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Pictures dated c. 1920
Click images to enlarge
The Kew Gardens Country Club
The Kew Gardens Cinema and the Kew Gardens Post Office stand on the site of the former Kew Gardens Country Club. The Club House faced Lefferts Boulevard at the southeasterly corner of Austin Street. In back of the Club House and extending down Austin Street were tennis courts.

The first image is taken from the Country Club's letterhead. The engraving gives some idea of how the Lefferts Boulevard bridge looked before the stores went up on both sides. It also shows how open the surrounding area then was, without all the homes, buildings and trees we have become accustomed to today.

The second image shows people relaxing alongside the tennis courts. In the right background, houses can be seen on the east side of Mowbray Drive, and there is an empty lot on the west side of Lefferts Boulevard north of Austin Street. The Mowbray and Kew Plaza aprtments occupy that space today.

The third image shows a game of tennis in progress on what is today the site of the Kew Gardens Post Office. The Long Island Railroad tracks are off to the right. Beyond the tennis courts is the future site of the Texas Apartments.

If you have pictures of yourself showing any Kew Gardens locale in the background, email me high resolution jpegs and I will post them here as space permits.

To download a copy of the Queens Courier's Sept. 2003 article about Old Kew Gardens.com, click on one of the following links. Turn off your browser's auto-resize if the JPEG text appears too small to read.

[JPEG - 240kb]
[PDF - Hi Resolution, 379kb]
[PDF - Low Resolution, 97kb ]
March 2005 Guest Book

An Apology
March 30, 2005
Editor's Note: Over the past several weeks, a number of you have been nice enough to send in the names of students not previously identified in the P.S. 99 Class Photographs. Being perpetually disorganized, I managed to let the corrections and additions pile up to the point where quite a bit of time has gone by. This morning I finally got my act together and got it all done - I think. If you have submitted student names to me for any of the P.S. 99 Class Photographs and have not seen them posted, please send me a reminder. I apologize and promise not to fall this far behind again.

March 29, 2005
I lived on Talbot Street for 34 years. Now I am living on Long Island, but my memories of KG are wonderful ones which I will never forget. Whether it was playing softball at Forest Park or stickball at the PS 99 playground or being with such a great group of friends or having the BEST pizza at Dani's on Lefferts Blvd., the memories are super. Would love to hear from some of the people who lived there too.
Michael Gruenberg
Lived in Kew Gardens: 1946 - 1980

March 29, 2005
This is a fabulous site. PS 99, Kew Gardens,Kew Forest, Lefferts Blvd., Austin Street, Forest Park. To see the photographs is to have a similar experience as Proust's with his madelines ("Pastrami King" anyone?), and Jean Shepherd writing about the Warren G. Harding School in Hammond, Indiana. Some of my greatest athletic feats were the marathon stickball games in the old PS 99 school yard against Jeffrey Muss. And, yes, the old pictures of Mr. Ellenport . . . "More to do son, more to do."
Robert Brill,Esq.
Lived in Kew Gardens: 1956 - 1976
Graduated P.S. 99: June 1968

March 28, 2005
I have been living outside New York and the USA for a total of 23 years now. Just last year the two PS 99 gals got together for a reunion which led them to me. Coincidentally (or not) a year before that renewed contact I met up with my old buddy Susan Bianco after a hiatus of 32 years. Then this year I met up with another school mate, Peter Mueller in Switzerland where he resides. I'm living in Amsterdam however for 5 years from 1990-1995 I did live in Switzerland unbeknownst to me that and old PS 99 buddie resides there. I love this site and think it is terrific. I'd like to get in touch with Roger Lewin who was in my third grade class.
Elise Krentzel
Lived in Kew Gardens: 1963 - 1969
Graduated P.S. 99: 1969

March 26, 2005
102PCT- 718 805-3200

March 25, 2005
It is with great regret that my brother Mark and I report the passing of my Mother, Sophie Kasprzak. She was well known in the Kent Manor community of the 1940s and 50s. She was a devoted mother and loved and adored her grand-children and great-grand children. She will be sorely missed.
John Kasprzak
Lived in Kew Gardens: 1942 - 1957
Graduated P.S. 99: 1955
[To contact John Kasprzak, click here]

Down Zoning
March 25, 2005
Editor's Note: The latest edition of
The Queens Chronicle newspaper has an article about the down zoning of Kew Gardens and Rochmond Hill. Each of the following links will open in a new window. Close out the window to return here.
    Click here to read the full story.
For links to the New York City Department of Planning web pages about the down zoning, click here and here.

March 23, 2005
    Hi everyone, this ios Michelle Lewengood checking in with everyone. I was back in town in December and although KG has made some changes....it is still my home and so beautiful in the snow. I am still teaching nursing in Cincinnati, OH. For the Jamaica High Class of 69, 70 , and 71 , is anyone going to the reunion in April?
    Please click on the highlighted Hotel/Venue link below to book a hotel room or call the hotel for the best available rate.
    Reunion Night
    Saturday, April 16, 2005
    Reception - 7:00 pm, Dinner - 8:00 pm
    Crowne Plaza JFK Airport
    151-20 Baisley Blvd.
    Jamaica, NY 11434
Reservations Include
    Music and Dancing
    A Bio Book
    No Host Bar
    Name Badges
    Reduced Rates at the Hotel
    Alumni Search
    Suggested Attire: Cocktail
    Bio Books
    At the reunion a free bio memory book will be given to each pre-paid classmate. If you have not received your bio sheet, please contact Great Reunions. The deadline for submitting the bio sheet is 4 weeks before the reunion.
    Name Badges
    We prepare name badges for every classmate, each with a photo from your high school year book.
    You can register on www.greatreunions.com.
Take Care!!!

March 23, 2005
Click on thumbnail to enlarge.
CLICK TO ENLARGE. I find it surprising that there is no mention of Dr. Curt Schmeidler on the OKG website. Dr. Schmeidler practiced family medicine in Kew Gardens beginning in 1940s and continued to see patients well into his later years. He was well-known and well-liked by children and adults, and a fixture on Talbot Street frequently seen walking along, with black medicine bag in hand, to make yet another house-call. I have attached a photo of Dr. Schmeidler that was probably taken in the 1980s.
Bill Lehman
Lived in Kew Gardens: 1945 - 1969
Graduated P.S. 99: 1957
Visit Bill's Boston University Medical Campus Web Page.
[To contact Bill Lehman, click here]

Kitty Genovese
March 22, 2005
[Editor's Note:  This message has been moved to the Kitty Genovese Message Board.]

March 22, 2005
I'm an 18 yr old student at Hunter College who lives down on 85th avenue, and i grew up on 118th between 85th and 84th. I loved the pictures of old kew gardens, to learn about my neighborhood. Went to P.S. 56 in Richmond Hill and archbishop molloy HS (first co-ed class). I love kew gardens with all my heart, it's so beautiful. All my friends who come to this neighborhood agree!
Lived in Kew Gardens: I currently live there and have since 1993

March 22, 2005
This is for Fran Sophie (Ulasinski). I got an email from Walter and spoke to him last night but he gave me an email for you that does not work. Can you email me and send the the correct one. I really want to stay in touch as does Herbert (my son).
Love ya,
Linda Wiesner

March 21, 2005
I was born in KG hospital, and we lived in the Surrey (83-10 118th Street). I only went to PS 99 for two years. My mother was raised several blocks away, in the big apartment building at the corner of Lefferts Blvd. and (I think) 83rd Avenue. She gratuated from PS 99 about 1938.
Robert Marks
Lived in Kew Gardens: 1955 - 1962
[To contact Robert Marks, click here]

At the Bliss Cafe
March 19, 2005
The next music, poetry and monologue evening will take place at the Bliss Cafe, which is under new management (owner's name is JoAnne). It is scheduled for Friday, April 1st at 7:30 P.M. Anybody interested in performing, please contact me.
[To contact Aaron Adler, click here]

March 19, 2005
    My parents Raymond and Josephine Ulasinski mved into kew gardens in 1943 with thier then 3 childre Mayr, Mithcell, and baby Rose. My dad became a fixture in kew gardens as Ray the radio and tv repair man. He was also a Ham Radio operator. which once television became the major communications media in the late fifties was the major cause of "TVI" (Television Interference). In 1949 my brother stanley was born. I was born in 1953 and my sister Frances was born in 1960. We lived at 81-63 Lefferts Blvd (Rear) this is the block on the east side of Lefferts Blvd. between Beverly and Cuthbert Rds. The row of 9 single family houses werw built in 1926-7. during the 1930's stores were built onto the front of the houses. which meant that the only way to get into the houses ( except for the end houses) was to go down either Beverly or Cuthbert Rd, and turn into the service alley behind the houses and enter the remaining 7 houses by the kitchen door. The only house which retain ed it/s origional living room is the Beverly Rd house. The stores took over all the other living rooms.The rear portion fo these stores. (up the steps), is the origional house living room which is why you may still find fireplaces in some of them. While my dad passed away in 1974, my mom continued to live there till 1995. A total of 52 years in the same house, While growing up there, I had many experiences. In 1956, my dad was working in Harry Klien's radio store on Lefferts Blvd. (pictured in the lefferts blvd pictures) he encountered TVI. Knowing that he was the only one in the neighborhood who's ham radio could cause this kind of tv problem, he called home, thinking that I playing around with his ham radio, when my mom told him that the radio was off, she grabbed me and went across the street to the store where we all saw this TVI. My dad was also a member of the Civil d Defense,. Herealized that something was wrong and immediately called the Federal Communications Commission. Within an hour, we were being questioned by the FBI, first at the store and then at the house. The FBI agents were very concerned with everything that was going n so we ran an experement. Using a special radio frequency.( the special crystal supplied bt the FBI) my dad began to transmit on his radio . After 5 minutes. he was told to stop. This allowed the FBI to triangulate thier receivers, They then used thier scanners to find the source of the other TVI signal. It was found to be in a house on 83rd Ave. near Beverly Road.The next day the FBI came back and informed us that a Soviet spy cell had been discove red and that my father would be required to give his testimony if needed.to Senator Joseph McCarthy and the Congressional Committee on Un American Activities.Even being a Goverment wittness, in that forum was very scary, as the cummittee could easily try to connect anyone to a subversive organization. Even a person like my father who was only acting in the intresr of national security.
    I have many more persomal stories about things that have happened in Kew Gardens. My Home town, and will continue to send stories if desired. By the way, My PS 99 class Photo also on this site 1965 Grade 6-2 and others as well I cannot send any photos at htis time as they are in storage in NY and I am currently living in Los Angeles.
Walter A Ulasinski
Lived in Kew Gardens: 1953-1979
Graduated P.S. 99: 1965
[To contact Walter A Ulasinski, click here]

March 18, 2005
    I decided to look up Kew Gardens because I was born at the General Hospital in 1948. I also have a copy of the hospital's birth certificate like the one shown on the first page of this site.
    Anyway, my mom and dad owned a deli at 134-06 Rockaway Boulevard in South Ozone Park (Ben's Delicatessen). My dad's last name was Jessen. My mom's name was Margaret, but I believe she was called Peggy back then. I don't know anything about the area as we moved to California when I was just 14 months old. My sister, Peggy, was 7 and did attend one of the PS schools, but I can't remember which one. I'll have to ask her and see if she remembers the number. Anyway, I would love to visit one day.
    I enjoyed your website. Thanks!
Lived in Kew Gardens: 1948 - 1950

March 18, 2005
    Your website is fantastic!!! I grew up on 116 St. between 84th & 85th Ave and really enjoyed seeing how it used to be. Its kind of sad that all of those huge, old houses are being replaced by apartment buildings.
    Question for you: The large green house on 116 Street (two doors up the hill from my mom at 84-32), do you have any information or pictures about that house? It was a nursing home back in the 60's and 70's but I have always wondered about it before that and its history.
[Name Withheld]
[To contact this poster, click here]

Graffiti Removal by NYPD
March 17, 2005
At the 102nd Police Precinct Community Council meeting this week, we were urged by Deputy Inspector Michael Blake to enlist (and get others to enlist) in the City's Graffiti Removal Program being carried out by the NYPD, in our area by the 102nd Precinct. The NYPD will be overseeing the removal of graffiti on public and private properties starting in April. However, in order to work on private property they must have permission to enter and a release of liability. So far they have received 100 such releases and would like to have 200 for the campaign to be carried out efficiently. Click on the link below to download a copy of the Release form to be submitted by the Property owner or merchant, etc. who seeks graffiti removal Copies are also available at the 102nd Precinct.
Murray Berger
Kew Gardens Civic Association
Click here to download a copy of the Release form
[To contact Murray Berger, click here]

March 17, 2005
Anyone remember 9Kew Gardens Rd? Dr.jack Ross Optometric Practice for over 50yrs. Dr. Stephen Dong took over Dr.Ross Practice and the office relocated to the old kew gardnes hospetial site 3 yrs ago. But we still have the original"9" from the door...which is proudly displayed in the new Location. I loved that old office. Fortunatally we still see Dr.Ross and many old patients still come. Dr.Ross fills our ears with the old stories of old Kew gardens that we love to hear.
kim kunz

March 17, 2005
    In a March 15th. Guest Book letter 'Z.O.Z.' talks of her brief stay in Kew Gardens circa 1930, and the fact that she lived at 8061 Lefferts Boulevard with only an 'alley' separating her building and the Kew Gardens Country Club.
    I had always assumed that the club sat on what is now the Austin Theater building site which, of course, is separated from 8061 by the continuation of Austin Street.
    If the club did occupy a full parcel between the railroad tracks and Z.O.Z.'s building, then your Website photos of the front of the club begin to make more sense because of the apparent width of the structure.
    This would imply that immediately following the demolition of the facility (sometime in the middle thirties) the city condemned part of the land to create what is now an extension of Austin Street.
    Kudos to the lady with memories of Old Kew Gardens from 75 years ago!
[To contact Al Linsky, click here]

March 16, 2005
Click on thumbnail to enlarge.
CLICK TO ENLARGE. I've attached a photo for possible consideration on the OKG website. The photo taken is of me, Jane Meyerhoff, and Mark Wolff (l-r) outside of Temple Anshe Sholom on 83rd Ave,circa 1953/1954. Note the stylish head gear. Mark has a PhD in math from Stony Brook and does epidemiological work on vaccines. Don't know what's become of Janie.
Bill Lehman
Lived in Kew Gardens: 1945 - 1969
Graduated P.S. 99: 1957
Visit Bill's Boston University Medical Campus Web Page.
[To contact Bill Lehman, click here]

March 15, 2005
Click on thumbnails to view photographs.
CLICK TO ENLARGE.CLICK TO ENLARGE. Here's an old snapshot of my mother holding my baby brother in front of the Kew Gardens Country Club. A second photograph, showing just my brother alone, was taken in the rear. The date is summer 1931. My mother was 31.
    I have a considerable body of memories of my Kew Gardens days. My family lived there from 1929 to 1931. I attended kindergarten and first grade at P.S. 99. Last December, my daughter was surprised when she drove me to Kew Gardens to see if I could locate my long-ago apartment. I had not been there for 75 years. I remembered the hill from P.S .99. We passed some large apartment buildings that hadn't been there in 1930, so I assumed that mine had been torn down. But then we passed mine! Back home I found an old letter with the house number letter-head on Lefferts Blvd: it was 8061.
    I particularly remember that the stairway to our apartment (on the second floor?) was through a recessed archway, one of two archways not visible in your picture but clearly visible in mine. I'm not sure which entrance was ours; probably the north one because I can't recall any windows on the south side of our apartment. The two bedrooms faced west onto Lefferts Blvd. The living room and kitchen faced east, onto a grassy area. In the small entrance hall between sat our telephone, which looked like a long-necked black duck. It had no dial: you just picked up the earpiece and an operator said "Number please?" And once, when I tried that, the voice scolded: "Litte girl, stop playing with the telephone!!" -- scaring me half to death!
    My memory of the country club was that it was on the east side of Lefferts Blvd, just south of 8061, where I lived, and separated from my building by an alley. I don't at all recall the architecture -- all I remember is a door in the club's brick wall on the alley side, behind which lurked a nice man, a cook, who would occasionally come out and give me a cookie. (And I lived to tell the tale. Times were different then.)
[To contact Z.O.Z., click here]

Thoughts on OKG's Articles about Kitty Genovese
March 14, 2005
[Editor's Note:  This message has been moved to the Kitty Genovese Message Board.]

March 13, 2005
grew up in kent manor (117-01 park lane so.). Many fond memories; Forest Park-, Murray and later Ziggy's candy store on Metropolitan ave,Danny's Pizza on Lefferts, Pastr ami King, PS 99 friends. Would love to hear from folks
glenn r. goldstein
Lived in Kew Gardens: 1955 - 1973
Graduated P.S. 99: 1967

March 12, 2004
Patricia McGrath
Lived in Kew Gardens: 1960 - 1973

March 12, 2005
Click on thumbnail to view slideshow.
CLICK TO ENLARGE. Editor's Note: Click on the thumbnail to view a slideshow from Barbara Broun Ulus of childhood photographs taken against various Kew Gardens backgrounds.
[To contact Barbara Broun Ulus, click here]

March 10, 2005
[Message deleted at poster's request.]

March 9, 2005
At about 2:20pm today, Public Advocate Betsy Gotbaum, after presiding over the City Council vote on the Kew Gardens/Richmond Hill Rezoning bill (as part of a package of other bills), declared the Rezoning passed by a vote of 49-0. During the vote, Melinda Katz, our Council Member and Chair of the Land Use Committee, paid tribute to the work of the community and its struggle over the last fifteen years. She thanked those present [in the balcony were Ivan Mrakovcic (Chair of Queens Community Board 9), along with Dominick Pistone and Murray Berger of the Kew Gardens Civic Association] and after the vote, when she emerged from the Council Chamber at our request, all three of us thanked her personally --- and enthusiastically.
Murray Berger
Kew Gardens Civic Association
[To contact Murray Berger, click here]

March 9, 2005
[Message removed at poster's request.]

March 8, 2005
What a lovely page for a lovely community. thanks so much.

March 3, 2005
This is completely off topic, but very worthwhile. A viewer has suggested I link to a CNN article about a web site that gets needed goods to U.S. soldiers overseas in harm's way. Click on the link below to read the story. The link will open in a new window. Close out the window to return here.
Click here to read the full story

March 1, 2005
I lived on Beverly Rd. (82-20) in the Circle and neighbors were the Meany's and across the street the Kindred's. Our family (Streifler)were very active in the community. It is a joy to see these old pictures.
Peggy Streifler Barton
Lived in Kew Gardens: 1934 - 1951
Graduated the Kew Forest School: 1951

My New Email Address
March 1, 2005
Editor's Note: Please note my new email address which is oldkewgardens@gmail.com

March 1, 2005
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