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Pictures dated c. 1972 and 2007
Click image to enlarge
120th Street
Recollections by
Dan Friedman

"I too grew up in Kew Gardens. My parents started me out in Eton Hall (118th and Met) and at the age of 5, they and my fraternal grandparents bought the house in the attached picture at 84-44 120th St ... 2 houses North of 85th Ave. The attached picture of the house is taken facing Northwest. The house was built in 1898 and torn down when we moved in 1972. It was just one of many grand old houses that fell victim to bulldozers, to be replaced by multiple dwelling units. I noted on your site the recent demise of another old house close by to where this house stood. I also saw the pictures from 121st St. When I was young, we called it 'Chestnut Street' because, at least then, the street was lined with chestnut trees.

I have also attached a picture of me from 1972 in my Richmond Hill High School graduation gown. The view behind me is looking North on the West side of 120th Street towards 84th Avenue. It was taken in front of 84-44. The first private house is still there ... now appears to be a 2 family house. When my parents first moved to 120th St in '59 the street was lined with many old trees; mostly Elms. All the elms came out, suffering Dutch Elm disease. As can be seen here, the City replanted but in '72 the replacement trees had not grown much. The apartment building in the foreground is a 4 story walk-up."

[C. 1972 images are courtesy of Dan Friedman.]

If you have pictures of yourself showing any Kew Gardens locale in the background, email me high resolution jpegs and I will post them here as space permits.

To download a copy of the Queens Courier's Sept. 2003 article about Old Kew Gardens.com, click on one of the following links. Turn off your browser's auto-resize if the JPEG text appears too small to read.

[JPEG - 240kb]
[PDF - Hi Resolution, 379kb]
[PDF - Low Resolution, 97kb ]
November 2007 Guest Book

Jahn's in Richmond Hill Closes
November 27, 2007
Editor's Note:  Click on the link below to view the Queens Crap blog about the closing of Jahn's Ice Cream Parlor.

Click here to read the story

November 27, 2007
Wanted to give out new email address, Shari, Rachel (Betty), Elise, Leslie, and all the other KG friends and if any Russell Sage classmates out there would like to hear from you.
Louise Langer (married Cecchini)

Forest Hills High School Reunion
November 26, 2007
    • DATE: JUNE 21, 2008
    • TIME: T/B/A
    • PRICE: $88 PP
    Apparently - another Reunion is taking place for 1960-1970's on June 21, 2008 at another hotel on LI. THIS IS NOT - I REPEAT - NOT OUR REUNION.
    Our Reunion is being "Professionally" planned by Reunions Unlimited. OUR PRICE IS $88 PP.
    So please be careful what site you go to and register for OUR Reunion for alumni from 1960-1966 ONLY.
    • OURS is June 21, 2008 at The Melville Marriott.
OR YOU CAN CALL THEM AT: (732) 617-1000 and speak with Robin or Doreen.
    Any questions to dissuade this confusion will be addressed by myself so feel free to email me at FORESTHILLSHS@GMail.com
Bonni Watson
Class of 1965 FHHS

Three Friends Continued
November 24, 2007
Click on thumbnails to view enlargement.
Hi Last week I posted a picture of a recent reunion with three of my friends from Forest Hills High School. Today I am posting their pictures from the 1960 FHHS yearbook.
Roger Sabo
[To contact Roger Sabo, click here]

November 21, 2007
Hello Joe and ALL:
Wanted to take this opportunity to wish ALL a Happy, Healthy and Safe Thanksgiving. With kindest personal regards to ALL and a big hug to my dear friend Joe our webmaster.
Bonni Watson FHHS Class of 1965
(Reunion for 1960-1966 FHHS alumni June 21, 2008 at Melville Marriott on LI. Please register at
or call (732)617-1000)

November 18, 2007
I lived in KG from 1961-1971. My parents were on 82nd Ave. and I also lived on Adingdon Road. I graduated from RHHS in 1964. I have many great memories of KG,the park and many friends.
Louis Plachowski
[To contact Louis Plachowski, click here]

Three Friends
November 17, 2007
Click on thumbnail to view enlargement.
Hi Joe,
    I just got a call from Dr.Footsie asking me where is my Saturday posting ? So here it is.
    Thanks to the Kew Gardens site I have reunited with three of my old friends from Forest Hills High School.
    We were all involved in music back in the 60`s playing with various local bands. Today one is a Dentist, one a Psychologist and the other one owns a Home Remodeling Company. I am retired. Can you match the profession with the picture ?
    It was great seeing all of them. We are planning another meeting after the New Year.
    Seated in the left front is Gary with Arne next to him, Bob is in the right front with me ( Roger) next to him.
    I wonder if anyone remembers their last names ?
    That was for you Dr. Footsie.
Roger Sabo
[To contact Roger Sabo, click here]

Alan Israel
November 10, 2007
Click on thumbnail to view enlargement.
Another Al
Today I am posting a picture of Alan Israel taken in my parents home on Mowbray Drive in 1957.
Roger Sabo
[To contact Roger Sabo, click here]

Dr. Footsie - Part 9
November 8, 2007
Click on thumbnail to view enlargement.
Hi Joe:
    Who's In Your Foot Four? It would have been five - that's why we were HANDi-capped even with Dr FOOTsie. Right to Left - I went to Hebrew School - JOHN (Jack Carlson)in DENVER - one of the Roomates who was on a Rocky Mountain High, Peggy Spottke-Avery, Frank (MOOSE) Spottke and yours truly. The Fifth - not seen - Jackie Geiss Carlson either took the Fifth or Drank it - that's why we were Handicapped. Jackie had a previous commitment and was unable to attend - but sends her regards to all the people that knew her.
    The trip through the Rocky Mountains was breath-taking, but the sight of old friends after more than forty years was spectacular. I was saddened to learn from Jack of the passing of Bob Minsky over a year ago from Lung Cancer. Big Tobacco has claimed another friend to Nicotine Addiction. That's why "PREVENTION, One Step better than Intervention" so we can make a difference in children's lives. Rest in Peace my friend, you will be remembered. Jack said that they had a reunion of the Roomates in California a few years back - and was thankful that they all got together. Felix is well and living on the East Coast and Jack stays in contact with him. Frank reminisced about how we use to knock out the neon sign of the store next to his apartment house from his bedroom window with shooting paper clips. He also mentioned about Pepper and his significant other Olive (whom we named because she looked liked Olive Oyl) the local Inebriates. Frank would take a piece of wood/ or metal and tap it on the pint bottle that was in Pepper's back pocket to rattle his chain. It 's nice to reminisce. Thanks you guys for the trip down memory lane.
Take care my friends.
Marty (HARPO) Marks
toemail: drfootsie@drfootsie.org

"Respect at last" for Kew Gardens Movie Star
November 4, 2007
Editor's Note:  Blogger, Vincent Martinez, of Woodhaven writes about Kew Gardens' own Rodney Dangerfield.
Click here to read the article

Al Mayo
November 3, 2007
Click on thumbnail to view enlargement.
    Thanks Andy
    I just wanted to thank Andy London for taking the time to put together his recent reunion.
    I had a great time reuniting with many old and dear friends from Kew Gardens. Thanks to Tom Rotavera for taking pictures.
    The picture that I am posting today is of my friends from Kew Gardens that didn't make it to the reunion. His name is Al Mayo and this picture of him was taken in my parents living room on Mowbray Drive in 1960.
Roger Sabo
[To contact Roger Sabo, click here]

November 1, 2007
    I was sorry I couldn't attend the reunion held October 28th, but was really pleased to read Tom Rotavera's comments and see the fine photos he posted. Indeed the women have aged much more gracefully than the men.
    I wonder if Tom remembers me. When I was quite young (circa 1958) we played football together at a field dubbed "One Acre," along Union Turnpike at Metropolitan Avenue. Others who would have probably been involved included Stan Dinner, Marshall Saul, Larry Silverstein, Frank Giordano, and John Spottke.
    Best regards to all who did attend.
Frank Goldberg
[To contact Frank Goldberg, click here]

November 1, 2007
    Great picture of the New York bound Kew Gardens Long Island Rail Road station taken in 1909.
    Of particular interest to me, as a would-be engineer, are the heavy and deep footings under the columns which were undoubtedly necessary to support the structure considering that it was built on a former lake bed.
    While the picture does not show it, the original name that appeared under the eaves of the building on all sides was 'Kew" without the Gardens.
    Thanks for sharing.
A. Linsky
[To contact A. Linsky, click here]

Photos of the Fleischmann Family / Mimi's Candy Store
November 1, 2007
Click on thumbnails to view enlargements.
hello, I am the daughter of Paul Fleischmann, grandaughter of Mimi Fleischmann who lived at 84-09 Talbot Street and was the Mimi of Mimi's Candy Store. I am attaching two photos, one of my father soon after his family emigrated from Germany, and the other of the family in front of Mimi's - my father, Paul, my uncle Fred, and Mimi and Carl Fleischmann.
Susan Fleischmann
[To contact Susan Fleischmann, click here]

October 28, 2007 Reunion Slide Show
November 1, 2007
Click on thumbnail to view slide show.
Hi all,
    Was great seeing everyone after What?..... 45 years? That's a lot of slices of pizza under the bridge. Thanks to Andy London for putting the reunion together, Three cheers!!! for Andy. Andy is the one in the pictures with the "BIG" smile.
    I will not attempt to name the attendees in the pictures, I have CRS. That's stands for Cant Remember S---! If you look at the pictures I have enclosed, you will notice the ladies look a lot younger than the guy's. Why is that? Too much imbibing?, Was it something in the Kew water?, Active in too many sports?, watching too much TV?, Too many hours in the gym? What were the guy's doing while the ladies were doing all that?
    Roger Sabo came to the reunion alone. Well he offered to give Millie and myself a ride. The last time Millie and I excepted a ride from Roger, He had flipped the car three times into an empty lot. Hey thanks, but no thanks Rog.
    Ya know its a small world when one of the attendees becomes Principle of the High Skool you attended.
    I found out its not good if a lot of people have heard about you, but never met you till now. Ya get a lot of "That was You?" .....Guilty! Bad bad Leroy Brown I wasn't, on the other hand it would be a stretch to call me goody 2 shoes. I used to have to promise people I wouldn't get them in trouble if they came to the pizza place with me.
    I think everyone had a great time at the reunion, I know I did. Lots of remembering. Lots of renewed friendships.
Tom Rotavera
[To contact Tom Rotavera, click here]

A Video Look Back at the 2004 Reunion
Novrember 1, 2007
Click on thumbnail to view the video.
Editor's Note:  Tom Rotavera's email and pictures of last Sunday's reunion at the Austin Ale House were a reminder of the last reunion held there three years ago. Click on one of the links below to view a Windows Media Video of the 2004 reunion [2:13 mins., 3.12 MB] - with photographs and captions courtesy of Carol Paplin.
Click here to stream the video
Click here to download the video

Posting Messages Here
November 1, 2007
[Ed.'s Note: The reason each guest book posting does not appear here immediately is that I review each message individually before posting to eliminate spam or unwanted adult content. Email me if you want to make a correction to a message you have already posted or if you would like a message removed.]

How to contact Guestbook signers

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