Boulevard as a center, was for a number of years called Hopedale.  In fact, it is only within the last year that a Hopedale Railway Station, located on the boulevard near the turnpike, was torn down."

The Forest Hills Bulletin, p. 1 (Dec. 13, 1924).
The Maple Grove Station

In May of 1879, the Maple Grove Long Island Railroad Station opened. It was named after the area and the local Cemetery it was intended to serve. Using today's landmarks (which did not exist then), the Station was located in back of the Mowbray and Kew Gardens Plaza Apartments. Less than 30 years after it opened, both the Maple Grove Station and the tracks became obsolete as the Railroad prepared to build a new electrically powered main line.

  • December 2004 Letter from Vincent F. Seyfried; The Long Island Rail Road History Web Site
  • Barry Lewis, Kew Gardens: Urban Village in the Big City, p. 11 (Kew Gardens Council on Recreation and the Arts 1999)
  • Vol. 3, Historical Collections of the Borough of Queens, p. 43 (Queens Borough Public Library L.I. Collection 1938)
  • The 1908 picture is courtesy of the Queens Borough Public Library, Long Island Division, Illustrations Collection - Kew Gardens

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