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Pictures dated 1944 and 2007
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The Glarden Family Home

by DR. ALICE (Glarden) BRAND

The Glarden Family moved into this house on Beverly Road in 1944. The war was still on. A hurricane occurred just before we moved in, and I recall a large tree crossing our front door and/or our driveway--that seemed like a bad omen for my suspicious, foreign born father. My dad died in 1974 and my mother lived at 82-36 until she moved to Sarasota in 1977.

I have lots of memories about Beverly Road: sledding during the winter--in the biting cold, drinking ovaltine, playing with neighbors in the "circle" up the block (a wonderful internal road that formed a circle around which houses were built). And I remember the Geddes, Muroffs, The Bushes (father was a physician), the Waxmans, the Guggenheims, Mayers, the white "Candy Box factory" house up the block. My mother was active in the Kew Gardens Civic Association and the Girl Scouts. My father was a member of the Queens Grand Juror's Society. I took it all for granted. It was not until recently that I realized how privileged we were; how special our neighborhood was, our friends, our home, that particular history called Kew Gardens.

  • Black and white picture courtesy of Alice Glarden, now Dr. Alice Brand

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